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Creative artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence that generates images trains on artists' works without their consent, and also imitates their style. A group of researchers and artists decided to fight against the phenomenon with sophisticated digital tools
Says Uri Goshen, joint CEO of AI21 Labs. At the Silicon Club meeting entitled "Smart people, smart machines - have we reached the stage where chatbots replace human thinking?"
Researchers have created a computer model whose input is text about movement, and whose output is an animated character that performs what is written
New research reveals that a linguistic bias in the English language, which encourages us to "improve" things by adding to them instead of subtracting from them, is so common that it's even been incorporated into artificial intelligence chatbots
This is according to the annual conference of Tech.AI, the center for artificial intelligence at the Technion
Less than a month ago, the first comic book produced without illustrators was published. In fact, only two names appear on the main page of the book. The story writer is Steve Coulson, and the illustrator is MidJourney: Bina
Last week I showed the XNUMXth graders how they can write books with the help of artificial intelligence.
Thanks to artificial intelligence engines like DallE and Midjourney, any snotty-nosed and future-talented child can produce impressive paintings in any style, shape and color. The debate revolves around the question of whether it is art
What happens when you ask artificial intelligence to imagine the way new products will look?
In the science teaching department at the Weizmann Institute harnessing artificial intelligence to support teachers in personalized teaching
Researchers in the US have made the intriguing claim that the DALL-E 2 model may have invented its own secret language to understand descriptions of objects.
A study examined through machine learning thousands of medical files, and made it possible to predict risk factors for the development of severe morbidity and mortality when infected with a resistant bacteria or fungus
A survey distributed in eight European countries in 2019. According to the survey results, about a quarter of all Europeans would like artificial intelligence to replace the politicians they currently suffer from * 91 million Europeans support AI
Scientists fear that artificial intelligence will know us better than we know ourselves. A government armed with artificial intelligence could claim to know what people really want and what would really make them happy. by any chance
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