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More accurate uncertainty estimates may help users decide when and how to use machine learning models in the real world
"For their pioneering contributions to mathematical cryptography, combinatorics and the theory of computer science."
The field of information technologies is constantly developing and regularly challenges the researchers and practitioners in the field. One of the challenges is Big Data - huge amounts of information that come from various sources, accumulate in information systems and require
Researchers have developed algorithms based on game theory, through which robotic systems such as drones or autonomous cars can make informed decisions and operate efficiently
AI-Descartes, a new AI scientist, successfully reproduced a Nobel Prize-winning work using logical reasoning and symbolic regression to find exact equations. The system is effective against real-world data and small data sets, with the future goal
Researchers from the University of Santiago in Chile, working in the field of machine learning, have succeeded in developing an innovative method for identifying organic compounds based on the refractive index at a single optical wavelength
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