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Personalized medicine

Evidence is growing that brain damage in girls, which occurs during puberty, impairs cognitive function and the strength of the brain network
Weizmann Institute scientists have shown in a mouse model that the drugs succeed in penetrating through the blood-brain barrier, delaying the progression of the disease and even reversing it
Emma Twin will share through social media posts how she, as a virtual twin, helps doctors and researchers better understand diseases and the effectiveness of treatments - without endangering flesh and blood patients
This is the first time that researchers succeed in developing personalized tools for infectious diseases, which until now have only been developed for specific diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's
A technology based on artificial intelligence may quickly and simply decode genetic and molecular information about cancer tumors. On the horizon: personalized medicine for cancer patients
The nanomedicine that attacks cancer twice: both improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy and strengthens the immune system
A new study from Tel Aviv University presents an innovative treatment for deafness, which is based on the introduction of genetic cargo into the cells of the inner ear. As part of the treatment, the genetic load is inserted into the damaged cell in such a way that it actually "repairs"
What parameters should be taken into account when choosing a genomic test for cancer?
Comprehensive genomic testing in cancer: great hope, but not for everyone
Cancer medicine is moving to personalized treatment: patients will receive treatment that is specifically suited to their tumor
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