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Opinion - secular spirituality: what is left of God for the secular man?

The holidays are approaching, but those who are secular should ask themselves, why celebrate these holidays? Is it worth looking for a replacement for them and is there anything left of God for the atheist person, the one who does not believe in God?

This is how you see the Milky Way galaxy from the Borot Lotz parking lot in the Negev and in the background some of the tents that will be set up by the Israeli Desert company for a secular spiritual event. Source: Israeli desert
This is how you see the Milky Way galaxy from the Borot Lotz parking lot in the Negev and in the background some of the tents that the "Midbar Israeli" company will set up for a secular spiritual event. Source: Israeli desert

The holidays are approaching, but those who are secular should ask themselves, why celebrate these holidays? Is it worth looking for a replacement for them and is there anything left of God for the atheist person, the one who does not believe in God?

At first glance the topic of the article sounds puzzling, if someone is secular he does not believe in God (secular as the word atheist means) and therefore he will not be interested in the question of what remains of this idea called God. But in my opinion there is a place to ask this question and it is possible to offer an interesting answer. In addition, we are social creatures and we live in Israel and in Jewish culture. Those who are secular must go deeper and ask themselves, why celebrate all these holidays? Is it just because everyone around me celebrates the holidays that I should also celebrate them? What is left of the holidays for the secular person? Should we look for a replacement for them?
I see no point in doing something just because others are doing it, it's a herd and shallow trait. As our teacher used to say in an annoying voice, "If everyone jumps off the roof, will you jump too?" I am in favor of independent thinking and deep thinking, that is the only way a person can develop himself. Many times keeping a tradition is the easy way in which you don't have to think for yourself and instead you can just repeat like a parrot what they did before you, without thinking and without delving deeper. And yet in some holidays it is possible to find interest and adapt them to a secular lifestyle. Take Yom Kippur for example. I do not fast on Yom Kippur, because I do not believe in God or any religion, nor do I have any intention of going to synagogue. I don't consider myself religious and I don't believe in God or mystical worlds at all, but still there are some beautiful things in the idea of ​​Yom Kippur. One of them is the special feeling that many people describe during Yom Kippur, a feeling of a special time in which you stop from everyday life and think about the great and sublime things. An experience of connecting to the heavenly. I don't know if you feel this feeling, I definitely felt it in the past and even today there is still something in it.


People like to say that there is a "special energy" for Yom Kippur. This special feeling comes from the fact that most of the society we know around us suddenly stops from its daily life for 24 hours. We are social creatures and whether we like it or not society affects us deeply, especially when everyone around us is doing the same. As soon as it seems to us that everyone around us is doing a certain thing for the same reason that we are doing it, we feel an unusual power. Think about the tremendous power that exists among the fans in a sports stadium or at a huge rock concert or at huge demonstrations. Everyone there agrees on the same thing and does everything together and reaches very strong feelings. On Yom Kippur we feel empowered by the fact that it seems that everyone around us stops their normal lives, do not travel in cars, many even try to fast and everything comes from the same reason, a religious tradition that gives this day holiness.


I too have always felt that this is a special day when you can talk with others about the big questions, the questions that are not usually talked about. I always liked to take advantage of Yom Kippur to have conversations with my friends about issues in the world. Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? Is there something beyond what we see? Are we realizing ourselves? Important and serious questions that approaching the answer to them can completely change our lives. For me these are the great goals of life and according to these goals we are supposed to choose how to manage our lives day to day. Usually we don't consider these big questions and we don't see the search for the answers as goals for our lives. But if we want to realize the full power of our awareness we must think about these questions. Otherwise, how will we be on a journey of development beyond survival as we can? How will we ascend if we never try to ascend? Here you can see the importance of holidays or ceremonies, they can give us the stage and the conditions to stop and think about issues that we usually don't have time to think about. They can also remind us of important issues that we neglect in our busy day-to-day lives.

My answer to the question of what is left of God for the secular man is the wonder of the sublime and the desire to experience and understand the infinite. We probably invented the concept of God not only to explain natural phenomena that we did not know how to explain and not only to comfort ourselves from the fear of death and not even only to control society, but also because we tried to give a name to the feeling of wonder and sublimity that exists in nature. Now we are supposed to continue our maturation and understand that we don't have to humanize nature and invent a divine being, but we can simply accept the wonder and tremendous power that exists in nature as it is without giving it human or intelligent qualities. It is also possible to take this power to a place that gives us meaning by exploring and understanding it and by creating experiences that connect us with nature and with this power. For example, you can use the special power of Yom Kippur and reinvent it by creating a secular ritual to emphasize this feeling of the sublime, regardless of religion or God.

Yom Kippur is just one example of something more general, the time has come to offer a secular spirituality that is not related to religion or mysticism, but is based on science and philosophy. A true secularism that will offer a way of life, values ​​and a way to meaning in life without the need for God or the New Age. Such a secular spirituality connects the great importance of logic, facts, casting doubt and truth with the human need for meaning and guidance on how to live. She does not ignore the emotional side of a person and recognizes the importance of community and support. In this way, secular spirituality will fill the void created by the weakening of religion and the avoidance of scientists from entering into emotional and social issues. Such a secular spirituality will also offer new holidays that will connect us and remind us of the values ​​that are relevant today such as the values ​​of freedom, casting doubt and equality.

Such a secular spirituality starts from the recognition that not only is there no God, but there is also no initial intention or purpose for the nature around us. Nature is indifferent to us, accidental and casual. In the long evolutionary process we developed the ability to know that we live and die and the desire to find meaning in our short lives. Like little children who don't yet know facts about the world, we got scared and started making up stories for ourselves about why there is lightning and why people die. This is how we slowly invented the different religions. We were comforted by an imaginary parent we invented. Now it's time to grow up. We already know many facts about nature, we have developed our thought and logic and it is possible to abandon our imaginary friends and find meaning in our lives even though nature is indifferent and even though there is no creator of the world.
The next step is the continuation of growing up, the understanding that we need to take complete responsibility for our lives. If we feel insignificant, we are the ones who need to find meaning for ourselves and not wait for another savior. We need to embark on a fascinating journey, an active search for depth and meaning in our lives. Such a meaning will make us steadfast, we will hardly need any more comfort in the face of the vicissitudes of fate and we will be able to remain stable and happy in the face of most of the challenges that will be placed before us.

But ask what about the magic in the world? What about the wonder? Why is it worth living in such a heavenly and insignificant world?

Although there is no supernatural (see for example the blog sharp thinking), it's all part of nature and the physics we discover, but that doesn't mean there's no more wonder in the world. Science and our exploration of the world do not destroy the wonder, on the contrary they only strengthen it. The simple truth is that we are only at the beginning of the long road to understanding where we live (yet there are already many things we know do not exist like fairies or unicorns. How do you know? Again go tosharp thinking). If we are looking for something bigger than ourselves that will give us perspective, so big that it will appear to us as a miracle, then this thing is placed before us - the reality around us. This is not the place to go into detail, but the amazing progress we have made in the field of physics since the theory of relativity shows time and time again how much reality surpasses any imagination and how much our day-to-day life does not at all represent reality as it is. You can think of it as if we live inside a cave, we only see shadows that penetrate into the cave and think that is all there is, not realizing that it is an illusion and that it is possible to expand reality and see what exists outside, what is the more basic thing that produces the shadows we see. Likewise in the study of nature, reality is different from what we think and the more we delve into scientific research and understand it the more we take another step outside the cave towards the basic laws of nature that created reality and us (for details see my blog post free and happy).

