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Climate change

49 degrees Celsius in Mecca in the midst of the Hajj. In Delhi, 35 degrees were recorded - at night. From January to May 2024, an average increase of 1.1 degrees above the multi-year average was recorded in the Northern Hemisphere
Recent research reveals that a significant change in the course of the Nile River about 4,000 years ago expanded the floodplain near Luxor, which could have caused the prosperity of agriculture in ancient Egypt and influenced the location of sites
New data analysis suggests NASA and its partners may have discovered more cost-effective ways to deal with the worsening problem of space debris than previously thought
We depend on them, and not just for the honey. International Bee Day is a great opportunity to make some buzz for bees, one of the most important animals on the planet
A comparison between the level of evaporation in the current Dead Sea compared to the ancient period, may help in understanding the climate that existed in our region, in the past
Innovative research on thin gold layers has revealed new photoluminescence behavior while advancing our understanding of measuring temperature as well as chemical reactions at the nanometer level
An international study with the participation of Tel Aviv University states: Global warming leads to lightning storms in the North Pole, which further accelerate the process of melting the ice - in a cycle of repeated feeding
New study: The combination of global warming and deforestation may lead to the mass extinction of animal species
Integrating coping mechanisms of ecosystems makes it possible to deal with drought conditions
This is according to a comprehensive survey published by the PEW Research Institute. The worst situation is among the voters of the Republican Party, but also among the Democrats, the majority who still show confidence in science is shrinking
Researchers from Ben Gurion University offer an innovative explanation for this unique behavior of the fairy circles phenomenon: a combination of phenotypic adaptation at the level of the individual plant, by deepening the roots of the plants into more moist soil layers,
Following the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea about five million years ago, valleys developed in its southeast that are about eight kilometers wide and about 1,000 meters deep
Every year a dust storm occurs at the bottom of the Gulf of Eilat that may reduce global warming
Until now, the low temperatures of the Mediterranean water in winter have been a barrier to the arrival of tropical corals. The establishment of the Dendronaphtia we found indicates that at least last winter, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea were warmer than before
At the upcoming climate conference to be held in Dubai, ways to moderate global warming and the need to compensate the affected countries, especially island countries and countries in Africa, will be discussed again. Promises of compensation have already been given, but have not yet been fulfilled, and are being asked
This raw data is analyzed using methods that take into account the variable distance between temperature stations around the world and the effects of urban heat islands that may distort the calculations.
Climate change may lead to the collapse of the population of lizards that are common in the deserts of the Land of Israel
Following and because of global warming, by 2050 there will be about a billion people subject to disputes and struggles related to rivers, and this only in Africa
For two decades, researchers have been trying to find a way to track a climate system that has a decisive influence on the location of rainforests and deserts on Earth. A new study solves the challenge and reveals the extent of the impact
The grant was given to the company for the purpose of developing agricultural crops with high oil seeds, increased absorption of carbon dioxide and resistance to drought * The grant is part of the EU Horizon program of the European Union, and was later approved
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