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XNUMXD printing

First-of-its-kind pioneering demonstration points to the possibility of a greener future for the electronics sector
The technological innovation suppresses the typical shrinkage of printed tissues in the period before transplantation
Printing replacement organs in a way that will allow them to be implanted in a person's body and to be integrated into his operation
It is a biological ink consisting of a combination of alginate from algae and proteins isolated from the plant - soy or pea. It is injected in the printing process to create protein-enriched scaffolds in different geometries
Researchers printed components using a standard XNUMXD printer and immersed them in a liquid
Printed meat, alternative protein sources, personalized food and innovative processing processes - this is how the world of food will look in the coming years according to the experts who participated in the conference of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology, which took place
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