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solar energy

Trees or solar panels - which strategy wins in dealing with the climate crisis?
On the way there, the spacecraft will receive a gravitational push from Mars. It is expected to reach the orbit around the asteroid in the first stage in June 2029
Researchers have demonstrated an innovative method for producing flexible solar cells from silicon (silicon) that are twenty-four percent more efficient than the cells known today and can still be rolled like a sheet of paper * The findings could allow the use of solar cells in applications that today use more expensive alternatives of thin surfaces.
Researchers have created a metallic sponge that increases light energy and can adsorb substances to it
The system allows for the installation of a solar field above shade-sensitive crops - at high density * The development was presented at the international Agri-Voltay conference SunnySide APV SUMMIT 2023 initiated by the Miguel Research Institute from Israel and the Fernhofer Institute from Germany and in cooperation with the government ministries
The Ministries of Energy and Agriculture are launching a first-of-its-kind program to optimize the use of agricultural land and integrate clean electricity production, accompanied by research to examine the effects on agricultural production. According to estimates, this is a total area of ​​about 2,000 dunams
Renewable energy, its storage and conversion are necessary in dealing with climate change and for energy independence
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