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The Israeli Space Agency

The agreement paves the way for research and development of technologies in the fields of cyber space
Director of the Space Agency Uri Oron: "In an era in which the field of space is growing rapidly, the agreement will allow the State of Israel to have business, research and academic collaborations that are essential for the development of the space field in Israel"
The European Space Agency ESA will launch on 13/4 the JUICE spacecraft on the historic mission to Jupiter, with technologies and scientific research funded by the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology
As part of the joint statement of intent, NASA is expected to contribute a linear energy transfer spectrometer, communication network support and coordination with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. In the future, NASA is expected to participate in the selection of landing sites and team members
The President of the Association of Industrialists Ron Tomer announced at the 18th Ilan Ramon Conference held in Tel Aviv the establishment of the Space 5.0 project that will unite the companies in the new space sector
The center will make available to entrepreneurs, companies and researchers the infrastructure for the development of small satellites and their components, and will enable the expansion of the ecosystem in the field
The new plan also includes the establishment of a satellite for research purposes, increasing the number of researchers and high school graduates working in the field * In 2016, a similar plan was prepared with a budget of NIS 300 million, but it did not come to fruition
Har Evan was seriously injured during the fire at the Effendi Hotel in Old Acre, on the night of the riots in the cities involved during Operation Guard of the Walls, May 11, 2021, and since then he has been sedated and ventilated in a serious condition at the Rambam Hospital
Prof. Dan Blumberg, Ben-Gurion University's Vice President for Regional and Industrial Development: "Our ability to observe the Earth from space and quickly analyze complex damage is well used around the world and reduces the damage of disasters such as earthquakes
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