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Quantum computing

Researchers have built a component that amplifies quantum signals that can be used to upgrade quantum computing capabilities
A new study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem investigated the balance between artificial intelligence and human therapists in mental health care, with an emphasis on the role of empathy
The center is the first in the world to combine multiple quantum computing platforms with supercomputers, using DGX Quantum developed in partnership between Quantum Machines and Nvidia
A new development may accelerate the use of graphene in the nanoelectronics industry and be used in many technological applications
achieved a significant breakthrough in the field of quantum computers, by maintaining quantum coherence at room temperature. Quantum coherence describes the ability of a quantum system to maintain a well-defined state over time,
Technion researchers answer this question and pave new paths for applications in communication, imaging and quantum computing
Under the new system, Chinese researchers will be evaluated based on the quality and impact of their work rather than the number of publications they produce. Researchers who are found to have been involved in research misconduct will be prosecuted
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