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Why haven't humans met aliens?

What are the chances that intelligent beings traveled light-years away just to harass a few people who just read an MDV book or watched a movie?

Alien Invasion. Illustration: shutterstock
Alien Invasion. Illustration: shutterstock


When I was 14 years old, I eagerly read Erich von Daniken's book "Chariots of the Gods", in which he describes encounters between humans and extraterrestrials as a factor that influenced history and human culture. He also claimed that the establishment conspired against him so that the public would not know about extraterrestrials.

In the opening he wrote: "It took courage to write this book and it took courage to read it." A brilliant sentence that flatters the young reader and recruits him to his camp.
In the book, he refers to the Drake equation: Let's assume a given creation rate of stars in the universe. Some of those stars have planets. Some of those planets have conditions that allow life to exist. On some of these, life was indeed created. On some of those planets, intelligent life was created. In some of these, a technology has been developed that allows signals to be sent into space. We multiply this number by the time that has passed since the development of this technology and we get a huge number of civilizations in space.

To this day, the Drake equation is used as part of the arguments of lovers of the theory of encounters between extraterrestrials and humans. When Dr. Frank Drake formulated his equation in 1961, he was simply trying to point out the factors to consider. What has happened since the formulation of the Drake equation is the discovery that indeed some stars are surrounded by planets. This still does not change the fact, which was also clear to Drake, that we simply do not know the size of each component in the equation.

So what do we know?

First of all the earth is quite unusual. It is the only one in the solar system that has liquid water in large quantities throughout the year. Earth also has a huge moon. We know of no other planets with a moon so large relative to the size of the planet. In addition, we know that our entire solar system is located at the edge of the galaxy, in an area where the density of sky bodies is low.

We also know from the fossil record that life on Earth has become almost completely extinct at least five times. The last time was in the event that wiped out the dinosaurs. What is special about this particular extinction is that we think we understand what happened there: the collision of a large celestial body (meteorite) that brought about a "nuclear winter" and darkened the earth 65 million years ago.

Large animals do not survive large extinctions. But even if size is evidence of complexity and even if complexity is necessary for an intelligent species to develop, it is still not clear why an intelligent species never developed on Earth until 5 million years ago, when our still-not-very-intelligent ancestors took their first steps.

And there was plenty of time for that. Terrestrial multicellular vertebrates have been walking on land for at least 300 million years. The dinosaurs were no less complex than modern animals and yet no species ever evolved on Earth that was technological enough to change its environment. Even nowadays we know relatively intelligent animals: elephants, dogs, dolphins, chimpanzees. Not one of them came close to the stage of developing a language capable of describing abstract concepts.

It is likely that simple life arose as soon as conditions allowed, although we have no first-hand evidence of this, since organisms lacking hard parts leave no fossil records. Nevertheless, they managed to create even in the laboratory molecules capable of self-replication.

But intelligent life is a completely different matter. We do not know exactly what the conditions are necessary for the development of intelligent life, but during the hundreds of millions of years of the existence of complex terrestrial animals this has happened only once, and quite recently.

Is there a connection between our giant moon and the development of intelligent life? Maybe, but here I'm slipping into pure speculation. The moon allows tides. In these situations, alcoves are created where the water gradually evaporates and where animals can get trapped. It is possible that this is an opening for the transition of marine animals to life on land. The moon also provides light at night and perhaps this has an advantage for an intelligent animal. As mentioned, this question remains open.

Is there a connection between the development of intelligence and our location on the edge of the galaxy? If the extinction of the dinosaurs is typical of the dangers lurking for large animals, it probably is. In the center of the galaxy collision between celestial bodies occurs with high frequency and has less time to develop. In the end, a civilization should develop that has the technological ability to eliminate the danger of falling meteorites. We have not yet reached this capability, although we are developing in an area where such collisions rarely occur, a privilege that exists only on the fringes of the galaxy.

This did not end our hardships in the quest to conquer space. What is the chance of inventing a script? I don't know, but 99.8% of the time humanity has existed without writing, which first appeared 5,500 years ago.

Another thing we know is that man has only been producing artificial radio signals for about 120 years, a tiny period of time in Earth's history. The first signals were also very weak. But even if we assume that the first signals traveled in the vastness of space and that someone is listening to them, there is still a huge distance to be crossed. The distances to "nearby" solar systems are on the order of tens of light years. We also know that the speed of light is a limit that cannot be crossed.

There are many case studies of alien encounters, human abductions by aliens, unidentified flying objects moving at high speeds, and more, all of which feed theories about alien encounters that are allegedly hidden by governments. Of course, there are also science fiction stories that do not pretend to describe real events, which also deal with this. It is interesting that before the MDB stories dealing with this were published, there were no reports.

MDB stories have existed for hundreds of years and even more, if you take into account ancient texts such as the Gilgamesh stories and the vision of the Book of Ezekiel, but it seems that the first known story in which a hostile encounter between aliens and humans is described is "The War of the Worlds" published by Herbert George Wells in 1898. In the story, Martians invade Earth and try to conquer it while sowing terror and destruction.

Later, more stories of the same type appeared, the most terrifying is probably The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein, published in 1951. The book was translated twice into Hebrew: under the name "Invasion of the Earth", 1961, published by "Mzapan" and under the name "The Rulers", 1979, published by "Masda" ". The book describes aliens who take over the minds of humans who come into contact with them.

The first descriptions of UFOs began to emerge in 1947. The first abduction story was probably that of Antonio Vilas-Boas, a Brazilian farmer, in 1957. He was not only abducted. The kidnapper was a male alien. There was also an alien on the spaceship who had sex with the abductee. Starting in 1961, reports of kidnappings multiplied, usually the abductees were in English-speaking countries, most of them in the USA.

In 1997, the director general of the Ministry of Science at the time, the late Zvi Yanai, who was required to address the issue, said: "One of the characteristics of pseudo-science is that time does not increase the understanding of the phenomenon, and indeed after 50 years of so-called encounters with UFOs and aliens, we do not know more about them today than we did before. About them 50 years ago. This is the case with the dinosaur that supposedly resides in Loch Ness, with astrology, with parapsychology, with palm reading, and so on with these different and strange beliefs."

Today, almost every one of us has a smart phone with photography capabilities and there is still no reliable documentation of a meeting between humans and aliens. It seems that in the future we will have to continue to manage on our own.

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  1. Yuri Baranovich
    The films of the Navy do not necessarily show aliens... one of the films even emphasizes the subject in the name of the film (gimbal lock).
    There are many events that we cannot explain - but why don't we have any alien events that we can explain??

    You wrote "We will finally be able to enjoy advanced technologies, medicine that is more sane and perhaps accessible to all." - Can you tell me about a case in history where an invading species benefited the local residents?