The fact that nature is indifferent and mechanical does not make the world heavenly and unimportant. We are the ones who give things importance and meaning. We are the ones who find out how strange and different reality is from what we thought and what a long way we probably have to go to get to the bottom of it. Every time when we experience this and reveal another touch of reality, we are filled with deep meaning and feel as if we have touched for a moment the eternal and infinite reality that exists around us (see Secular spirituality - is there meaning in a world without God?).


I like to call this feeling the feeling of touching infinity. In order to experience such feelings of touching the sublime, we need to engage and delve into very powerful issues. As we have seen, investigating the reality around us allows us to deal with such strengths. Another place where there are tremendous strengths is the study of the mind and internal investigation. Our developed mind that creates our self-consciousness is an amazing tool with very great powers. We are only at the beginning of the way to understand how the brain works and creates consciousness, but thanks to it we are aware that we exist and that we will eventually die, we create new things that did not exist before and understand the mysteries of the universe. It seems that our creativity, our imagination and our understanding are only growing and unstoppable. The following video I made can demonstrate how much power is hidden in our brains and how little we still know about it:

From this power that resides in us we can be filled with deep meaning and the experience of touching infinity as well. Now it is also possible to understand that the phase of our active search for meaning is just another means of recognizing the great powers within us.


But what about values, way of life, holidays and community?

It is impossible to go into all the details in this short article (you are welcome to read more HERE and in the Facebook group of Secular spirituality) But for example, from the understanding that a person has enormous strengths, it is possible to agree on common values ​​and a way of life that will allow each person to exercise his strength according to his free choice. We are human, we are aware of ourselves and our ability to choose. This consciousness gives us great power. We can fulfill our desires and create new creations that did not exist before, we can develop ourselves and feel meaningful. That's why we want to be free, to realize the full power of our awareness. If we become aware of this, we can choose to embark on a journey of realization that will give us the power to rise beyond the normal life of survival in which the animals who do not have developed brain abilities like humans are stuck (for more details on how these ideas are fulfilled for liberalism and social justice see HERE).
We began the article with an examination of the holidays and Yom Kippur for the secular person, we included this in a proposal for secular spirituality as a natural process that should replace religion and the New Age in the maturation process of the human race and now it is possible to return to Israel and Jewish culture and offer a worthy alternative to Yom Kippur according to secular spirituality. As we have seen, Yom Kippur is very suitable for this purpose because of the power inherent in this day. I'm in favor of rituals, they have a lot of power. We just have to remember that a ceremony is a symbolic thing. The ritual is a human invention and one should not get confused and give the ritual mystical meanings as if the ritual itself is the real and important thing. So Yom Kippur can also become a beautiful ceremony that creates an important feeling of connection to the sublime.

It is beautiful to see how Yom Kippur can help us realize the power of our awareness. For one day we remember that there are more important things than consumerism and work. There is something bigger than us, there is meaning beyond everyday life and there is an intriguing reality unknown to us that requires investigation. Suddenly we also remember that there is something special in us, some potential that the daily egg hides well. Potential, curiosity, imagination and power that are usually felt as children and forgotten about in the race of life. Now it's clear, all of these are part of the power of our consciousness and all of these need to be maintained, developed and realized.


I propose to develop a secular Yom Kippur ceremony that will be based on forgiveness and morality in a world without God and of course on the feeling of the sublime. That's why I decided this year to produce an event called An alternative Yom Kippur symbolized by secular spirituality.  We will start from the entrance of Yom Kippur and continue during the night and day until its exit. We will hold a common secular ceremony in the desert, accompanied by astronomical observations, a moonlit walk in the desert and music that will remind us of how mighty the nature around us is and we will hold discussions and workshops around the campfire and throughout Yom Kippur on issues of the world and issues related to forgiveness in a world without God and the power that resides in us. There is nothing like the desert to disconnect from everyday life and remember the big questions and the beauty of the nature around us, which is why it is suitable for the Yom Kippur ceremony. Far from the city lights at night, the desert is revealed at its peak and a glowing and magnificent sky with a huge amount of stars, planets and meteors is revealed. It is a powerful experience that connects us to nature and to ourselves. One of the most suitable locations in Israel for this amazing experience is the Lotz pits parking lot in the Negev, where we will set up a large Bedouin tent and embark on a journey to the power within us and to the power of nature around us. For more details see, at a Facebook event Or bA free and happy blog. Welcome to join and start a new and different tradition!


Nir Lahav is the organizer of a secular spirituality event that will be held on Yom Kippur at the Borot Lotz parking lot, he is also one of the writers on the Hidan website.

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  1. Bob
    I wrote you a short response yesterday. But it seems that my father b. Decided to delete it because the word boozy appeared there, which does not fit his leftist agenda that he tries to promote on his scientific blog. We'll see if he excuses it in WordPress and releases...

    In any case, I wrote that the Jewish religion strives for the sanctification of life.
    "And even you, who think that the principle of the sanctification of life is the principle on which morality should be based" - this is something you invented.

    "Why is life better than death?" - Who decided?
    As you said from the beginning: morality depends on time and culture.

  2. Bob
    I don't understand where he is rowing. I have no doubt that there is no absolute morality. Today, it is clear that slavery is immoral. In 300 years, maybe it will be clear that eating animals is immoral.

    I claim one thing, that the basis of morality is not religion. I wrote the claim as a response to a rude and stupid statement, the content of which is that atheists lack morals.

  3. janibag,

    By suffering, I mean, of course, the total suffering of all involved, and not my suffering specifically. Therefore there is no arbitrariness here.

    And even you, who think that the sanctification of life principle is the principle on which morality should be based, will agree with me that it alone is not enough, after all, not every moral dilemma deals with life and death. Therefore you must introduce additional principles, but then you will have no way to decide between them.

    I gave the example of the bacteria only to show that not every living thing is sacred. So which lives are indeed sacred? all humans? Only certain people? Animals too? Most importantly, how do you decide between the options in a way that is not arbitrary?

    In any case, I still haven't understood why life is something we should dedicate. I will ask it this way, why is a state of existence (life) better than a state of non-existence (death)?

  4. Bob
    Focus on suffering?!
    Your pleasure can be the suffering of others... and once again we are back to an arbitrary definition...

    There is no problem with the definition of life and death.
    And the difference between killing and murder exists only in courts. (according to laws)

    "We would all be dead over 13 billion years and it didn't bother any of us." - Exactly.
    And suddenly - we turned from "dead" to "alive"... a miracle of creation, the religions call it... you will understand 🙂
    Maybe that's why the Jewish religion sanctifies life? Could it be that this miracle was a trigger for humans to develop some belief about life, like inventing the greatest force of all that brought us from the dead to life?

    Regarding the bacteria: there are bacteria that contribute to the normal health of humans, therefore, for humans, it is necessary to "sanctify" certain bacteria. Even if they cause suffering in other animals.
    But, this has nothing to do with the question of whether the bacterium is alive or not.
    If you look at any organism at a higher resolution you will see that the body is built full of little germs. That is, the germs are an integral part of everything that comes under the definition of 'life'.

