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Genetic Engineering

The changes are intended to prevent the body from becoming infected with dormant viruses that may be present in the kidney, and in any case the kidney is designed to fit the specific patient
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists made bacterial cells mimic processes characteristic of multicellular organisms, and discovered a possible defense mechanism against cancer
The Cow of Heaven project aims to find a way to produce milk protein from bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide and hydrogen
In theory, a male skin cell can be turned into an egg and a female skin cell into a sperm cell. There is also the possibility of a child genetically connected to several parents, or only to one parent
The State Comptroller's report indicates: the scope of the use of pesticides, which are designed to overcome the problem of pests, is increasing significantly - and harming the health of Israeli consumers. So what do we do? Learn to spray differently
Scientists have developed a method to double the annual crop from one to two times, while improving properties in rice that can make it at least partially a perennial plant
Genetic characterization of varieties is very important for farmers, because it allows choosing the right combination of planting the varieties in the orchard, to obtain a maximum yield. Characterization of 'self-fertile' varieties, i.e. self-fertilizing (as in apricots, for example),
In this entry I will tell about three wonderful developments in genetic engineering from the last year. All of them, by the way, are the product of genetic engineering technology so sophisticated that we are still trying to understand what its limit is. and the meaning
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