  2. There is no doubt that the events of the last few months are starting to penetrate more and more into the layers of the public who were previously not exposed to the issue in the public eye or those for whom the issue evoked mixed feelings.
    A brief summary of the important events of the last few months: video footage from the shooting cameras of American fighter jets show the interception of tools with performance above and beyond any capability of earthly aircraft known to us.
    (Also measured by radars on the aircraft carriers of the US Navy).
    After many weeks, the Navy spokesman admits that the videos are authentic and that the intercepted objects are unidentified.
    The public also learned that the Intelligence Affairs Committee in the U.S. Senate issued a demand to all government agencies dealing with intelligence matters, to report to the committee - how material related to the subject of UFOs was collected, to what extent this information is shared, how the relevant government agencies share this information among themselves.
    Recently there was a call from one of the prominent scientific institutions - the Scientific American magazine to establish a scientific committee to study the subject of UFOs.
    But the question arises, do we need a scientific committee?
    The question of what the phenomenon represents is definitely a matter for science. But many questions are asked: do scientists have all the tools to investigate and get to the root of the phenomenon? Are/will all the relevant databases be made available to them?
    Do scientists have the necessary status and power to reach the truth?
    In fact, history repeats itself, it would be good to learn from the lessons of the past.
    Similar to the situation today, in the late 60s, then-Senator Gerald Ford (later the 38th President of the United States) initiated a congressional hearing on the issue of UFOs. At the conclusion of the hearing, it was decided to establish a scientific committee to solve once and for all the question of the essence of the UFO phenomenon. The Air Force, which up to that time had openly concentrated the collection of information and which had investigated prominent cases of the appearance of UFOs and encounters with what appeared to be entities not from this world, was required to make available to the committee that would be established the database in its possession, which included an investigation of approximately 12000 cases.
    An appeal was made to a number of academic institutions which rejected the appeal to them outright. The University of Colorado agreed, and the university was awarded a sum of about half a million dollars to finance the committee's work.
    The committee was chaired by Professor Condon. The committee submitted a report based on the cases provided to it from the "Blue Book" project files of the US Air Force. The committee's conclusions: "It should not be expected that the continued study of the UFO phenomenon will advance science."

    "Our general conclusion is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge. Careful consideration of the record as it is available to us leads us to conclude that further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby".

    Professor C. Alan Heinke, an astronomer from Northwestern University was a consultant to the US Air Force as part of the Blue Book project and sat in the first preliminary meetings for the Condon Commission. Heinke was skeptical at first, but during his work as a consultant to the US Air Force, he became convinced that UFOs represent a real phenomenon.
    Heinke was one of the critics of the work of the Condon Committee and expressed this in the book he wrote (The UFO experience) and these are some of the points he pointed out:
    The methodology of the committee's work was wrong. It was necessary to filter out of the cases brought before the committee the clear cases in which astronomical phenomena and not UFOs were observed.
    The problem was not properly defined.
    Within the body of the report were found references to the observations of astronauts which were defined as: "a challenge for the analyst".
    The conclusions of the committee members were contrary to the conclusion as reflected in the final report.
    Within the report itself, no plausible explanations were found for a quarter of the cases.
    Within the report there are statements that reinforce the unusual nature of the cases examined by the committee.

    Following the report, there was great reluctance in the world of academia to continue dealing with the problem. The public pressure on the American Corps was greatly eased. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
    Science advances us and contributes to improving our quality of life, there is no doubt about that. But there are oil decisions that should be made not necessarily by scientists. You don't have to be an atomic scientist to decide on the morality of using atomic weapons. You don't have to be a scientist to evaluate military intelligence assessments. and more.
    Science has no exclusivity for the investigation of the subject of UFOs. Scientists do not have the power and protection required to engage in this. Such an investigation is primarily an intelligence matter. Furthermore, the matter is more political.
    Scientists, it would be good for them to engage in science, educate the younger generations, engage in basic research, compete among themselves for obtaining Nobel prizes, advise governments and work to improve the standard of living on the planet. The scientists would do well and not get involved in the political aspects of investigating the subject of UFOs.
    UFO researchers can, and it is recommended that they use scientific tools to study the UFO phenomenon.

    The last thing we need now is a scientific committee.
    All the information about UFOs and extraterrestrial entities is already out there. Documentation of encounters between UFOs and civil and military aircraft are accompanied by simultaneous documentation with observations by sensors such as radar and infrared cameras, photographs from shooting cameras of fighter planes for decades. Databases of intelligence and counter-espionage agencies of the largest countries in the world are full of many documents and data. Civil organizations for decades have collected and are still collecting a lot of material on the subject (APRO, NICAP, CUFOS, MUFON, BUFORA)
    The US Air Force, as part of the overt program, the "Blue Book" held 12000 investigative files. Today the files are in the National Archives. At the same time as the overt plan, a covert investigation and collection program (Bolender document) was conducted.
    The Pentagon has been collecting material for years. Officially, the AATIP program ended in 2012. The practicality of the program continued even beyond that.
    There is more than enough information.
    What we really need is leadership. Government representatives and public representatives. Military and science personnel, optional.
    Take a brave decision. Make all data available to an agreed representative with real authority, power and protection against overt and covert pressures.
    There will be social shocks.
    We will finally be able to enjoy advanced technologies, more sane medicine and perhaps accessible to all.

    We will embark on a new path for the common good.

  3. What is most amazing is the fact that we will never, ever be able to physically leave our galaxy, and we will not even be able to visit the other side! It's hard to grasp it because our human ego is infinitely bigger. But come on, I'm wrong, so please throw a hat on my grave, if the tombstone will still be in a state of stone and not sand.

  4. Until the author started with the moon, I took his article very seriously. But for the reading of the theories that the moon caused the formation of intelligent life (because of the light it radiates in the dark, or because of the tides that cause sea creatures to be "trapped") I understood that it, like many in the field, is not exactly authoritative.

  5. To Dr. Rabinowitz:
    We agree that the chance of finding evidence of the existence of primitive life is high, and we also agree that their discovery does not necessarily indicate the existence of intelligent life. By the way, even this point in the past was not so acceptable and raised laughs...
    But the point you missed, which actually also follows from your words in connection with the Drake equation, is that the existence of primitive life increases the chance of the existence of intelligent life, even if they do not point to it directly:
    As you said and I agree with your words, the Drake equation basically indicates the factors that must be taken into account when we calculate the chances of the existence of an intelligent culture that can transmit radio signals. And in addition, at the time of writing the equation, many variables were unknown. But there has been progress since then in our level of knowledge regarding variables, and even which variables can be added or changed in the equation.
    If we refer to the Drake equation as a road map for the probability of the existence of intelligent life, most parts of the equation refer to the probability of the existence of primitive life, and only two values ​​actually refer to the probability of intelligent life (FA and C).
    Therefore, if we look at the perspective of our worldview and knowledge from the beginning of the UFO phenomenon that you mention, until today, we can see that our perceptions go in a direction that increases the chances of confirming the claims, and not necessarily in a direction that refutes the claims.
    There are two possible directions to make the discovery that "we are not alone": one is if they come and declare it and basically force the fact on us, which is the fast direction I call "from above", and the other is through our discoveries which are actually finding all the variables in the Drake equation , step by step, the slow direction, which I call from below.

