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It turns out that the shorter a crack in brittle materials - the more resistant they are to it, which can help in the design and use of applications that are based on brittle materials
In times of war it is not always easy to be strong or to imagine the day after, but various animals and plants teach us that it is possible to survive and show resilience even in hostile and challenging conditions. Many examples are offered
In the Biorobotics Laboratory of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev under the direction of Dr. David Zaruk, they presented the AmphiSAW robot, which draws inspiration from the worlds of biology and nature and is friendly to fish and the environment. It works both in water and on land, is used
The researchers explain that underwater, many insects use tiny bristles that allow them to trap and stabilize water-repellent air bubbles that cover their bodies. When these weeks come in contact with surfaces, they form bridges
Researchers used an innovative method to replace proteins used to stick molluscs to different surfaces, developing a stronger-than-expected glue
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