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the big Bang

Fifty years ago, physicist Stephen Hawking proposed that dark matter might be a population of black holes, which may have formed shortly after the Big Bang. They also existed for a short time but had an impact on
To date there have been no convincing direct detections of Pop III stars - the first stars, because these stars formed in the early universe are very far away and too faint for our ground-based telescopes or
James Webb Space Telescope observations of galaxies in the young universe revealed that the first light in space came from bright young stars
Researchers from the Australian National University have developed a model that is the most comprehensive view of the history of the universe. The study highlights the change that the universe has undergone from the moment of its formation 13.8 billion years ago to its current, full state
A special article in honor of Hebrew new year summarizing the creation of the world through the lens of science
The galaxy is currently 25 billion light-years away, but when light began to travel from it to us about 12.5 billion years ago, it was much closer, because the universe is expanding
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