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A delegation of students from Jerusalem visited the world's largest particle accelerator in Switzerland

The students stayed for five days at the Saran research center as part of the advanced physics studies they study at school, among the physicists they met were Prof. Giora Mickenberg from the Weizmann Institute and Prof. Eliezer Rabinovitch, who serves as the vice president of the center.

The student delegation to Tsern.
The student delegation to Sarn.

A delegation of about 20 students from the twelfth grade at the Israel High School for Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem left at the beginning of the week for a five-day visit to the European Research Center for Particle Physics CERN in Switzerland, the largest particle accelerator in the world. As part of their visit, the students met with Israeli and foreign doctoral students and professors involved in research work at the center and scientific enrichment in the field of physics.

Among the scientists the students met during the week were the head of the Israeli team in the ATLAS experiment Prof. Giora Mickenberg from the Weizmann Institute, CERN Vice President Prof. Eliezer Rabinovich from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and more. Later, the members of the delegation visited an antimatter production facility and even the huge CMS detector located 100 meters underground where the famous HIGGS particle was discovered.

The delegation was led by the head of the science department at the Israel High School for Sciences and Arts, Zohar Barzilai Di-Nor, and the physics teacher, Brand Sering, who noted that: "We were proud to see that Israeli professors are at the forefront of scientific research in the field of physics in the world. This is the second year that a delegation from the school has gone to the particle accelerator, the students' great curiosity and immediate impression of the technological environment whose characteristics were revealed in the school course was evident."

"The visit is part of a broad and unique curriculum of the science major at the school, which is considered to be the leader in the country" noted Itay Benovich, director of the Israel High School for Sciences and Arts, "we place emphasis on a thorough understanding of the subjects of study while having practical experience in the laboratories and the development of the student's scientific thinking."

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