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Prof. Ohad Nachumi, Head of the Department of Humanistic Studies and Arts at the Technion, investigates the connection between the old and new world of thought in Leibniz's thought.
It has already been mentioned several times the brave connection forged between Greek and Hellenistic philosophy and music - the Pythagorean school that attributed a supreme moral value to music, the Platonic school that insisted on the relationship between music and nature
Einstein is considered the greatest theoretician, along with Isaac Newton, the father of classical mechanics. His name became synonymous with genius. He gained worldwide fame in the first quarter of the 20th century thanks to the theory of relativity he developed
Thomas is a locomotive and his movements are determined by the shape of the track, his operation as a locomotive and the railway workers. So is his free will just an illusion? And what does this mean about humans in reality?
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