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Apparently the thrust of the first stage was not strong enough and the spacecraft was unable to separate from it. This is still an unmanned test flight and it seems that now the manned experiments will move away * This is the prototype
An astronomer explains what to expect and why it's important and how technological developments in the last 50 years have made the moon a much more accessible place
Monday night there will be two broadcasts at 01:30 from the transmitter of the departure from the space station to the Dragon spacecraft, 03:30 the disconnection of the Dragon. The article also includes videos taken during the mission
According to SpaceX president Gavin Shotwell, the company has already stopped production of Crew Dragon capsules after building its fourth spacecraft scheduled for an April 19, 2022 launch for NASA to the space station.
Director of Roscosmos Dimitri Rogozin referred to the DMS-R facility used to navigate the station, although it was designed by the European Space Agency and integrated into the Russian component of the Zavezda space station * as well as the Progress cargo spacecraft
The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft entered the atmosphere and autonomously deployed the parachutes. The four passengers intended the flight to collect donations for childhood cancer research
About five and a half minutes after launch, the launcher's engines were ignited in order to move it to a vertical position and then align with the nose up to land on its bottom, however, as it was seen in the broadcast, the launcher overturned when
SN8, a prototype of a spacecraft that is supposed to transport humans to Mars, took off and even circled in the air but did not succeed in the landing phase apparently due to low fuel pressure in the central tank, which caused
SpaceX's Falcon 9 launcher carrying the company's Crew Dragon spacecraft on NASA's CREW-1 mission and SpaceX is being launched tonight to the International Space Station and inside it is a spacecraft containing NASA astronauts Mike
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