  6. Mr. Cohen, my main argument is that while the chance of life forming is probably quite high, the circumstances in which intelligent life is formed are very rare, and even on Earth they were usually not enough.

    So finding more potentially life-bearing environments doesn't change my main argument about the rarity of intelligent life.

  7. I also read Daniken in my youth, and I was also impressed. His greatness is not in research, but in the fact that he first proposed the idea that if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, then encounters between advanced civilizations and permitian cultures may occur, and what the results of these encounters could be.
    The Drake equation, as you said, was a source of a road map for thinking about the chances and difficulties of having televisions that transmit radio waves in the universe. Since then our knowledge has advanced, and it is precisely the new information that has been added that has raised the chances of other life in the universe. Even if the information concerns primitive life, the existence of these sharply raises the probability of the existence of intelligent life:
    1. Discovery of life forms of extremophiles: life forms that are able to live in conditions previously considered unsuitable for life, such as very high acidity, very high or low temperatures, tremendous pressure in the depths of the sea, high radioactivity, and even entire ecosystems that live in the depths of the sea, without exposure to the sun, and are based on geysers and chemicals as the energy source.
    2. Discovery of organic molecules and water throughout our galaxy, and especially in the planets around us: frozen water was discovered on Mars, the Moon, water vapor in the atmosphere of Venus, the possibility of a liquid ocean under the ice sheet in Europe, and the existence of an ocean under the ice in Ganymede, the moons of Jupiter, geysers of Water and ocean beneath the ice on Saturn's moon Enceladus. (contradicts your words by the way..)
    3. Discoveries mentioned above show that there may be life-supporting environments also in systems different from the Earth, such as on the moons of gas giants, which do not need to be close to the Sun for the existence of liquid water, and instead of proximity to the "life zone" from the Sun, rely on gravitational tides or heat from radioactive materials . In addition to this, the possibility of having conditions for life on planets orbiting red dwarfs and not just suns such as the sun was also added.
    4. Discoveries of thousands of planets orbiting other suns, by the space telescope Kepler and others, and even discoveries of rocky planets in the habitable zones around the suns, planets that may contain oceans, suns with systems similar to our solar system, and the fact that red dwarfs also make up a large percentage From the suns in the galaxy, and their lives are longer than the sun, there are planets, also in the life zone.
    5. Discovery of micro-organism-like structures in Martian rock, although the significance of the discovery is disputed.
    So how exactly is there no progress on the matter?

  8. Moses
    I refer to your sweeping statement that life exists only on Earth. You are not talking about the speed of light in your words. Things are very confused and you probably have a hard problem understanding what is being read. And from the height of my years, I was born in 156 BC and I have seen some things in my life, I advised you to go back to the first grade.

  9. Chaim, in my opinion, you are still a prisoner in the scientific paradigm of locality (locality) which is limited to the limit set by Einstein of the speed of light. When you are freed, you will know a non-local reality and you can visit all the stars and all the galaxies at the same time.

  10. Moses
    How many planets in the solar system and other solar systems have you been on to definitively determine that only earth has life? Share this knowledge with us. Maybe we'll learn something new.

  11. Humanity has not met aliens for one simple reason. Earth is the only planet that has life on it. The question that remains open is whether there will be any life left for him. Humans exterminate the lions, for example, and in 10 years there will be no lions. Will there also be humans left then? Humanity needs to undergo a transformation in order to survive. It will also involve a change in the fundamental assumptions of science.

  12. XNUMX,

    Can you please explain the phrase "it is known that it is possible to exceed the speed of light"? As a physicist who deals in the field of particles in general, and relativistic particles specifically, I actually know the opposite.

  13. There is a problem with the assumptions.

    First of all - understanding the motives of the aliens. A culture different from ours, perhaps based on other materials, perhaps without DNA, perhaps with a different perception of reality (and by the way, it is known that the speed of light can be exceeded - depending on the situation). Our chances of understanding them are zero: for them we are ants...

    So all that can be done is to collect evidence of their reality here. If there is indeed - then there is. Theoretically everything is possible.

  14. English-speaking countries because there is more freedom of communication and it is probably no different from the other countries that do not interest the English-speaking countries

  15. et
    Your sentence "only on..." is written "only to..." Hebrew Hebrew. At least write without spelling mistakes.

  16. et
    What you show is a joke, probably a prank by one of the residents. What I'm trying to explain has nothing to do with faith, what's more, faith belongs to the theological field. I'm not trying to force my opinion. You want to accept my approach, you want not to. No one is forcing you. Try to think a little outside the box, that's all. If we are dealing with aliens, there are testimonies from astronauts who reported that they encountered them, such as Walter Shira, one of the pilots of the Mercury program or the testimony of Edgar Mitchell, the pilot of Apollo 14. These are people who will not tell stories. If it turns out that they are telling stories or hallucinating, they will be immediately grounded, will lose their hard-earned reputation over the years, and will also lose their livelihood. If you would like additional material regarding a topic, search the Internet in English and not in Hebrew and do not look for curiosities such as the one you present here. This does not indicate the seriousness of your intentions. I learned one thing from your words. You don't know the subject at all

  17. albenza,
    Physicists are looking for an intelligent culture with radio telescopes and various sensing devices
    Those who are directed outside of the UN, while there are many clues on the surface of the earth and in the atmosphere
    which supposedly belong to the security/political field which we are not interested in expanding the research or
    What is known about different reports.

    I find it hard to believe reports of aliens, if anything then it seems more likely to me that these are satellites,
    But that's not the point. What is troubling is the blanket denial, the reluctance to investigate phenomena
    These - even from the point of view of motorology, or magnetic phenomena or other natural phenomena.
    There is definitely something not kosher here and I didn't invent it. I understand that if all those reports
    They are hallucinations / natural phenomena / false - so why are they taboo? As a physicist, doesn't this bother you?

  18. questionnaire
    I will add to your words a half saying half joke that I heard a very long time ago that has a lot of wisdom in it. Why do astronomers deny the subject of UFOs and aliens? The reason - the one who peeps does not like to be peeped at.
    Something to think about.

  19. questionnaire,

    You are simply wrong. There is nothing conservative about science. You are confusing the fact that scientists refuse to believe in conspiracies, refuse to submit to pseudo-science and swans the version of physics that Rotham tried to provide to unsuspecting readers in his previous post, with conservatism. As you yourself said - if we suddenly discover an advanced culture that understands the secrets of the universe much better than we do, you will not find a group of people happier than the physicists. But this does not mean that we should abandon the education and the scientific method that has advanced us so much in so little time, so that we can continue to hope that there are aliens who have already made contact with us.

