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genetic diseases

Researchers discovered which genes are required for each stage of cell differentiation into neural stem cells and neurons, i.e. for brain development, and which of them are involved in diseases of the nervous system
A new site that serves as the first knowledge base of its kind in Hebrew in the field of rare genetic diseases in Israel - was launched on the occasion of the International Day for Rare Diseases, which is noted on a date that returns only once every four years - February 29.
Researchers have built cellular models of genetic diseases such as fragile X syndrome and found the mechanism that causes them
Scientists have successfully sequenced the entire human Y chromosome, revealing critical genomic features. This groundbreaking research offers deep insights into human biology and potential medical advances. The new sequence reveals genomic factors in fertility,
Not only breast cancer: mutations in the BRCA gene, which are especially common among Ashkenazim, increase the risk of various types of cancer - also in men. The institute's scientists reveal how they turn healthy cells in their environment into partners
For 1.5 billion years, the mitochondria - the powerhouse of the cell - have been sending DNA segments to the cell nucleus, and they merge with the DNA in the nucleus. A new study found that the contribution of the mitochondria gradually decreases
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