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Toxic proteins accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. In the familial Alzheimer's patients, the accumulation mechanism is clear since there is a circumstantial relationship between the mutations and the identity of the defective proteins. In the random disease, on the other hand, the cause of the accumulation of proteins
The winners are: Chuan Ha, University of Chicago, USA, Jeffrey Kelly, Scripps Research Institute, USA, Hiroaki Shuga, University of Tokyo, Japan
The researchers were even able to identify which creatures the viruses might attack, a discovery that is expected to help promote the development of different bacterial, fungal and pest killers for agriculture
On the genetic equivalent of postal targeting - and on the decisive differences between linear and circular molecules
An analysis of the genetic material in the sea identified thousands of previously unknown RNA viruses and doubled the number of systems, or biological groups, of viruses thought to exist, according to a new study by our team of researchers
The nanomedicine that attacks cancer twice: both improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy and strengthens the immune system
The new RNA, of a non-coding type, was discovered in research in the laboratory of Prof. Shulamit Michaeli at Bar-Ilan University. A breakthrough that may contribute to the development of new drugs * The vaccine that was successfully developed against the corona virus will lead to the development
This is according to the decision of the Wolf Prize Committee for 2021 in medicine. The judges' announcement said that these scientists made breakthrough discoveries in the mechanisms that regulate RNA and demonstrated that RNA is not a passive template between
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