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Israelis are known to be noisy and dirty. Is this an inescapable decree?

As Wild Animals, an illustration from The Horrors of War by Francisco de Goya, around 1810
As Wild Animals, an illustration from The Horrors of War by Francisco de Goya, around 1810

I don't pretend to understand "sociology" and education, but the last few days have produced the rabbi and sorry for the bluntness. How do many of society's ills connect: violence, insolence, foul language, noise and others?

Does the connection depend on the economic situation, climate or any other external condition? Or all the diseases at the base, meaning what is absorbed (or not) during the period when the child's character is being shaped, or in other words simply in education. He who does not respect his environment and those around him, who does not know discipline and obedience, will be violent. Those who do not understand that language is a means of communication that should allow them to understand others and others to understand, will use dirty and poor language that will turn into a jumble of words that will be defined by "those in the know" as slang.

The sages have already said about this that "a word moves with silence in its midst" or "life and death are in the hand of the tongue."

And all of this begins in the first years of education... in kindergartens, when the first educational figure the child meets does not know her language, when the kindergarten assistant thinks that in order to fulfill her role properly all she needs is to "love children", the child will be a loser and lacking, when the most accepted wording in "Educators" in early childhood is "I don't hear", the "educators" are convinced that in order to be heard they have to scream... always. When they return home, they will be met by communication devices that broadcast nonsense on loudspeakers, father and mother communicating with screams, the result is a child who screams, at first because that is how he was brought up and later because the continuous screaming made him... opaque. And so the process continues that causes the deaf, dumb, lazy to grow up, these go to hang out in "clubs" where louder = better, and since they can't be heard and don't know how to express themselves, they become insolent and violent.

A tourist told me that in Slovakia when you want to demonstrate noise, you say "Jewish school" My initial reaction was... anti-Semitic, but then we were passed by swarms of screaming boys who justified the statement. I saw a group of black men walking down the street and "conversing" among themselves, the conversation was in the tones and sounds of preparation for Indian battles, a tourist who was there was convinced that it was a fight and called the police, the policemen, who are not much older than the boys, went through the same kindergartens, and therefore they were also there to talk...screaming, they didn't understand what they were called for and the cacophony of screaming continued until the young people moved to the neighboring street.

The close relationship between noise, violence and dirt has already been written and said, in a small survey I checked the level of dirt on a certain beach, it turns out that the more noise an "event site" makes in the vicinity... the beach is dirtier. The more noise there was at night, the more reports of violent incidents there are in the morning.

What is the solution? In my opinion... until we reach a calm and quiet education, the solution is the enforcement of draconian laws to prevent violence, insolence, noise and dirt,

After I wrote the Prime Minister, I saw that the Minister of Environmental Protection issued a statement that "the IDF is the biggest polluter in the country" and for that I cheer for him... cheers, finally there are those who are willing to risk and "slaughter a sacred cow", since the fear of touching our army and visiting His conduct prevents corrections and causes vulnerabilities and annoyances that will accompany us for generations, the scandalous conduct in environmental matters stems in part from the Prime Minister, those who do not receive a positive education at an early age attract: insolence and violence later and express this also in his military service, instead of the army being an educational and positive melting pot he becomes For the confusion controlled by the linguistic and behavioral tyranny, "I and nothing more" turns her essay into a path and the result...?

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  1. Following on from Raul and Juan,
    I remember cases in the army when I tried to dissuade the members of my company from throwing garbage in the wild, and I was met with contempt and ridicule. I also remember the TV show where I watched the Teva program on TV, and again - scorn and ridicule from my friends.
    They preferred to watch wild, loud programs with demands for shekels... I think they called one of the programs "Nightclub". Ugh.

  2. Bystander:
    I didn't scold you.
    I explained my intention with the phrase because in the first response I used it I didn't explain it properly.
    I recommended, for the purpose of continuing the discussion, simply so that the concept would be used by us in the same meaning, to use the meaning I attributed to it.
    With the meaning you attribute to it, my response cannot be understood at all, and I want them to understand it.
    You don't have to "answer" Jose Ortega - not only because he's already dead but because I think you'll just agree with his words.
    I did not find any disagreement in our words, but only a different interpretation of the term "mass uprising" and the whole purpose of my response was to clarify the matter.
    I'm sorry if you were offended, but I really didn't mean that.

  3. Following your reprimand for not adopting the meaning you gave to the expression, I did turn to familiarize myself with that Ortega and the rebellion of the masses, and I realized that I must establish my understanding of his arguments and his concept. Basically, I should thank you for revealing to me the man and his thought, because these days I am dealing with the complicated relationship between man and the government, whether it is the legal government or other institutions that also take part in the de facto management of world affairs, such as those intellectual elites, and also the economic ones . So we will meet here again in a while, when I can answer the arguments that Ortega puts forward, and from there continue to examine the same relationship now and here. Or is this not the forum for such a discussion, and since I am not part of the elite, in my attempt to criticize your position, I am actually embodying the same soup of the masses myself, and therefore my approach is not legitimate.

