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quantum mechanics

Researchers have built a component that amplifies quantum signals that can be used to upgrade quantum computing capabilities
Researchers examine the interface between these two theories, using ultra-high-energy neutrinos detected by a particle detector placed deep inside the Antarctic ice sheet at the South Pole
The new system makes it possible to observe the phenomena that occur inside special "topological" materials by photographing the movement of pendulums using a normal camera
Quantum effects in X-rays make it possible to improve the resolution of the scan and protect the health of subjects and doctors
Physicist Hikida from the University of Tokyo and his colleagues developed the dual model for Einstein's theory of gravity in three-dimensional de Sitter space. This is a significant step towards a model that will faithfully describe nature, that is, the physics of
A black hole is a mysterious celestial body. Einstein's theory of relativity taught us a lot about black holes, but many question marks remain about what goes on inside. The picture will likely clear up in an instant
The XNUMXs were the years when quantum theory entered the mainstream of physics and brought science and technology to new heights
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