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The DNA analysis showed that the Canaanites were created from the mixing of populations that migrated to the southern Levant mainly from the Caucasus region (or western Iran) with ancient local populations that stayed there, a process that lasted at least 1,000 years
Researchers have discovered that two epigenetic events (removing and adding methyl from DNA) lead to the differentiation of stem cells into muscle cells and thus to the regeneration and healing of muscles after their injury
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have developed a research tool that will shed new light on communication pathways between nerve cells in the brain
A group of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science recently investigated what happens to cellular memory in cancer. Their findings illustrate how "memory loss" may affect the course of malignant diseases
Prof. Oded Ravavi's laboratory previously discovered that worms bequeath to their offspring small RNA molecules that contain information about the parents' environment, such as nutritional status, infection with viruses and even the brain activity of the parents.
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