    Regarding the examples you gave like planets and the position of the electron, we know about them because we have very reliable models. If you have a model that has been tested and found to be very accurate, then you can in principle trust it even if you haven't actually found an electron orbiting the nucleus. But the case of aliens, there is nothing like that. There is no model. There is no reason to believe that. All there is is an inability to disprove 100% because someone can always claim some conspiracy. Just like God. If you want to believe - believe, you will believe. But don't try to sell it to us as knowledge or as science. These are just your dreams and desires. At least until the day you start bringing evidence and testimonies (and according to the fact that I have already asked 3 people here to explain their claims and they all dodged, lied or just bombarded with name dropping in the hope that it will impress the laymen, salvation will probably not come from the science website).

  20. albenza,
    There are probabilities in nature that even if you haven't discovered them yet, you know with 99% certainty that they exist,
    Like for example there are more than five million planets in our galaxy even though only 1,700 were discovered until
    so. Or the position of an electron orbiting the atomic nucleus even without physically locating it.

    Besides, I suppose that many scientists as individuals would behave, think and dare
    to go much further if the academy's shadow was not hovering over their heads.
    To remind you that scientists are human beings with all the good qualities and weaknesses. Therefore it is true that there is
    They have the eye, the desire and the curiosity to discover and be the first in their field, but they also have
    The fear of saying things that they will later regret, because they will not "align" with people
    the academy. And they have a lot to lose.

    It is not clear to me why physicists do not welcome the possibility that one day we will come into contact
    Positive with an intelligent culture from which we can learn about the universe and perhaps also teach
    them? One of the flaws of man throughout history is that he is often lonely
    In a remote corner of the universe, trying to interpret his science in a narrow and limited way.

    It used to be that the planets and the sun revolved around the sun and during the day they tried to find
    Life by searching for water.... Who said that life needs oxygen? Or time as we experience it
    It (and as a result, the speed of light, matter and energy) belong to the world we understand
    And there is nothing beyond that.

    If you already talked about scientists, then in my opinion they are the ones who should lead into the unknown,
    To the uncertain, to the "maybe". They are the ones who need the courage to break the rules that they are
    With their own hands we built. Instead…… it seems to me that they are constantly with their feet on the brakes and conservatism
    This one just castrates them. I'm not talking about gambling or delusional theories, but about the attitude.

  21. questionnaire,

    Let's try Ockham's Razor. Yes, it is possible that the reason scientists are more opposed to conspiracy theories about the existence of aliens is because they are more threatened that if there are indeed aliens, they will bring with them new scientific knowledge that will hurt the pride and reduce the achievements of the world's scientists. But isn't it a little more simple, reliable and reasonable, that maybe scientists are the people who actually check these things and therefore they know that they are not true (like for example I, as a physicist, can easily see how much the things that Rotem wrote about physics are full of nonsense and name dropping)? Isn't it more likely that scientists, who are by definition people who care a lot about understanding and building a knowledge base of the world around us, are simply more sensitive and more emotional to the lies (whether intentional or not) spread by conspiracy theorists?

    Keep telling yourself that scientists are an arrogant bunch of people who aren't willing to consider the possibility that they are wrong or that there is someone in the universe who knows more than them... it just shows how much you understand science and how much you know the scientific community and how it works.

  22. It seems to me that every issue of intelligent civilizations is a threat to people of science, security,
    Governments, clerics of all religions and maybe other areas that I missed. hierarchy
    The threat is measured by the degree of appeal that such a discovery or such an encounter may cause them
    The areas I mentioned. That's why the degree of denial, the cynical reactions, are also harsh

    Physicists, for example, may find themselves inferior in knowledge or dealing with theories
    which have been studied for many years and may turn out to be private cases or wrong at different levels
    but basic.

    Governments may find themselves defenseless or weak against advanced technologies
    by a lot or the various methods of government may be found useless and wasteful.
    Easy solutions to easy problems may also direct a lot of power to the people who may realize that they exist
    Political management methods are much different from those used today.

    Historians, archaeologists, zeologists, anthropologists may find many "facts".
    Differences about our past or civilizations that have become extinct here in the past, or the race theory that may disintegrate.

    Religious people of different faiths may see that there is no need for organized religion and for development
    Ruhanit can do personally without their help.

    It is interesting that the severity of the reaction comes in direct proportion to the intensity of the threat experienced by the responder.

    Happy holiday.

  23. Rotem,

    Come on... what a pile of pseudo-science, distortions and lies. Let's start and focus mainly on physics, simply because I'm a physicist by profession (dealing with quantum theory), so you really can't lie to me about these things.

    Ok, you said the word braid. So what? Not only did you not provide any explanation as to how it is related to your claims, it is also not related to all the other things you wrote about (the two cracks experiment, the Pon Gal collapse, etc.). A classic example of name dropping whose purpose is to make people who are not knowledgeable in the field think that you know what you are talking about.

    The two crack experiment doesn't say, imply, or indirectly point to anything you said. It is not related to consciousness. In quantum mechanics there is no consciousness (pay attention to the first word - "mechanics". The Torah only talks about the movement of bodies and not about consciousness). The effect you mentioned is due to *measurement*. Measurement is not consciousness, measurement is interaction! The measuring device interacts with the system and thus changes its quantum state. This has nothing to do with consciousness, it's just lies that all kinds of spiritualists have fed you so that you think there is a basis for their hallucinations.

    "The famous experiment of the Japanese scientist" is proof of how gullible you are, or how much of a liar you are. A 2 minute internet search shows very easily that this is a scam. He never published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, his pictures of "angry water" etc. were proven to be fakes, he bought his degree. He earns a living by selling goods (really a scientist to glory) and lecturing at new age conferences. Non-local information has nothing to do with consciousness, these are known mechanical physical phenomena.

    In short, either you are a fraud, or you have fallen into a network of fraudsters. All the "science" you brought here is a pile of ridiculous lies and the use of cheap slogans. I hope for you that you're just quoting what you heard, because at the end of the day it's better to be stupid than evil.

    Or maybe I'm wrong. Want to go into a little more detail and show me how the two words "quantum entanglement" you wrote without any explanation form any basis for your claims? Note that you still haven't talked at all about the creation of space-time and all the things I asked you about, you simply ignored that. Want to get into the thick of these matters?