  5. Robin,

    I can't get into the son's head and know what he's thinking. Perhaps his support stems from understanding and genuine concern for his parents and perhaps from selfish motives. If the couple was not in a position to make this decision (floor for example) then the son's motives would change, but since they decided to end their lives it doesn't matter.

    And how is it relevant that they have no disease? Why is the desire to die not a sufficient reason? Explain yourself, if you don't believe that our life is a gift from God and therefore we have some kind of moral obligation to preserve it, then why does it bother you so much that a person chooses to end his life? (Or do you believe that?)

  6. To Lov - you wrote "Robin, you assume that life is a sacred thing, something that should be thanked for and preserved at any cost (or almost at any cost).
    Not everyone thinks so.
    In the case you described, the elders want to die and the family supports, so in fact their death will not cause suffering to anyone but will only prevent it, so where exactly is there an ethical problem here?"
    A doctor must not engage in the work of death, period! A doctor swears an oath - the Hippocratic Oath... he is supposed to save lives in every possible way no matter whose or why... you would want a doctor who "sedated" someone in the next room to come and operate on you... what kind of lawlessness is this, it has nothing to do with the sanctity of life
    You wrote "and the family supports" tell me did you even see what I wrote, their disgusting son said specifically "that this would be the best solution for them and also that I have no ability to take care of mom and dad" well then let's kill our parents we don't need them are normal ?! ... They have nothing, no disease, they are afraid to die alone, that's why they want to die. Is that a reason? answer me please

  7. janibag,
    The question is why prefer the sanctification of life principle over a principle that focuses on suffering. These are two principles that in many cases give conflicting answers, for example in the matter of euthanasia. I personally do not see the logic in the sanctification of life principle. As has already been said here, we would all be dead over 13 billion years and none of us cared. Suffering, unlike death, is a conscious experience, which none of us wants to experience, and therefore a principle that sees suffering as something to be minimized seems to me to make more sense than a principle that wants to keep as many people alive for as long as possible no matter what.

    Another problem with the principle of sanctification of life is the definition of the word life. Does life begin at birth? Fertilization? sometime between them? Even before fertilization? Does life include animals? all of them or just some of them? All people or not? Suffering, on the other hand, is not simply a matter of definition, for example suffering in the sense of pain can be tested, measured and compared between different people.

    And the same is true of the Ten Commandments. "Don't kill" sounds nice and all, but it doesn't really help because the definition of what murder is is missing here. After all, not every killing is considered murder. The saying "Thou shalt not kill" did not prevent the people of Israel (in biblical times) from destroying entire Canaanite cities.

    The problem is that murder and life are problematic concepts that mean different things to different people and therefore it is impossible to base moral principles on them. None of us think that all killing is immoral, and none of us also think that every living thing - a bacterium for example - is sacred. To say that starting from X life becomes sacred returns us to the arbitrariness from which we started.

  8. Miracles,
    First of all let me make one thing clear, I am not saying that religion gives a moral system that is not dependent on time. I say that religion, conscience, social norms and law are all time-dependent and all at different times served different people to cause suffering to others, therefore in my opinion none of them are relevant to moral questions. And if you still think some of them are relevant, then you have no reason to dismiss the others.

    "Could you give me an example of an act that is forbidden in religion, but okay on all three levels I described"

    Such an example surely depends on the specific religion, conscience, society and law you choose. But how is it relevant to the discussion? Between these four levels there are contradictions and therefore there will be examples in each of the levels of things that are allowed but forbidden in the other levels. The question is how without one guiding principle you can make a decision that is not arbitrary. It is said that you live in a society where slavery is widespread, the religion does not prohibit it, the law permits it and your conscience as a person who grew up in such a society does not disturb your sleep at night, would you have any other reason to recognize that slavery is a moral problem?

  9. Bob
    You said right.
    In addition: the Jewish religion (the one that preceded Christianity and Islam) already established one principle: sanctification of life. There are also some sections in the religion (the Ten Commandments) that state that you should respect others.

  10. Bob
    Can you give me an example of an act that is forbidden in the religion, but ok on all three levels I described?

    I don't see how religion gives a moral system that does not depend on time. In the Torah, a person who is caught working on Shabbat should be stoned. In the stories of the Bible, there are cases of human sacrifice (Jephthah's daughter). In Torah masturbation is forbidden.
    And in the Torah it is written that yeshiva boys should serve in the army...

    I do not understand this line of thought of yours, it does not correspond to reality.

  11. Miracles,
    I am not saying that it is not possible to be moral without religion, I am saying that the concept of moral is meaningless when it is based on something subjective, variable or subject to different interpretations. So in the case of religion and so also in the case of what is acceptable in society or the personal conscience of each of us.

    In your opinion certain religious people are immoral, and in their opinion you are immoral. You all act according to your personal conscience. So how can one claim moral superiority over the other?

    Just as there are religious people who in the name of religion and in accordance with the guidelines of their holy books caused great suffering, so there are also people who did it according to their conscience, the law or as accepted in society.

    More than that, apart from the matter of subjectivity there is also the matter of consistency. My conscience can tell me one thing today and another the next day. Society can also be divided in its approach to some moral problem. And the law when it permits to do something but does not prohibit or oblige to do so. What do you do in situations like this? When none of the three levels you chose gives you an answer how to behave?

    One way I see here is basing morality on some one principle, or rather a definition of morality in inventions of one principle. Despite the inevitable subjectivity, at least the inconsistency is avoided here.

  12. Bob
    If religion is a fourth level, then there are 4 possibilities to place it in what I described. Where do you suggest placing it?
    I think it is possible to place religion within the level of society. If you live in a religious society, then maybe this is true.

    But, in no case is religion a basis for morality. Certainly not the Jewish religion. There are religious people who are not moral, and the whole world today is learning that there are very religious people who are completely immoral. This is true in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It seems to me that the religions where there are many gods are more moral. And of course there are very moral atheists.

    Bob, this discussion started with someone claiming that you can't be moral without religion. The same claim presents incredible immorality, mixed with lies, stupidity and wickedness. Whoever writes such things on a scientific website should be prepared for blunt responses. According to that nice guy, such atheist scientists do not deserve to live in Israel, or receive a Happy New Year blessing.

  13. Miracles,
    Religion can be added as a fourth level if you wish. I just don't understand your opposition to religion as some kind of source of morality while you have no problem with law, social norms or personal feelings.

  14. Thoroughbred2
    In science there is nothing that should not be asked. There is no non-scientific question.
    In religion, the first sin is the desire to know.
    I'm just saying….

  15. Bob
    I don't think there is an objective morality. I would divide the problem into three levels. The first is the personal level, which is the conscience. The second is the social level, which is morality. The third is the law. I think that both levels, except for law, exist in nature.

    None of the three is absolute. They are period dependent and culture dependent.

    I see no connection to religion on any level. On the contrary, I think religion hurts all 3 levels, especially Judaism.
    It is very easy to give examples...

  16. Robin,
    You assume that life is a sacred thing, something to be thankful for and to preserve at all costs (or almost at all costs).
    Not everyone thinks so.
    In the case you described, the elders want to die and the family supports, so in fact their death will not cause suffering to anyone but will only prevent it, so where exactly is there an ethical problem here?

  17. Robin
    "You are a good man".
    And what actually bothers you?
    that the doctors want to help the couple? After all, they are doctors. They must know what they are doing.
    Or does the son's nasty personality bother you?
    Or is it their morals that you think are spoiled?

