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The Nobel Prize for Medicine for the discovery of AIDS and the discovery of the link between the papilloma virus and cervical cancer

The Nobel Prize Committee decided to award the 2008 Medicine Prize to the discoverers of two viruses that cause serious diseases in humans, and who went against the mainstream in order to convince the scientific community of their discoveries

The AIDS virus HIV. Illustration from the Nobel Prize website
The AIDS virus HIV. Illustration from the Nobel Prize website

Today, the announcement of Nobel Prize winners for 2008 began in Stockholm, Sweden. The first prize announced is the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology. This year the prize committee decided to give a joint prize to two discoverers of viruses that are making a name for themselves among humans.

Half of the prize amount will be awarded to the German Harald Zur Hausen from the Center for Cancer Research in Heidelberg, Germany, for his discoveries that led to the understanding of the relationship between the papilloma virus and cervical cancer, and the other half will be divided between two French scientists: Francois Bar-Sinoussi from the Division for the Control of Retroviral Infections in the Department of Virology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and Luc Montang R., from the World Fund for AIDS Research and Prevention in Paris from France who discovered the AIDS virus.

Harald von Hauser went against the dogma that was practiced in his time (the seventies) which did not believe that there was any connection between a virus and cancer. He insisted that the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes cervical cancer, the second most common type of cancer in women. He realized that the HPV DNA may exist in an inactive state in the tumor, and may be detected through a specific search for viral DNA. He discovered that the HPV is actually a heterogeneous family of viruses and only some of them cause cancer. His discovery led to the characterization of the history of HPV infection, an understanding of the mechanism by which HPV acts as a catalyst for the formation of cancer and the development of a preventive vaccine against HPV infection.

Françoise Bar-Sinoussi and Luc Montgier discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Virus production was detected in the lymph cells of patients with enlarged lymph nodes in the early stages of the disease, and in the blood of patients in the later stages of the disease. They characterized the retrovirus based on its morphological, biochemical and immunological properties. HIV weakens the immune system due to its enormous replication capacity and the damage it causes to lymphocyte cells. The discovery was a prerequisite for understanding the biology of these diseases and the antiretroviral treatments.

Discovering the relationship between the papilloma virus and cervical cancer

Against the prevailing position during the 16s, Zur HaOzen outlined the way to understanding the role of the human papillomavirus in the development of cervical cancer. He hypothesized that the tumor cells, if they contain an oncogenic virus, should preserve within them viral DNA within the genome. In such a case, it will be possible to discover the cells containing the HPV genome in the viral DNA search inventions. Zur HaOzen advanced the idea for ten years by studying different types of HPV, a study that proved to be difficult due to the work that only one part of the viral DNA was integrated into the host's genome. He found new sequences of the HPV in biopsy samples of cervical cancer patients and thus discovered, among other things, the cancerous virus HPV type 1983. In 4-16 he cloned the virus types 18 and 70 from cervical cancer patients. It turns out that these two types were consistently found in about XNUMX% of the biopsies of cervical cancer lesions from all over the world.

The importance of HPV detection

Cervical cancer caused by the papilloma virus accounts for over 5% of all cancer morbidity in the general population. Human papillomavirus infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease, affecting 50-80% of the population. Of the above known types of HPV, about 40% leave a genetic imprint and 15 of them place the carriers at a high risk of cervical cancer. In addition, HPV sequences have also been found in vulvar cancer, penile cancer (in males), oral cancer and other types of cancer. The human papillomavirus may be detected in 99.7% of women who have cervical cancer, which affects about half a million women a year.

Harald Zur Hauzen demonstrated innovative properties of the HPV that led him to understand the mechanism of increasing cancer incidence and sensitivity factors to the persistence of the virus and the transformation process that the cell undergoes. He made HPV 16 and 18 available to the scientific community. Until now, vaccines have been developed that provide over 95% protection against infection with these dangerous virus types. The vaccines also reduce the need for surgery and the suffering caused by cervical cancer.

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  12. On International AIDS Day, which began today, we will recall the apparent connection, in studies on thousands of subjects, between circumcision and a significant reduction in the chance of contracting AIDS -

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