  24. Dear Professor Aharonov will give you scientific answers if you research the things he wrote.

  25. Kobi Elder - Thanks for the mature feedback, I appreciate it. To be honest, I've rarely looked at the work of other ufologists, but it's interesting to know that they make this distinction. In connection with Dr. Greer, I guess he also has to support himself and his family somehow. If it is assumed that he is telling the truth, then he certainly sacrificed a lot for this project and he deserves it. But in any case, he can be left out of the equation, and we still have a lot of information that supports his claims (all these eyewitnesses, the successes of CSETI, the disclosure of the UFO files of several countries such as Canada, Mexico, France and England I think, etc...). Oh, and yes I know, I'm not moved by the ridicule anymore 🙂 It always amazes me how people take their different opinions so personally, and when they hear something that goes against them, they immediately attack as if they themselves are the ones being attacked. Anyway, thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.
    9 – According to the links I wrote in my post, these advanced civilizations do not use nuclear energy. One of the eyewitnesses tells how he came up with a Geiger counter (radiation tester) on one of the spaceships that was shot down by hostile elements on Earth, and it showed no sign of radiation. But regardless of that, there is some evidence pointing in the direction of devices that can create free energy that violates the laws of thermodynamics that exist today, that is, the amount of energy entering is less than the amount of energy leaving. For example, zero point energy devices, or another example that has been studied more seriously, cold fusion. If this really interests you, you are welcome to take the first course in this field that came out of MIT in January 2014 which is on YouTube (
    elbentzo – Yes, you can see evidence for this claim in a number of areas. I will give you several examples. In physics, there is the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. We are all familiar with the famous two-slit experiment which indicates that the observer, in a very strange way, affects the behavior of the light bulb particle on a screen ( True, this does not mean that the dimensions of space and the laws of physics themselves are the product of one consciousness, but it certainly points to the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, and how consciousness affects them. Also in this field you have the famous experiment of this Japanese scientist that shows how the crystallization of water is affected by human thought ( Princeton researchers who show how random number generators are influenced by human consciousness ( And the very interesting work of Rupert Sheldrick which actually describes a model and mechanism by which information can pass non-locally, like for example the 100 monkeys effect in which some phenotype is transferred in a certain group of monkeys in one location, to another group of monkeys in another location, without the two groups coming into physical contact ( I highly recommend reading his book The Science Delusion where he beautifully describes these ideas (he also gives an argument in this book about how the constants of physics are actually not constant and change over the years). In conclusion, in the field of biology, I would recommend reading Dennis Noble's book The Music of Life, or simply watching his fascinating lecture (, in which he shows how information in biological systems flows in both directions: from the bottom up, that is, from the gene level, to RNA, proteins, cells, tissues, organs, etc.. and from the top down, which is the opposite direction. His work can certainly indicate that our consciousness greatly influences which genes will be expressed in us and, as a result, our physiology. If you've read Richard Dawkins' famous The Selfish Gene, I highly recommend checking out Dennis Noble's work as these two approaches certainly complement each other.
    Everyone, have a good week.

  26. et
    I will still add one comment about that hydrogen vehicle you mention. I would like to know how it works and on what principles it works, how they came up with this idea, for what purpose this vehicle was built and what other uses can be made of it.

  27. et
    I will respond for the last time. I wasn't talking about aliens. I was talking about something that is very specific. All your other comments are irrelevant.

    From the screen of your comments I see that you are a person with wide knowledge, but still there are things that are not familiar to you. Regarding Archimedes, I read the source translated into English (I don't know Greek), please look for the sources. Don't be so judgmental about aliens, it doesn't suit you. I will ask one question: and let's assume that the photographs of Mars that have been taken and will be taken will find remains of buildings, or alternatively I will act on purpose and one day the president of the USA or the director of NASA one of them will say: We have contacts with aliens? Just please don't say in advance it can't be. Think about it.

  28. Life
    So it was an engineering creation that was ahead of its time...
    But not extraterrestrials.

    If you were to see today a secret project of the US Army in the framework of which they are building a vehicle made entirely of hydrogen.... what would you think
    Let's say you weren't aware that there was such a project but you happened to see it somehow..


    Such an engineering project as you described - a magician for engineers.
    As magicians tell mathematicians...

  29. Maybe it's enough to spread this nonsense? Archimedes didn't burn battleships with mirrors and aliens didn't land on Earth.

  30. et
    The library in Alexandria had 600.000 books. Try to imagine what treasures of knowledge were there.

  31. et
    I see you are getting close to what I expect. I will give an explanation. It is not a marine transport vehicle, if it was so the writer would have stated it explicitly.. The Romans knew how to build ships using the technology they had at their disposal. They built ships that no engineer these days would be ashamed to design and manufacture ships of this type. The means of land transport in ancient times were the horse, the donkey and the camel. The wheeled vehicles were the chariots and these had only two wheels. Note that the author specifically says that forty people drive it. A carriage can hold two to four people at most. It is therefore a large body. To get proportions on a Roman warship there could be a rough estimate of 200 men, oarsmen, warriors and maintenance personnel. The length of that vehicle is probably tens of meters. You can ask how he knew that there were 40 people in the car and in his language angels.. He must have been in it for a long time. How long you can't tell. The wearer of the crown is the team commander. And why the fire? It is likely that if the ventriloquist had kept the fire low, he would hardly have seen it or only partially. Don't forget that at that time the means of transportation the ships and carriages were made of wood and these vehicles would burn. It is probably a vehicle made of metal. To avoid disaster, the belly should be high. So why could the fire have been used after all? The impression obtained is for the purpose of the takeoff, perhaps a rocket engine

    You can sometimes learn a lot from one sentence. As a reminder, before World War II, a German citizen published in the press a description of his military force in one of the ports. They knocked on his door and asked him how he knew this and he said that a photograph of the fleet commander in this port had appeared in the press. Since it was known about the order of magnitude of a fighting force commanded by an officer of his rank and the depth of the sea at that location was also known, by way of the hards that are derived from one another he reached a level of detail with a high resolution of things that are by nature confidential.
    Give some credit to people in ancient times. There were extremely talented people then. For example Archimedes. He designed huge cranes that could lift warships, release them at once and blast them into the water. He also designed very large mirrors that caught the sunlight and directed it towards the ships of the Roman fleet that were besieging Syracuse. The results are not hard to guess.
    In Baal Bek, which is in Lebanon, there are carved stones weighing hundreds of tons, recently a head of this type was found there weighing 1200 tons. How these huge blocks of stone were moved is unknown. This is probably knowledge that has been lost.
    Go to the English Wikipedia entry for Vedic mathematics. Highly sophisticated mathematics in ancient India only with the translation of Indian literature from Sanskrit and only in the middle of the 19th century did they begin to translate it into European languages.
    This lecture is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that has been lost. So please don't dismiss outright things that may seem puzzling. Reading deeply and between the lines can reveal wonderful things.

  32. If I were to enter the head of an engineer I would say: a ship with wheels (like a steamship) and a pressure exhaust connected to Nitrox...

    But I'm guessing that won't satisfy you, as the answer is probably not correct.
    (But from here to "Aliens" - the road is still long.)

  33. Life
    "Leave psychology and philosophy for a moment."; "Get into the head of an engineer, explain what you see and what you think it is."

    Don't you see a contradiction here?

    ""I destroyed a vehicle that has four wheels and fire comes out from under it and in the vehicle sits a man carrying a crown and forty angels drive the vehicle". ” – How can you tell what the poet meant?
    Is a car in those times the same as today's car? What are the four modes? What is meant by the sentence: "And fire comes out from under him"?
    You have to refer to the context, and for that you have to understand the soul of the author. Regardless of any engineering knowledge.

