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Rai Kodan wrote the book that won the award with the help of artificial intelligence that gave her complete sentences - which the author inserted in the book in its entirety. She estimated that about five percent of the entire text in the book consisted of sentences
ChatGPT's success may require us to update our notions of what is "thought," what is "creativity," and what is "speech." Does ChatGPT think and talk like us, or is it an imitation of the real thing? What is
At a meeting held this week at Tel Aviv University with the participation of OPEN AI CEO Sam Altman, Sutzkober said that the academy cannot compete with the industry in computing power or engineering ability, but rather investigate how it can be
AI-Descartes, a new AI scientist, successfully reproduced a Nobel Prize-winning work using logical reasoning and symbolic regression to find exact equations. The system is effective against real-world data and small data sets, with the future goal
New research reveals that a linguistic bias in the English language, which encourages us to "improve" things by adding to them instead of subtracting from them, is so common that it's even been incorporated into artificial intelligence chatbots
Even programmers are starting to fear that ChatGPT will replace them. How real is the threat?
The signatories of the letter call for a six-month pause in the development of systems more powerful than OpenAI's new GPT-4. "Strong AI systems should only be developed once we are sure that their effects will be positive and their risks
Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (and especially creative artificial intelligence such as Dali or CHATGPT, as well as older technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and blockchain) have the potential to significantly change the way
While emojis can be a helpful way to add "personality" or emotion to a message, they can also be vague, inappropriate, and create technical challenges. Chatbot designers should prioritize clear and concise language and use emojis
This is according to the annual conference of Tech.AI, the center for artificial intelligence at the Technion
The training process is done using the parallel computing technique. This made it possible to complete the training process much faster than if it was done on a single GPU or processor. Before training the system the data was processed
Last week I showed the XNUMXth graders how they can write books with the help of artificial intelligence.
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