  18. I have to respond here friend - it's not related to the topic but it bothers me - I just saw an article about an old couple in Sweden (89,86, XNUMX) who want to undergo euthanasia by doctors in a hospital - only because one is afraid to live without the other and I'm quoting the husband "also That way, if she goes first, I won't stand it and will die of regret" - it should be emphasized that the same couple does not suffer from any illness and without any known problems...and the child of the same couple also said that he is in favor of the idea and it is an "excellent" idea "and relieves me of future worries about what to do if mother And father" - quote from the son.

    Look, I have to say something here, it's disgusting...simply disgusting...first of all, doctors are morally and ethically forbidden! It is absolutely forbidden to support the death and euthanasia of healthy is simply sleaze and lawlessness for the sake of this procedure which is supposed to be only - for the terminally ill - period! ……. I know I have no right to tell them what to do with their lives but... it's already too much it's already disgusting ... and the same couple said they are "afraid of the future" Awish really this is a reason to swallow sleeping pills and wrap your head in a plastic bag (this is the way they want to die in it) …..I don't support it, I actually feel sorry for them that this is how they feel or suffer, probably mentally in this world, and their son simply rejects some disgusting education, he must be "hot" for their inheritance….. Sad…

    Good day everyone, we hope for good news.

  19. Miracles,
    The difference is that when people talk about morality, they usually mean something objective, while conscience is something personal and subjective, changing over time and inconsistent (just like the Torah, for example). If you admit that your conscience is the source of morality then arguments about what is moral and what is not are essentially no different from arguments about whether movie X is a good movie. It just becomes a matter of taste.

  20. Once again, the brain is racked with the question "is religion good or bad". And an unnecessary debate that adds nothing to scientific understanding or to the advancement of science, since religion and science are conducted separately and do not need each other (the debate is only interesting to the brainiacs who forcefully search for a connection between the two worlds).

  21. OK, miracles.
    Let's say you "didn't understand".
    Let's say you are a member of Daesh. And suppose that the law (Sharia) that you serve, forces you to kill infidels.
    How will you react, and why?

  22. Miracles,

    Suppose a man has no family and you can evade the law and suppose no one ever knows you killed him.

    The question of whether murder is an immoral act just because it is written in the Torah, but if it is not the Torah, then there is another factor, conscience, law, family, human rights... and about them you can ask the same question: Is murder an immoral act just because my conscience says so says to me? What if he hadn't told me that?

    By the way, I'm not sure why you used the word murder here.

  23. Miracles
    Bob, Robin, Moshe are right. And you claim to be an enlightened and educated tzaddik. And you have none of these qualities. The only thing that can be said about you is that you are ridiculously innocent.
    I hope that when you have children you will not raise them your way. Because otherwise they (if they are boys) will be able to bake a lot in life.
    And in addition to all of the above: start respecting the opinions of others, and stop slandering your mouth and preaching crooked logic to all readers.
    Good day 🙂

  24. Bob
    If my conscience tells me it's okay, then the fear of punishment will stop me. The punishment can come from the law, or from the family of the deceased.

  25. Miracles,

    Replace the word murder with killing if you want. Suppose your conscience told you it was okay to kill an innocent person, would you have any other reason not to?

  26. Moshe Urayen
    his destination?? Are you implying that I am a tool of another being, who can do as he pleases with me?
    If I thought like that - I wouldn't even think of bringing children into this terrible world.
    If you think you have a vocation and you have children, then I think you have done something... let's call it... problematic.

    One of the problems with religion, beyond the fact that it is based on lies, superstitions and intimidation, is that it divides people into groups. Once humans realize that we are 7 billion stuck on the same rock in space, then things will be much better.
    Otherwise, we will kill ourselves.

  27. ask yourself –
    Why does an alternative marriage ceremony (by couples who really, really don't believe in the creator of the world, God or any other similar entity) look almost completely different from the traditional Jewish ceremony?
    Why does one of the respondents intend to conduct an alternative ceremony on Yom Kippur? It's really strange and looks like complete idolatry, or like an incomprehensible need to hold some kind of ceremony precisely on the tenth of Tishrei?
    And many other similar questions that testify more than anything to the importance of Jewish national identification much more than belief in this or that transcendent being. The one who really grasped and understood this problem in its depth was Rambam.

  28. Belief in God or not - this is the simple part (and not the most important). Much more significant is the belief in the "God of Israel" and the identification with the Jewish people, their fate, destiny and essence.

  29. Robin
    I read all the comments again. You are the one who reacted bluntly towards anyone whose opinion differs from yours.

    I will ask you just one question. Is there any chance that you will be convinced that there is no God?

  30. Bob
    Murder is a legal concept and has nothing to do with morality. Therefore, we are only talking about killing. Even today, there are situations that each of us would kill.

    Another thing, is that the only difference between us and Cro-Magnon man is 50,000 years of culture. Morality 50,000 years ago is a little different from what we know today.

  31. Nissim, what you say is not nice... Hari Zvika started to condemn first since he compared me and my views to the Hitler Youth, you can check in his previous comments.... And I don't understand why you are angry, what I said is very true..the concept of good and bad, moral, cruel, - they are simply inventions of different cultures, it is hard is it for you to digest that there is no such thing as universal evil... naive as you are, the only reason you speak She is like that because she is brought up like that

    And don't call me mentally ill, I know exactly what I'm talking about and what I'm writing about, I'm trying to understand you and Zvika, two atheasites who are begging me to understand and telling me "no no you're stupid...we are moral because that's how we were created"

    No, it's not true, you were "raised" like that, that's all ..literally.... And there is no such thing as universal morality especially if there is no religion or God and there is only nature and what exists. So everything is allowed in general, don't you understand? , the only thing that prevents chaos is simply the judicial system, and that is the police - i.e. "the culture"

  32. Zvika,
    Good and bad, justice and injustice are ideas. Concepts that exist only in the heads of those who believe in them.
    You marvel at people who need clergymen and holy books to tell them what is moral and what is not, while you yourself admit that what motivates you is human rights, conscience and education from your parents. Morality cannot be deduced from pure rationality alone, something more is always needed.

    If you had received a different education, or if your conscience had told you something else, had you been told that murdering an innocent person is a moral act, would you have done it? If not, then what guides this decision? And if so, what does that tell you about morality and justice?

  33. Thank you, miracles. I really think he needs treatment and fast.
    Beyond all his firm and unreasoned black and white opinions, which happens, not everyone is born with the ability to analyze reality and understand its complexity, his real and difficult problem is the lack of understanding to understand conscience and morality.
    This is really worrying. This means that the man is not able to distinguish between good and bad, between justice and injustice, and he really needs laws that he can follow. It's disturbing on a level worthy of professional treatment, and I'm not saying this sarcastically or trying to offend. These are sentences that indicate an untreated mental problem.
    I wish him to find a cure for these problems.

  34. Robin
    You surprised me... you managed to go even lower. Are you comparing a person whose opinions differ from yours to Hitler?
    You need treatment, and fast.

  35. And whoever didn't understand my response is attributed to Zvika ..who bothers to tell me how much I talk nonsense ..yet he wrote a whole book about me.... Thank you very much. I really appreciate your biography about the dark and religious Robin, the dark peak of the horror of the West, the Neanderthal man, - you also call Us "the thinking person"...I didn't understand you... say humans or sounds more respectful than your nickname, you know by the way you are so tired of insisting on this nickname - I think and I may be wrong here but I think - that you are in favor of destroying Humans who are not particularly smart, or who do not advance academically and contribute to the human race as a race to advance towards the future....I think you are no different from Hitler....well at least that is my analysis, again I could be wrong.