  34. The post I wrote does not describe my personal opinion but a summary of the argument coming out of the hundreds of witnesses who took part in the project of Dr. Grier.
    The question of "Why don't the aliens just land on the White House lawn?" Receiving a quite satisfactory answer as part of Dr.'s research. Grier.
    I invite you to review the material, or at least hear from the eyewitnesses, before you dismiss this argument. But I certainly understand the difficulty of opening up to this argument.

  35. 8
    When you talk about spirit, read the writings of Isaiah Leibovitz. There is something to learn from him.

  36. 9
    When you speak, read the writings of Isaiah Leibovitz. There is something to learn from him.
    Speaking of spiritual, if I stand next to a ventilator I will be spiritual too.

  37. 9,

    Well, let's start with the fact that you didn't answer any of the simple questions I posed to you. When a person makes bombastic statements but does not know how to answer the most basic questions concerning his statements, it usually indicates something.

    We will continue that there is nothing to do with intellectual property. Where in what I wrote does it imply that I "don't believe in intellectual property"? You just took something with the word "spirit" in it, and tried to shift the discussion to it. It's a classic case of a straw man claim (inventing a claim that I've never made, attacking it, and hoping that a successful attack on it will make you look like you're not just a barbarian), and of course - again - it shows something about you and your claims.

    Intellectual property, despite its name, is physical. For example, when you copyright music, you copyright it for a well-defined series of sounds at a certain tempo and words in a certain order. These are completely physical things. No one has ever yet shown the existence of something "spiritual", so if you want to claim that it exists and that it is inseparable from physical existence, let's start by bringing one single piece of evidence.

    And it does not mean that you are exempt from all the questions that are asked. I would still love to know why you included the dark matter, and what spiritual existence is.

  38. Even if there is an advanced alien culture, there has still been and probably has not yet been an encounter with them. In the future, if man settled on Mars, then they will think of aliens. I do not believe that aliens have influenced human culture through telepathy or that they are our type of God. I believe in the power of man.

  39. to elbentzo. You don't believe in spiritual property? Emotions can be quantified with the help of measuring brain activity. But this is the essence: you are your body, the material that remains of you, and the effect that remains on your family with you, and more. For example, the founder of science left an impression on many, this impression can be measured physically (brain activity). soul to physical body.

  40. 9,

    What is the connection between the existence of extraterrestrials in the Bible and "physical vs. spiritual existence"? What is the basis for the statement that the separation is incorrect? What is spiritual existence? And what does it have to do with dark matter, which is physical matter for everything (hence the name *dark* matter)?

  41. Why is this similar, physical versus spiritual existence. The problem is that this separation is incorrect, because if you didn't have a physical existence, you wouldn't have a spiritual existence either. Apparently, without physical matter there would be no dark matter. There is research, and we don't know everything... but there is no conspiracy here Maliciousness of a government or a secret organization. There is nothing systemic against the public, as in the case of the defense budget: they scare the public before the budget is drawn up.

  42. Rotem,

    Would you please explain the sentence "or more specifically, the nature of consciousness (and of human consciousness in particular) as a fundamental force of the universe from which the laws of physics and the time-space dimensions themselves emerge..."? Is there any evidence or evidence for this claim? What is the meaning of the phrase "from which... the time-space dimensions themselves are formed"? Is there a theoretical model that can be used to test this claim and its correctness? Do you realize that before you answered these questions all you wrote was a litany of words aimed at making the claims of UFO researchers look more scientific and less stupid/crazy?

    And it's also worth mentioning that Steven Greer is an MD, meaning Doctor of Medicine. He has no education in scientific subjects. In fact, the MD title entitles its holder to the title of "Doctor", but academically it is lower than a PhD and is actually equal to the master's degree given in European universities. Again, the nickname "Doctor" attached to Steven Greer is not relevant to his claims at all, but is only there to give him the illusion of credibility in the eyes of the general public.

  43. Rotem, the electricity sector operates on coal and gas. Oil is used for transportation, and if you want to reduce air pollution then you have to switch to nuclear reactors (similar to France and Taiwan). Electricity is comforting and gas is cheaper and more polluting. The search for aliens is intensive and resources are dedicated to it (radio telescope, a spacecraft that has already crossed the solar system and in the details about the human race: in case aliens see it). what exactly do you want

  44. Dear Rotem
    Thank you for the thoughtful, mature, reasoned response that expresses refreshing intellectual integrity. I have been involved in the field for decades (I have read dozens of books (unfortunately there are none in Hebrew) that deal with the entirety of the testimonies, I have talked with witnesses (not in Israel), I travel every year to a large conference in the USA that deals with this and in recent years I have given dozens of lectures (for free) to those who really wanted hear about the phenomenon and its meanings).
    As for Dr. Greer - it is important to note that he is a doctor by training and not a "classic" academic. This fact, of course, does not affect his qualifications to publish the results of research that he conducted personally during the nineties. From the point of view of his fellow ufologists, Greer reached his peak at that May 2001 press conference that you mentioned in your words. (By the way, he didn't hold the party at the White House but at the National Press Club, which is a few hundred meters away). His course of action took a new and somewhat disturbing direction when he began marketing the matter of contacting extraterrestrial civilizations. While he makes a considerable financial coupon from holding mass gatherings that deal with this.
    This direction caused and causes great discomfort among the people of the mainstream of hypology who sharply separate the physical components of the phenomenon (observations by eye, photographs of all kinds, documentation with scientific measuring devices such as radar, devices for measuring changes in magnetic fields, devices for measuring radiation, etc.) which are not physical about which you write. This inconvenience caused Greer not to be invited to a large part of the main conferences in the field. The film "Sirius" produced by him was seen by his colleagues as a concentrated "ego trip" that did not innovate anything.
    Unlike others, I, for example, do not have any decisive statement against the direction you are aiming at (the initiated connection between humans and those entities, whatever they may be) and I am patiently waiting for evidence that will convince me of the existence of such a possible connection. In any case, you are expected to receive mockery, insults and compliments on your cognitive abilities - things that are always reserved for those who try to change basic paradigms on which human society rests. As someone with experience, I advise you not to be personally offended, to be patient and to understand that these are the reactions of people who defend with all their might their fortress of reality against those who are seen in their eyes as representatives of a demon-haunted world (copyright to Carl Sagan's translator). Happy holiday.

  45. et
    Leave psychology and philosophy for a moment. This is how it is written and treat it as it is. Get into the head of an engineer, explain what you see and what you think it is. Be concrete and without gimmicks.

  46. et
    I agree with you that it is not necessary that these are aliens and yet I am interested in hearing or reading the scriptures from an engineering point of view

  47. Rotem
    You learned a lot - but you learned nothing. You throw out many words, but you have no idea how to connect them to reality.
    Too bad.

