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A new Israeli study examined how different methods of agriculture affect the environment and the landscape versus the benefits for the farmer. The findings show that there is a method that makes it possible to both generate economic profit and preserve nature
While other studies have used CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to disable or decrease gene expression, the new study published in Science Advances used unbiased gene editing for the first time to increase gene expression and subsequent photosynthetic activity.
The Cow of Heaven project aims to find a way to produce milk protein from bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide and hydrogen
Thanks to an accidental discovery in the laboratory, researchers were able to improve plant growth and give them resistance to drought and salinity conditions, by exposing their seeds to a plant hormone in a simple and easy-to-apply process
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
Dust that came from the Sahara and Saudi Arabia about 11,000 years ago - contributed to the development of agriculture in the Jordan Valley
This complex interaction of cultures between 5500 and 4500 BC in the Maghreb region led to exchanges of knowledge, cultural changes and mutual genetic influences
Did you know that trees can be very effective in preventing fires? Yes yes, this is not a contradiction: in a new Israeli article it is suggested to use orchards as a tool against the spreading fire. How is this move possible and will we soon see
The system allows the installation of a solar field above shade-sensitive crops - at high density * The development was presented at the international Agri-Voltay Conference SunnySide APV SUMMIT 2023 sponsored by the Miguel Research Institute from Israel and the Fernhofer Institute from Germany
Scientists have developed a method to double the annual crop from one to two times, while improving properties in rice that can make it at least partially a perennial plant
Grapes, wheat and corn: according to a new study, popular agricultural crops in the Mediterranean countries will need more irrigation in the near future - and this when the water sources in the region are only dwindling. How are the farmers preparing for this?
The institute's scientists and their research partners from the Technion and Tel Aviv University have for the first time created mixed beams of individual atoms
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