  36. First of all, I don't have the strength to interrupt when I'm writing on the keyboard, and sending comments to small-minded people like you, a boy in the eighth grade??..well, you have every right to call me that, it's your personal opinion. Did I say that I "listen" to all opinions - this does not oblige me to agree with them - is that right? …. And a beautiful soul is not a is selective is dangerous, it is a false hope that can lead to the killing of millions, especially here in this war zone called the Middle yes you are an innocent beautiful soul...who cannot read reality as it is. And then you defend yourself with high words when you have no idea how to "eat" me (fascist...Hitler youth...mentally ill, psychiatrists, etc.) won't help you, I'm right...there is no debate here, this is the reality as it is (of course now I'm a mentally ill dictator, oh ?)

    The country is not prosperous, don't lie...don't lie...there are thousands of problems here, the periphery is collapsing, there are no apartments, education is expensive, the security situation in the Kents, - and ISIS is knocking on the fence...let's not talk about the population census that in 20 years the majority here will be ultra-Orthodox and Israeli Arabs who do nothing and They contribute nothing....there is a need to legislate core studies in the following sectors in order to minimize the damage, and they must impose respectable sanctions against institutions that do not teach those short, encourage the parasites to stop doing this.

    "You need people like me to scare the enemy" I wrote - (I created this lol) Yes, because people like you in the Knesset and on the battlefield will bring down the country and bring about its destruction... 100% support this opinion, your views are dangerous, you also say that there were terrorist attacks before the peace talks and when there were terrorist attacks You didn't hesitate to support the agreements.. What morals do you have that you support "peace" (while they are still murderers in your people) with murderers of thousands of women and children, and you still believed in it and wrote that despite all the victims, I still wanted it... No! No and will not be and will not be! - There should be justice... We have come to meet them many times and they spat in our faces and people like you said.. "No, this is nonsense, it's rain, it's a trickle" - and yes, I support external immigration of the Arab gender from this country, they are just taking real estate and filling our cemeteries and other factors in the budget The security to jump to the players (the highest percentage in the budget book goes to security, that's a fact!) The same budget that, if there was no security threat, would go to medicine, education, culture, infrastructure, apartments for the poor young people who live with their parents.

    And even a disgusting piece of brat like you, how dare you even say "what to do we only learn by force" ugh! Now I understand what differences there are in our perceptions .... you are a lost cause and yes, get me out of the country .. and in relation to morality and atheism - yes for me if there is no religion (meaning there is no God .. everything was created by mistake without any intention) then there is no morality either.. what? It makes sense because it actually tells you that evil is a relative thing, it is interpreted individually for each other person... according to culture, according to religion, according to psychotic disorders, according to tribal customs, - I mean there really is no "evil" it's just an invention everything is nonsense everything is allowed we are Only very smart monkeys that's all...and the only thing that prevents chaos is the law and the police (in a world without religion and guidance)...I don't understand why you have a conscience I really really don't understand?...I don't have an antisocial personality disorder or something I'm trying to understand... Maybe it's a certain evolutionary drive .. maybe it's your upbringing that was ingrained in you by the sex of your parents .. because they were afraid of the law and on and on ....

    Good to finish - I say again for the million and one time I am not a religious person! I don't believe in any god..but this is a big but - I exist in this universe after me I would have died for billions of billions of years against all odds, so I probably had to exist.. I don't know it's just my perception
    Well, Happy holiday.

  37. Shmulik
    It is also clear to me that morality comes before religion (chronologically speaking). And in terms of importance, I think religion really puts itself before morality. There is nothing like the story of 'The Binding of Isaac' to make it clear to the common man what is more important. And there is no one like our friends Robin to remind us how dangerous religion is.

  38. Of course, the dig in my last response is directed at Robin, the light and moral compass that floods my life with warmth and love and directs me to the only right path.

  39. I haven't read such a collection of nonsense from a single person in a long time. Literally extracting the juice from the garbage. I don't even understand why I am responding, because "my opinion will not change in my life" and this is the hallmark of a dogmatic mindless thinking that characterizes a brick wall and not the thinking person.
    I don't even know where to start, after so many points that lack any logical basis, as befits a believer in the Holy Spirit.
    Let's start chronologically:
    I really don't care why you want to kick me out of the country. The very fact that you want it says everything about you. And regarding the "victims of peace" or "victims of Oslo", these are expressions invented by the right especially for people like you, those who follow slogans and not facts. The facts say that buses exploded even before the first talks started (and in general it was the intifada that ultimately led to the talks, because we also only understand power) and buses exploded even after the talks ended. They stopped exploding after they built the separation fence (it's a shame it's so late), after the "protective wall" and after the collapse of Hamas in the West Bank, after the Palestinian Authority realized that without Israel's help, Hamas would also take over the West Bank, and many other reasons. There were times when terrorists infiltrated from the West Bank on killing and terrorist missions even before 67. Just now huge attacks were thwarted through the Gaza tunnels. And all this without a single hello. Terrorists don't need reasons for terror, they do it as long as they can and it serves their purpose. Buses would explode here even if you didn't exchange a single word with the enemy. Because they could. Capish?

    "You need people like me to scare the enemy." really? really??? Do you really believe that? People like you scare the enemy? And here I was thinking to Tomi that it was the Air Force with its state-of-the-art planes, the advanced tanks with "wind jackets" (a product of development by graduates of the Or Akiva yeshiva), because of the electronic warfare systems (a product of the development of the "Meiri yeshiva") because of the intelligence and satellite systems (a product of development Yeshiva Shuvo Avot") and about the fighters and commanders. How was I wrong? They are afraid of you!

    "Atheists' souls are beautiful in a shekel". I always wondered how being beautiful is a curse. And more from someone who claims to be more moral than me. It's like I'm going to curse someone "Ya genius in his generation!" I put him in. So thanks for the compliment. Atheists in the shekel does that mean I'm not really an atheist? that I do plays? Sorry, I didn't understand that closed sentence.

    "And he calls me rude." What to do, read what you wrote. You are rude and there is no question here at all. You also write like an eighth grader with the same vocabulary and the same punctuation (but that's another matter).

    "I listen to all opinions" and in the same sentence "my opinion will never change in my life". How fun you are listening!

    "This country cannot contain two peoples who are in must go in order for the other to succeed and prosper." So we are not a prosperous country? To the best of my understanding, the State of Israel has done in its years of existence what no other country in the world has done. We started from sands and swamps and we have (thanks to the "Hidden Yeshiva Kibbutz for His Grace") a gloriously prosperous country. For all our fun whining about the situation, we have a very reasonable economic situation with a high-tech locomotive that would not embarrass any other country (thanks to the graduates of all yeshivas wherever they are!). And all this when there is another people living right here next to us. And I didn't understand what it means that one nation must go? Are you talking about a transfer or some final solution, a moral person like you?

    "Choose a side". Trust me I chose. It's just that my choice leads to different conclusions than yours. to a different course of action than yours. Even though we both chose the exact same choice. The fact that you don't accept my way of thinking, and even call me to leave the country, is the instruction manual of the Hitlerite youth. Raised properly.

