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The early universe

This galaxy experienced a tumultuous and fast life: the star formation process worked quickly and suddenly ended, a situation that is not expected at such an early stage in the evolution of the universe. It is still unclear whether the "frozen" state of the galaxy is temporary or permanent, and what is the reason for the cessation of the star formation process
The galaxy is currently 25 billion light-years away, but when light began to travel from it to us about 12.5 billion years ago, it was much closer, because the universe is expanding
The first findings from the James Webb space telescope hinted at galaxies so early and massive that they are somewhat inconsistent with our understanding of the formation of structure in the universe. A new study tries to deal with these contradictions
The redshift of this galaxy reaches 9.51 meaning that it was seen when the age of the universe was only 550 million years old. The rate of star formation in it is 10 times greater than the Milky Way
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