  48. Life
    Learning and knowing the history of mankind is an important thing.
    But it is also important to understand the interpretation and meaning of historical claims such as the one you brought.
    Not understanding the interpretation does not determine the facts.
    The explanation for the phenomenon you mentioned does not have to be: aliens.
    The Indians also thought Columbus was an alien. You have to understand human nature to know how man interprets himself in front of the world.

    I think aliens are like God.
    According to logic, "such a thing" is bound to take place.
    But until today it was a belief of man.

    Do you think this is not a question for the field of psychology or philosophy?

  49. Channeling, spirituality? It's simply the product of human imagination, it's a shame that humanity wastes its time on imaginary things instead of advancing knowledge in more realistic fields - including the search for life in space - it's called astrobiology, we mustn't underestimate even a bacterium from water, and it's more realistic to be found than intelligent aliens playing hide and seek.

  50. Dear Friends. The issue of advanced civilizations that come into contact with the human race is an important and complex issue that is largely related to two other issues:
    1. The great importance of the holistic approach versus the reductionist approach, or more specifically, the nature of consciousness (and of human consciousness in particular) as a fundamental force of the universe from which the laws of physics and the time-space dimensions themselves emerge, versus the belief that consciousness (and again, our consciousness in particular ) is a product of the human nervous system.
    2. The global energy economy which is mainly based on the burning of oil and gas and is controlled by a system of organizations whose public welfare is not at the forefront of their minds to say the least.
    Doctor Stephen Greer is a pioneer in the field of communication with interdimensional civilizations (such as those that pass the speed of light in their travels throughout the universe), and in particular in the protocols through which we can contact them (CE-5). I personally was exposed to his work about two years ago (at the beginning of my PhD in computer science) and it took me several months to understand and digest the meaning and implications of his research (however, I started as a pretty fancy reductionist so it may take less time for some of you :)).
    I recommend starting with the event that Dr. Greer organized back in 2001 at the White House where he gathered dozens (since then this number has grown to hundreds) of people in key positions mainly in the American establishment (military, intelligence organizations, pilots, senior industrialists, etc.) who shed light on these three subjects that I mentioned above (link:
    After that I would recommend checking out his website ( which contains large amounts of information on these subjects, including additional testimonies, video footage, government documents, and more (it is important to remember that much of the information on these subjects on the Internet and in general is false and intentional as part of a strategy aimed at mocking and belittling these very important subjects, especially on the subject of "aliens" ").
    And finally, if it really interests you, go outside under the stars, practice the protocols that Doctor Greer has developed over the years, and find out the truth for yourself! (By the way, the site has links to two apps, one that groups all the protocols to comply with CE-5, and the other that helps you find suitable people in your environment to go on these adventures with).
    I personally learned a lot in the last two years in which I examined what happens when various questions are examined in the life sciences, physics, chemistry, psychology, and even computer science (specifically in the field of computer vision) from a holistic perspective as opposed to a reductionist one. The connection protocols that I mentioned above rely to a very large extent on the assumption that human consciousness is not a product of this organ between our ears but is something more fundamental in our universe, therefore meditation and a "spiritual" perspective of the universe are very important to the success of these protocols.
    In conclusion, you must be wondering by now if I was able to contact these visitors? Well, I'm continuing to work on my meditation skills, and I do get outside every once in a while when I can and try to do the protocols to the best of my ability. The result: I did see a number of phenomena that were difficult for me to explain (very similar to the phenomena that appear in the following video:, but I still haven't seen anything really tangible that can't be implied. However, what I have experienced and learned so far gives me strength to continue, and I believe that a day will come when I will be able to confirm this very significant story myself.
    Have a happy Passover everyone, and keep up the good work you do on this site, where I read a lot in my youth and sometimes even these days.

  51. Hello Yuval.
    Thank you, you wrote very interesting things. Could you write what your academic area of ​​specialization is, and whether you have published any other articles.
    Thank you and Happy holidays - Kobi.

  52. From experience I would not be so interested in meeting aliens, but that is not the point, the point is that the equation of the chance of meeting aliens depends a lot on the limit of the speed of light and again as someone who has been professionally involved in time reversals, there is an option to delete during encounters so that the testimonies are contradictory, and the interests of the parties They play a lot, even in time replays. Respectfully blowing water

  53. 9
    And let's say people had dreams or hallucinations so what?, I ask only one question. Take this sentence literally and analyze it from an engineer's point of view and explain what is being described. If you have a background in science or engineering, try to do this as a thought exercise and please without Freud and without fluff. Think you are doing a case study. Can you do it yes or no? And without the cleverness of sophists on the dime. And if you're not able to do it, there's no shame in saying you don't know. How did Rabbi Akiva say at the height of brevity? "Knows that he does not know, rank" and in a slightly different version, Socrates said "I know that I do not know".

  54. Daniel says Snowden talked about the connection between governments and extraterrestrials. Dan, on the other hand, says no, but that doesn't mean anything because Snowden doesn't know and the government offices are isolated. He also says that if someone opens his mouth, "people like me" will claim that he is a delusional charlatan.

    In the tangle of arguments, I will point out that so far I have not said anything to anyone's body, delusional or not. It seems to me that this does not contribute to the discussion and I would be happy if we return to factual arguments.

  55. Haim, even thousands of years ago people dreamed dreams and were hallucinating. Maybe it's worth dedicating a special corner on the website to these stories. Something like "stranger than imagined"

  56. Dr. Yuval Rabinowitz
    I am quoting verbatim a verse from Sefer Baruch 2 (a book from the Outer Books) whose time of composition is unknown, although it is estimated that it was not written before the XNUMXnd century CE - Chapter XNUMX, verse XNUMX, the author says: A man carries a crown and forty angels drive the car." Explain from an engineer's point of view what is described.

  57. Dr. Yuval Rabinowitz
    You're right! You can't keep secrets like that for so long!
    But what happens when someone opens their mouth and speaks? People like you will argue that this is a delusional charlatan...see the Bob Lazar case.

  58. A reply to Abi Blizovsky
    Snowden exposed correspondence of the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs over several years, it does not seem to me that this type of information flowed through these channels, Snowden and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs do not have all the information, even the government ministries are isolated when it comes to this issue, it turns out,

  59. דניאל

    Where outside of people's imaginations on the Internet did Snowden talk about this? What documents exactly testify to this?

  60. It was Snowden who spoke about the relationship between governments and outsiders.
    So is the Russian Canadian Spanish Brazilian government
    The doctor sleeps standing up.

  61. Dr. Yuval Rabinowitz
    What about those people who don't believe they landed on the moon, or that the CIA/mossad shot down the twins….

  62. I guess most adherents of the theory of cover-up by states refer to the Roswell incident. There are many reasons why the theory does not make sense. I will start by saying that no country can keep a secret for 70 years, least of all a country like the United States, where since then the leaders have changed several times from different parties. Keeping such a secret requires the involvement of thousands of highly committed people, who did not tell the truth even at the end of their lives. Bottom line - not buying.