    The matter of morality and religion. Some ignorance, some nonsense. Where did you manage to collect so many stupid sentences? I will not kill anyone or rape anyone precisely because I think it is immoral and because I think I have no right to take a life or force myself on another person for my own pleasure. Because I am a man. "What conscience do you have"? Yes, I have a conscience. He guides me in life in my choices and in light of the excellent education I received from my parents. What, you have no conscience? Do you need a religious priest, or some fear of God to not murder or rape? Don't you understand that it's wrong without it? Do you need someone to tell you it's wrong? Moral person like you, go get checked by the nearest psychiatrist before you harm another human being in your environment. "The law protects society from total chaos." The law protects the normative people who don't need to be told not to rape and murder from those people who think it's actually okay (people like you?). And he also arranges all kinds of matters in a fixed framework so that we all know how to behave in certain situations (taxes, driving, etc.).

    "Science destroys the beauty of the world". Come on. For me, science enhances the experience of the world. When I look around and understand how part of the world works, it makes me happy. But maybe I'm just weird.

    "You hesitate that the things I say are true." Ahhh, right. You are 100% right. you are so smart

  40. Miracles,
    of course not.
    Christopher Hitchens in God is not great describes that anthropologists have studied and not found a single culture that was indifferent to murder, incest or forgery.
    Regarding morality and Torah; When each commandment (such as you shall not kill or alternatively respect the...) receives a punishment or an incentive, then the acceptance of these commandments is immoral by definition because they are motivated by fear of punishment or a desire for reward.

  41. Robin
    You again speak as a religious extremist who does not know the world.
    The Torah does not teach morality. Adam and Eve sinned, all humanity is punished for it. Cain murdered, received complete protection and built a great city, what is his punishment?
    The sons of God slept with human women, and the treatment of the matter was the abominable murder of infants, and pregnant women.
    We have seen that the Torah is not moral.
    Did Judaism invent morality? It turns out not. There are religions 10 times more ancient than Judaism, and they also have "moral laws".
    Did man invent morality? It turns out not. It has been proven that even monkeys have morals.

    Robin, I know you won't agree with me. I didn't write to you here. Some readers do want to know about the world.

  42. To elbentzo - you call me a troll...for what? In order to remove me from relevance in this discussion .... you hesitate that the things I say are true ... you yourself are a troll go go quote Wikipedia and come here to condescend to someone else .. as you always do .... you and your friend perform miracles - "not for nothing the starling went to the crow" You two are the same, get married... somehow I find sympathy for others here... but you two are the worst of the worst...

  43. Miracles - ...morality in a rather ironic way was invented by religion (the ten commandments, social rules, etc.)...once you have no religion...then there is no what you have in your head that prevents you from lying and murdering is only one thing....the law, full stop... The fear of prison and the denial of freedom …… because then what will you say ….. “Oh, I won't kill this person, it's immoral, it's not beautiful, I'm murdering lives” … no, you won't say that ….. imagine a world without law, without police … ...Now come and tell me why you wouldn't want to sleep with Japheth of the tribe for that matter ....she has good genes she is beautiful ... but she says no I don't want ... now there is no God .... so what prevents you from raping her? I don't understand atheists ……. What do you have a conscience for?….Hahaha do me a favor….Do you feel pity for another creature…? ….when you see a child in the street crying you feel sorry for him …'s all evolution and neurochemical emotions according to your method ….. . So again let's not be naive here.....the law protects society from total chaos....and in a hundred years most of the world will have an atheistic view (let's call it realistic..) so I'm not sure that let's say it will be less bad here....there is a lot Psychological consequences of living without faith at all, the so-called strong atheism ….t I also say that science destroys the beauty of the world, this is my opinion and I will stick to it until the day I die …….

  44. Robin
    I made it clear that there is no interest in your military service. Would you listen sometime?
    I clarified that I am right-wing, and I agree with you regarding two nations.

    It doesn't matter what I called you. You speak in a blunt and unpleasant way, and you have no ability to listen to those who think differently than you. You are the one who insulted the morals of the irreligious... is there anyone else who responds on your behalf?

  45. And miracles … call me names ..and also call me rude ……what do you have bipolar disorder …..I don't see any problem with the things I wrote ….I don't hate smolins …..well at least not to the point of killing them with fascism ….I listen to all opinions ….and stop calling me doss … I told you a hundred times that I am not religious …… and I served in the communication/telecommunications corps in the Tehel for 3 years … opinion will not change in my life … this country cannot contain two nations that are in conflict with each other …. One must go in order for the other to succeed and prosper ……..choose a tip choose our side....and not the Palestinian Arab enemy...who wanted to slaughter you in 48 in 67 in 73 in 84 in 91 in 2000 in 2005 in 2006 in 2009 in 2013 in 2014 its yours call...

  46. Honorable Mr. Nissim...please quote me my lies...and to Zvika - I said get me out of the country for what you said about the "victims of peace" not because you want to kiss the Arabs and I want their removal... and to doubt them - you said in section C that I am proof that right-wing views are a sign lack of intelligence....- You're right....I'm a criminology student and I have no connection to science and I'm stupid and ignorant....but you need people like me to scare the enemy...who always knew that in this country there are also a handful of people who can turn things around and break and go crazy in order to survive … lol who will deter them …. You guys hahaha do me a favor you should thank me. You can look at me as .. mm "necessary evil" for that matter .... ah yes ... if you are for the enemy then fly away to Sweden or some hole .... come on ... cheer up atheists with a shekel ……

  47. skeptic
    You too - a little country road. I am a right-wing atheist (I prefer to call it a "thinker"...) who served in the regular service for 22 years and since then another 14 years in the reserves.

    There are many religious rightists who are loyal to the state - and in the combat units there are more right-wing kippah wearers than leftists.

    Robin is an idiot - but you make a mistake with such generalizations. You don't know if you served in the army or not, and it has nothing to do with the topic of the discussion.

  48. Robin
    I thought you were just a dark doss. It turns out to be a compliment for you.
    Not only are you a pathetic liar, you are also stupid and rude.

    How many qualities in one man!!!

  49. Robin –
    "Liberalism" in Israel!……Tell me you are blind!! You where do you live ….. you lack a neral chromosome …
    Do me a favor for a map, move me out of the country, you're grabbing me some quality real estate...come on, come on."

    A few clarifications –
    A. Don't worry, I know very well that there is no liberalism in Israel. Thanks to creative children like you, who will probably also educate their children in the same narrow-minded way. And thanks to our cousins ​​who also think exactly the same way.

    B. Fly out of the country? I was not aware that this is your country... In any case, you must be evading the army that wants to deport everyone, like most right-wingers.
    third. You are actually a good example of the correlation between right-wing (and nationalism) and lack of intelligence - M.S.L.

    Do you have any doubt that most of the evil and wars in the world are caused by nationalism, religion, and hatred of difference?
    Do you think Israel is a special case? Mbezeq: You are not that interesting to most of the world, and if you think you are special, it only emphasizes your fandom and nationalism.
    No matter what you call it, and in what language,

    Religion = nationalism = pragmatic behavior.
    Those who are in pain with the last sentence, can simply turn off the brain, it will stop hurting...

