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In the Impact Index for 2024, the University of Haifa is ranked 95th overall among over 2000 universities worldwide, an increase from its ranking last year, when it was ranked in a cluster between 101-200 in the world
Prof. Maron will take up her position in about six months, at which time she will replace Prof. Gur Elroy, who currently serves as rector and will be appointed at the same time as the next president of the University of Haifa
On the religious and cultural factors that lead to food waste in households
According to the researchers, the dolphins communicate in a different way and change their vocal behavior when they encounter the noise of a ship and therefore they are definitely affected by the noise of the ships. Past studies have already shown that a change in vocal behavior
A research robot discovered a colorful abundance of life at a depth of a kilometer in the sea * Researchers examined how a unique and abundant environment was created, in the depths of the sea, off the coast of Israel
A new Israeli study presents a solution to the many accidents between aircraft and winged creatures, and for the first time succeeds in identifying with the help of radar flocks of large birds, which until now were considered "invisible"
The animal that breaks the laws of nature: a new Israeli study reveals that the colonies of the flower botryll, a unique marine creature, age in their entirety - and then return to being young again. The phenomenon was named "Orshina Rhythm"
The system from the tenth century AD, in the Islamic period is the first significant development of agriculture in the sand in human history
The researchers even identified that the genetic closeness indicates a split between the maned rats of today and those found in the Judean desert about 120 thousand years ago
The collaboration between the Kiryat Tivon local council and the Department of Biology and Environment of the University of Haifa - Oranim led to the promotion of two important studies, the findings of which may provide an answer and an effective solution to the national problem of
This is according to two separate studies by the Hebrew University and the University of Haifa. The study at the Hebrew University dealt with the mortality rates of Holocaust survivors, while that of Haifa University revealed that survivors who were alone during the Holocaust
Since most of the drugs today work by activating or blocking receptors, the new method has the ability to significantly shorten the drug production process
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