  4. Bystander:
    Since I used the phrase "mass uprising" first, in this conversation, it is only natural that when someone answers my words, he will adopt the meaning I gave to the phrase.
    This meaning is taken, as mentioned, from the book of that name.
    In this book, as well as in my words, there is no connection between the elites and the aristocracy.
    On the contrary - Ortega is guilty of throwing out the baby with the bathwater: out of the justified need to break free from the grip of the aristocracy and the ruling elites - they nullified the value of the elites of science, morality and truth.
    Create, as I said, a society where the words of Darwin are not valued more than the words of the monkey.
    I do not interpret democracy differently from you and the whole debate stems from the fact that you did not understand what I meant when I wrote "the uprising of the masses".
    By the way - Hitler - for example - one who symbolizes the corruption of the government more than any other person - is not a leader who grew out of the elites. He is a leader that the mass uprising **created**

  5. I recognize here a different interpretation of the term "mass uprising". You are talking about a certain interpretation of a certain thinker, and I am expanding the field to the general rebellion of the general public against the ruling elites. And this definition applies in my opinion to a wide range of events and conflicts.

    And we also probably have gaps in interpretation of the term democracy here. So I will present my interpretation: in my view, democracy is the means that protects the public from the arbitrariness of a government with extensive powers, up to the point of absolutism, such as monarchies and tyranny. This is also reflected in trifles, such as the ability to expose corruption and prosecute the representatives of the government, such as Benizri and Leitzman who are now serving their sentences, Olmert and Katsav who are in prison. Without that democracy, the aristocracy can sometimes slip into a kleptocracy.

  6. Bystander:
    The fact is that the uprising of the masses was predicted by Jose Ortega y Gast who wrote in 1932 a book of that name long before the "failures" you attribute to the elites.
    He explained that this is a necessary consequence of the crazy interpretation that people give to democracy - an interpretation according to which the words of Einstein have no more value than the words of Erich von Duncan.

    He was right - and blaming the elites for this is only part of that rebellion.

  7. And maybe that "mass uprising" is a response to the failure of the moral elites to properly and morally manage the affairs of the state, not only in Israel but in other places in the world? That moral and intelligent elite is what is also called aristocracy if I'm not mistaken, the rule of the good. If my memory is correct, this form of government failed in several countries, and various mass uprisings put an end to it and established alternative forms of government, such as democracy.

    Postmodernist claims such as "there is no truth" also arose as a response to the exposure of what was perceived as a fraud in the eyes of those rebel masses. Like for example that science and rationalism will bring wealth and happiness to everyone. But along with them, they also brought more destructive weapons that enabled more deadly wars (which by the way are much more violent than the examples of violence brought by the author of the article), environmental pollution, which will enslave the little man to dreary work and an endless cycle of consumption that wastes resources and increases pollution.

    And if we are talking about the definition of violence, what about financial fraud, such as the massive one that was exposed in the American economy, with the outbreak of the sub-prime crisis? And I'm not just talking about the Madoff affair, but in general about the entire financial manipulation of the entire financial sector. Exercises of this type that cause people to lose their savings, their homes and their jobs are, in my view, much more violent and destructive, and in light of this, much less moral than those cases of street violence that have made headlines recently.

  8. I am also very attached to things.
    I still remember the program Popolitika which, under the guise of a discussion of today's affairs, gave extensive expression to a large part of the ills you are talking about.
    At the time, I tried to interest Channel 8 (by a messenger) to write an article that would analyze one of the programs as an anthropological event so that people would understand how animalistic our behavior is.
    A few days ago, my sister-in-law and I had a discussion on exactly this topic.
    She claimed that the source of these ailments is the central place that the army plays in our lives.
    I didn't really agree and brought to her - as a rebuttal to her claim - the violent, noisy, polluting and inconsiderate behavior of the ultra-orthodox (for whom the army does not play any role and in fact their evasion from the army is part of the violence).
    In further thought, I went so far as to raise the claim that the laws of the state that allow the separation and parasitism of the ultra-Orthodox - by basing our society on an inherent injustice that loosens the hands of those who seek to build for themselves a worldview based on truth, justice and logic - are actually the source of the problem.
    These laws are strengthened by the "rebellion of the masses" that sweeps through our time when it is accompanied by postmodernist claims such as "there is no truth" and eliminates the status and influence of elites of morality and intelligence and leads us to the limbs of poverty.

  9. Lol
    I live in Ashdod
    And if someone thinks that this is a developed and civilized city, then no
    In fact, if there is anything that does not agree with what is written, come to where I live
    And fear
    And what's even more upsetting you'd think the French and Russians
    They will be quiet, but not at all, they just got infected with the fear virus

    By the way, I don't see hope, on the contrary, people are thinking less
    And the evidence is that then the show was popular [Big Brother] mainly because of the idiot
    And the irony and I say this almost without any respect
    that he and his daughter are stupid
    And there were people who asked if they were called cultural heroes
    Although you have to do what you have to do

  10. It was during my internship that the MK explained to us that the IDF is the biggest polluter in the country
    Despite this, in ambushes, all my comrades in arms simply threw away the leftover food and the polluting plastic utensils (despite the danger of revealing the location of the ambush in the future).
    It's not enough that the villages don't have an orderly garbage disposal procedure, they are also surrounded by wrappers of chocolate
    Short is wrong..

    It's time to triple our trash cans and issue a mandatory recycling law.
    Not long ago I saw pictures from Sweden, they recycle everything, they even recycled two huge water tanks for a residential building

  11. Totally right!
    Easy anecdote.
    Foreigners who come for work in Israel, especially high-tech, are given preliminary training.
    What is usually explained to them is that arguments here very quickly reach high pitches and shouting. It is explained to them that they have something to fear as the matter is not personal, but simply this is the culture.

  12. God bless you, indeed you see this from kindergarten to the army and beyond...

    We need effective enforcement in our country!

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