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A new MRI method developed by Weizmann Institute of Science scientists is expected to pave the way for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
In ten years, it may be possible to find ambulances - or hospitals on wheels - that can reach multi-casualty incidents and provide the doctor in the field with a clear 3D image of each injured person. Doctors will no longer be needed
Evidence is growing that brain damage in girls, which occurs during puberty, impairs cognitive function and the strength of the brain network
Dr. Kathryn Vandorna from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion has developed a new method that allows the monitoring of the formation of immune blood cells in the bone marrow. For this purpose, she used tiny magnetic particles of iron oxide, which
This new measurement method, developed by the doctoral student Shir Filo and Prof. Metzer, will allow the extraction of precise biological values ​​on the brain, so that it will be possible to derive from an MRI test similar indices to those obtained from a test
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