  50. Brother, Robin, Robin, there's nothing like the smell of good fascism in the morning!
    "You don't think like me - get me out of the country!" Definitely says everything there is to know about you. If your wish were to come true, you would be left with a handful of idol worshipers alone in our country, which was founded and built by all those immoral secularists like me. I wonder how long you would have survived here before they would have wiped you out, without the secular mind that invents a strong army for us and leads a solid economy.
    And about your other nonsense. I cried for every victim who fell for no injustice, but I would be happy if there was an agreement that ends the conflict. As I was happy about the peace agreement with Egypt, as I was happy about the peace agreement with Jordan. And there were people like you who voted against: "Make peace with the murderous terrorist state of Egypt?" The very fact that the phrase "peace treaty" makes you wince involuntarily shows that you are the most immoral among us. Right now I understand that there is no partner on the other side, but the day the conditions are right again, I will certainly and surely want to try and push for an agreement.
    And believe me I won't bring the whole forum into my personal business if all the worshipers of Jehovah don't poke their disgusting noses into my personal life.
    Happy new year to everyone. You too, my little fascist.

  51. "So yes, we are moderates and atheists, we believe in the right of all human beings to life and freedom, not only but our private imaginary friend spoke about them (not only the Lithuanian stream, not only Shas Jews... or only Israelis or only... something.. everyone! )
    This is the meaning of liberalism
    This is the future.”

    Hahahahaha I've never laughed like that in years. Skeptic, oh, what a innocent it's scream loudly.."It's time for all of us (the left-wing atheists) to listen without being beaten or crucified...that's right, one hundred percent right, you won't be beaten, your head will be beheaded in Rabin Square and then they will take a picture of it and show it to the whole world as a warning that those who disbelieve in the Prophet Muhammad have blood on their heads ……..liberalism” in Israel!……Tell me you are blind !! You where do you live ….. you lack a neral chromosome …
    Do me a favor for a map, move me out of the country, you're grabbing me quality real estate...come on, come on.

    And to Zvika - you said and I quote - "When I thought we had a partner in the past, I was in favor of a peace process, for all the victims who fell along the way." - The level of disgust I feel towards this statement is indescribable.... You are no less worse than Arafat... from ISIS and all the rest.... Children, and women, old men, soldiers, etc., were murdered like nothing, they were blown up in buses and you were yours, huh? ……disgusting like you and if there was an agreement with the murderous terrorist organization Ashef you would be happy yes? ….. You don't have an iota of morals and you cover yourself with "high" words - but this will protect your saying that even though we were murdered a lot... "well it's not terrible the main thing is to be enlightened and come out on the other side shake hands and be friends"
    - Get out of the country, you too! .... and don't put the whole forum here into the boy's underwear, nobody cares if he has excess skin on his penis or a haircut.... Hello hello and come to me in a dream……

    In short, Happy New Year to everyone except the two mentally disabled people I mentioned.. Goodbye and have a good day

  52. post Scriptum.
    I really don't agree with Oren,
    The article is equal to the rest of the high-quality content (the one that is not sponsored 🙂 ) of the science website in my opinion. In any case, as has been explained here thousands of times already, this is an opinion article... this opinion contributed to me.
    That's why I'm taking advantage of this long and unnecessary response to say thank you (so it won't be unnecessary)

    Thanks 🙂

  53. Oops some typos, I disagree with myself…
    It's so shameful, Oren, you're a genius to understand what I meant at all 🙂
    Sorry for everything, I'm hopelessly dyslexic. But that's still no excuse for what went on in the last message...
    Suri. I'm going to bury my head in the ground for a few days as punishment for the disgrace.

  54. Agree with MouthHole
    Just ignore!
    I don't understand why such an article enters a professional and scientific blog at the level of "the scientist".

  55. To the supplier:
    "There is a clear correlation between intelligence and political opinions"? And your proof is Beitar Jerusalem fans?
    There is no doubt that you are a great scientist and you have proven your claim beyond any doubt. After all, it is known that the intelligent Bnei Sakhnin fans are distinctly left-wing (and for the same matter the Hapoel Tel Aviv fans who sing holocaust and Nazi songs to every opponent and the opponent's players).

    I, on the other hand, am an atheist to the core, who married in a civil wedding and was not ready to face his son in a pagan ceremony of some religious fanatics - I am right-wing in my political views.
    It has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with the way I read the regional interests of all the forces involved in this long-standing conflict. When I thought we had a partner in the past, I was in favor of a peace process, for all the victims that fell along the way. When it was proven beyond reasonable doubt (in my opinion) that the other side is not interested in anything that does not involve our complete destruction and has no interest in a compromise of one kind or another, I changed my mind and will remain so until I assess (with the help of my reason, whatever it is worth) that the situation has changed. I'm not right-wing because I think some great pasta god commanded me the country. I am right-wing because I think it is our national interest today.
    And by the way, right-wing, since right-left is more of an economic debate than in our crazy country, in the economic context I am far from capitalism and socialism and think that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Am I stupid or smart?

    In my opinion, the person who has not been able to understand the geopolitical changes in our region in the last 15 years is the layman. And I'm actually optimistic about the future, because right now a ground is being created on which it will be possible in the somewhat more distant future to draw up an agreement of one kind or another that will end the conflict, and I hope I'm right.

  56. Why ignore? Enough of our silence, a few thousand years.
    It's time to talk back! Finally we are also allowed, without being stoned. Without hanging our heads or nailing us to a wooden cross!
    So... you who believe! You are the dark ones! Leave us from your imaginary friend! He does not exist, but in your mind!
    When he tells you that you are the chosen people - this is racism!
    Fact - we are not the chosen people and neither are the other 5 billion people on the planet. We're all just some kind of babbling monkeys.
    When he tells you that you are the center of the universe - it is a bunch of nonsense, which is also in your head.
    And regarding left-handedness and left-handedness -
    There is a clear correlation between intelligence and political opinions (see the entry of Beitar Jerusalem fans for example...)
    Anyone who does not see this correlation is deliberately blind, and it is clear to which group he belongs...
    So yes, we are moderates and atheists, we believe in the right of all human beings to life and freedom, not only but our private imaginary friend spoke about them (not only the Lithuanian current, not only Shas Jews...or only Israelis or only...something..everyone!)
    This is the meaning of liberalism
    This is the future.
    Move forward, or move aside and do not disturb,
    post Scriptum. In order for you to also take the towel off your head, it may be interfering with the blood supply to your brain

  57. Why did a nice article turn into a dumbass discussion about nothing??
    Someone claimed that Emamar is a leftist, you shouldn't answer no. His stupidity is in his words...
    I don't think there is anything you can say that can show that he is more wrong than he let himself know or, alternatively, something that can help his fevered mind from the charged pressures and then argue about them..

    just ignore.

  58. I am not asking for anything but objectivity, I do not want or can force anything on anyone, and the intolerance of the left for the opinions of others is much greater.
    Happy New Year.

  59. Begetz is designed to prevent coercive laws of all kinds. And in my opinion, the picture you describe is only in your head, and it has no hold on reality. As for the Arab attacks in Jerusalem, it was reported in detail for some reason only in Haaretz newspaper.
    I also have criticism for the lack of understanding of Israel in the world for anti-Semitic reasons and not for practical reasons (I also criticize what is necessary in the country when it is necessary for practical reasons), but that does not mean that the whole world is left-wing.
    The narrative is deliberately constructed by people for those who let them think for them.
    I think I answered you enough, and I explained to you that no politician would be editor-in-chief of the science website. I have listed for you the means of communication in which you will find yourself agreeing to every word, you cannot prevent the publication of things that you do not agree with. I'm also not sure that the owners of other websites will be so patient with stubborn people like you who both refuse to accept the facts and demand to impose their opinion by means of "cleansing" the internet of other opinions.

