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Jeff Bezos

A management researcher from the University of Essex argues that true discovery and progress cannot rely on the minds and motivations of a few famous men. This involves investing in institutions that are anchored in democracy and sustainability - not only because
In recent weeks, space tourism has become a reality for two of the world's richest men. Is it an expensive but harmless amusement, or another blow to the earth's battered atmosphere? We went out to check
This is according to an analysis by PITCHBOOK. According to the analysts, before flying humans into space, advanced uses of satellites should be exhausted and the problem of space debris should be addressed, but the budget for this may be reached thanks to these gimmicks.
The yet-to-be-revealed winner together with the Bezos brothers will fly for a suborbital flight - that is, reaching an altitude of 100 kilometers, staying for a few minutes in low gravity and observing the curvature of the Earth, and landing
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