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Shulamit Levenberg

The applicability of the new technology is demonstrated in the contexts of local cell transplantation, drug transport for controlled local release over time and 3D bioprinting. The mechanical properties of the scaffolds can be adjusted according to the target tissue and the rate
Researchers have built cellular models of genetic diseases such as fragile X syndrome and found the mechanism that causes them
The announcement of her election will take place at the Academy's annual conference to be held in June 2024 in North Carolina
It is a biological ink consisting of a combination of alginate from algae and proteins isolated from the plant - soy or pea. It is injected in the printing process to create protein-enriched scaffolds in different geometries
The conventional treatments for diabetes and insulin resistance are based on the consumption of drugs by injection and ingestion and provide a partial and short-term solution. This is the background for trying to develop long-term systemic solutions, and this is where the new development comes in
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