  60. The left rules the country, every decision or law in Israel, the High Court of Justice determines whether it will pass or not, the prosecutor's office determines who will be charged and who will not, and terrorizes the government, the media crucify those it does not like, the police persecute those it wants.
    Are you aware of the Arab attacks with stones and Molotov cocktails dozens of times every day in Jerusalem and Yosh? Is it publicized in the mainstream media? And if one Arab is attacked due to the desperation and rage of Jews for their actions, the whole world is alarmed, and condemned by the Security Council and terrorist rights organizations.
    The UN also terrorizes to prevent Israel from defending itself through fictitious legal terrorism and boycotts and other intimidation.
    So yes the left rules, mainly with the help of legal terrorism and its octopus arms, which the public does not choose or can influence in any way.

  61. Mahmoud, you are wrong, I read many media outlets and media criticism and know that your claim is simply not true, no welfare reporter, except on the day of the poverty report, can publish an article about poor workers and contract workers, especially not in the Haaretz newspaper, no one will publish an article about evolution at most The media (apart from making fun of her), no one writes anything condemning the violent phenomena of ultra-Orthodox - even leftists like Gideon Levi try to understand them.

    You know what, take a day and go through the websites of the major media outlets, and you'll see that the right bias is very clear. For example, IEI launched a campaign against the residents of Emek Hala, mainly on right-wing websites and media outlets (read here read the list there.

    What is more, people, especially on the right and religious end of the map (which as mentioned do not necessarily overlap) always have a tendency, even after 40 years of rule, to claim that others control them.

    In short, when you pull out a claim that someone else planted in your head out of self-interest, you need to check if it's true, especially if it has facts.
    And you know what, bullshit has a right to exist too

  62. All the established media in Israel are leftist both politically and economically (and do not hide it). That is why it is disappointing that one of the only places in Israel, a site that was free of this scum and only dealt with science (and not religion or against it) publishes this bullshit and is similar to it and tries to brainwash.
    PS: I am an atheist.

  63. I still haven't been able to understand the link between rightists and religious, secular and secularists, I'm sure there are atheist rightists, in fact I interviewed one of them (unfortunately he passed away)

    And to tell you how many media outlets are religious biases - NRG, Mekor Rishon, NEWS1, the Jewish channels on YNET and Mako. When Yoav Yitzhak laughs at Haaretz, it is not said because of Gideon Levi's words, but that he is still looking for the missing link in evolution, that is legitimate, but when I support evolution and give an opening here to people who prefer science and want to draw inspiration from it, that is leftism. By the way, except maybe in the country (and this is only on the political issue - on the economic issue he is even extreme right) I don't know of another media outlet that gives expression in the opinion sections to leftists. It is strange that the right-wing and the ultra-orthodox, whose people expect 90% of the opinion columns to win, are bothered by the fact that the other 10% also want to express themselves. Apparently democracy is only a matter of time, and it is easier to incite the crowd and shut up, there is no other definition of your verbal violence than hearing opinions that are not comfortable for you.

  64. Miracles
    I will add to your words and say that religion is first and foremost a necessity and it does not matter if the person is a monotheist or a pagan.

  65. Joseph
    As soon as you said that it is not possible to disprove or prove the existence of a creator, you did two things. The first is that you proved that there is a contradiction between science and religion.
    The second is that you are confusing the existence of a creator with religious belief. It is not the same thing and in general, religion is a much broader subject than belief in these or other gods.

  66. Bengal and Mahmud only in totalitarian countries there is censorship of opinions. And there are 17 articles on the site, you're going to take care of dozens in which people express an opinion, isn't this gagging?. Every average dos has a thousand media outlets to express his opinion, so you want to silence one media outlet that has freedom of expression even for those who don't believe in any superstition?
    For example, there is an article about space almost every day, many of them deal with technology, which, to be honest, has not changed much for 50 years and not in science (only after they are launched and reach their destination then the scientific part begins) why does no one complain about the many articles on space technology at the expense of science ?

  67. Mahmoud is right.
    Spring. Note that.
    Instead of publishing science you publish leftist agendas and you do it under the guise of science. As if the seculars invented science and morality. Populism is cheap.

  68. Yossi, Communism and Nazism and Fascism and Colonialism... have killed no less and perhaps more than any other religion.
    And this is not the place to spread opinions that are not directly related to real science.

  69. Avi Blizovsky, this is not a site suitable for publishing opinions, you should concentrate on science only. I estimate that this is the payment for the financing from "Haaretz" and the new Israel Fund. Spreading their sickening propaganda.

  70. Point, you are right, the difference between the writer of the article and a person who believes in God is that the writer of the article does not believe that there is a reason for nature and man and man must find the reason for his life. I can very much relate to this feeling. Although I'm not as sure as the writer that there is no reason, I just don't know…

  71. Again we are back to trying to link science with atheism. There are monotheists on the site who fully accept the principles of scientific research. It is accepted that science is related to anti-religiousness and complete separation of religion and state.
    It is accepted that atheists have a void that needs to be filled with moral theory and meaning, just like believers in the existence of a creator. It is accepted that religions have brought suffering to the world. It is not clear if there was more or less suffering in their absence. Belief in the Creator, in my opinion, cannot be proven and cannot be refuted. No matter how much we argue about it, if there is a creator, he exists even if there is no certain external proof of his existence. And if there is no creator, the believers made a mistake in their assessment and this is a calculated risk that some take.
    It is accepted that we all dislike what religion is doing in some Arab countries, in the ultra-Orthodox courts, in anti-Semitism in Europe and in the delay of science. Mahmoud's comment is perhaps just a provocation by Judith Oli.

  72. Mahmoud
    What does communism have to do with the article? Where exactly is the hatred of religion?
    The only reason there is hatred of religion - is that the religious impose their views on the secular. The comments here demonstrate this beautifully!

  73. Robin
    I don't hate anyone. I can't have a conversation with you Robin. You are not a pleasant person. You have no idea what secularism is, and I think you are afraid to know. You look down on what is different from you and, in my opinion, you have no desire to learn about the other side.
    I must point out that you pretty much represent the religious sector (the commenters on this site). Too bad you are like that. Too bad your curiosity is a sin.

  74. to connect with nature....don't make me laugh...I don't want anything to do with this abominable murderer who forces living creatures to murder each other in order to survive and reproduce...vegetarians are also murderers because plants have DNA and they feel, and they also try to reproduce by The same delicious fruits that you eat every day....disgusting fact I see myself as a much superior creature....nature is inferior and absurd and cold but I was forced through no fault of my own to live in this world from the moment I entered my mother's tubes....if I had the chance A choice I would choose to be a rock...just a stone that doesn't see all the "excrement" that is in this reality....intelligence is a curse....I will always say it until today that I will lose consciousness and never wake up again....shame on the science of this article. And atheists who deny any hope in the world of "nature"...they are so pathetic that I don't know whether to cry for them or laugh at myself for trying to believe them by force.... Have a good day and continued years of consciousness to everyone....what is XNUMX% sure...this that we would all be dead until the moment we were born...... Happy Hebrew New Year to everyone... and miracles that hate me too, sorry if I hurt you..

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