  63. Adam Red,
    We understand quite well the history of Homo sapiens since they started to think abstractly 100,000 years ago and especially since the agricultural period about 10,000 years ago so I can say that there is no way that there was an advanced human culture during this time. The only chance is of a non-human intelligent culture that was pure intellectual and left no physical findings and the chance of such a thing is almost non-existent.

  64. The extraterrestrials visit here and have even made contact with government officials of the powers led by the USA and some say that the relationship still exists, you must be asking why the US government does not admit it? Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but governments do not share their citizens in everything they do, certainly if the issue is classified under the heading of national security, it's time to leave childish naivety aside and realize that we are not alone, there is a party and we were not invited...

  65. The line of thought "The possibility that intelligent beings traveled a distance of light years just to harass a few people.." is not true.. one should think more in the direction of..: "The possibility that intelligent beings.. created humanity and remained in hiding to monitor them.."

  66. Asaf

    Leave the quality of talkbackists and check the quantity. As soon as we talk about abami, the number of talkbackists increases dramatically, after all, this is the purpose of publishing the article.

    I expect a minimum of 100 talkbacks (and a maximum of 500), but if they bring God into the discussion, it will exceed 1000 talkbacks.

  67. Asaf:
    First of all I suggest that: NEVER SAY NEVER. Neither you nor anyone else has the tools to come and say unequivocally that: "And there is no doubt that there has never been an advanced culture here except ours." The fact that I also do not think that there was an intelligent culture here before us in light of everything we have discovered so far, has nothing to do with the probability, however small, that there were things in the 30th century. Our enormous confidence in science must remain, but we cannot get drunk on everything science has already found and assume that everything is true or draw unequivocal conclusions from which we cannot move. I want examples: until a few years ago it was assumed that the big bang caused a situation where the galaxies move away from each other and from the center of the universe and the only question is whether one of two things will happen in the future or that the gravitational forces will increase and everything will be pulled back to the starting point or that the galaxies will move away from each other forever. But now we have evidence that not only are they moving away from each other, but they are accelerating! There is a force unknown to us that causes this acceleration, something that no one has thought of (dark energy?). Another example: the dark matter that exists in the universe, we are not able to distinguish it, but it constitutes a significant part of the mass. Until about twenty years ago, no one imagined that this was even possible. Until about XNUMX years ago, no one imagined that the origin of birds is from a side branch of the dinosaurs.
    It is important to understand: humanity as a whole is beginning to emerge from the jungle in terms of its understanding of the universe around it. We are a total of two to three hundred years in the understanding that we are not the center of the universe, that there are beings that cannot be seen with the naked eye and countless other things that we have learned about ourselves and the universe around us only in the last one to three hundred years and I don't need to add. I suggest we all continue to think about everything in an open mind. It is true that from a mental point of view it is very difficult, but the quantum world has turned all of our physical thinking into a quagmire and italula (a wave or a particle at the same time - a dual world, did someone come up with such a possibility? Particles that only exist because we observe them?? Is Schrödinger's cat alive or dead?).
    Even in the case of filth, it cannot be unequivocally ruled out. The only example of intelligent life that we know of should have led us to assume that this phenomenon is most common in the universe and not the other way around. Once upon a time, not many hundreds of years ago, we thought that we were the center of the universe...
    In light of Fermi's paradox, it is really surprising that we were not visited, and perhaps the real question is why did it happen? Why are we so rare?
    And regarding the apparent proofs of obscurity, in this case Okum's razor must work here and also indeed that the more fantastic the claim, the more fantastic proof must come. Please note here that Hawking's people are sufficiently disturbed by this possibility that extraterrestrials will come to visit us against our will and he really understands a thing or two, so you should examine everything and not assume anything unequivocally.
    Regarding the low level of the responders as you mentioned, as soon as it concerns the people - at least regarding me you are right, I did my third degree in finance many years ago and my understanding in other areas may be a little limited and I still exercise a basic judgment that is true for every area and the main thing is: NEVER SAY NEVER .

  68. Asaf,
    Make assumptions, research, learn - excellent!
    Deciding on conclusions is already a matter that requires caution -
    Too many people were put on the spot (not so long ago in human development) because they did not believe that the earth revolved around the sun.
    In other words: it is desirable that the scientists also treat with respect and caution everything that is said even if it does not coincide with their ideas.

  69. It's amazing that as soon as you talk about obami, the quality of the talkbackists here drops dramatically. Anyway here are some answers,
    Red Adam: The evidence will never go away. We have a very good understanding of the history of the earth, when the earth was created, when the plants, when flowers, insects or other animals appeared. The evidence has survived from all periods like fossils and there is no doubt that there has never been an advanced culture here except ours.
    Anonymous user (unidentified): You are alive in the movie and besides, by the time the signal reaches the board there is a chance that we will be more developed than them (:
    Chen T: If aliens can get here, they don't care what we think, it's not like we can do anything about it in the face of their superiority.
    Bat-Ya: The fact that we have no idea is an excellent excuse not to make assumptions and not to throw up our hands and decide that there is no point in research.
    Skeptical: intelligent life evolved about 100,000 years ago not 5 million unless you count species that are pre-modern humans which I'm not sure can really be defined as intelligent since they had no more impact on nature than other animals.
    Kobi: And if there is no DNA in their planet then there will be no contamination? Besides there are so many weird things in biology how can you tell if it was solved on earth or somewhere else.

  70. It reminds me of the late Mike Holler. that he had a radio program with such topics. He would start with something like...
    "A program for the people, for the people, with the people..." or something like that.

  71. Let's assume for a moment that humanity is destroyed in some way and all that remains are the orphaned cities, roads, bridges, walls, machines, ships and airplanes. How long will it take for nature to destroy everything we have built and made until there is not a single evidence left that we ever existed on this planet? Let's say that the huge buildings we built are the ones that can last the longest against the elements, earthquakes, etc. But if there is enough time then eventually there will be an earthquake, tsunami, meteorite impact and whatever this planet knows how to do when it has enough time to do it. How long will it take until the biggest, solid, durable structures we have erected disappear? Will it take a hundred thousand years? A million years? Ten million years? Let's say it takes 50 million years for this to happen and then intelligence will develop again on this planet. What will she say to herself: "We are the first intelligentsia here". Where am I paddling? We don't even have a certain ability to know that on this planet itself intelligence did not exist tens of millions of years ago and everything it did and built was destroyed and disappeared. In fact, in this type of analysis, several intelligences could exist on this planet literally tens of millions of years apart from each other and we today would know nothing about them...

  72. Sometimes out of a desire to present a scientific position against a pseudo-scientific one, the same failures of pseudo-science are used and baseless claims are made.

    You claim "It is interesting that before the stories of the Jewish Ministry dealing with this were published, there were no reports" but a paragraph later you mention Ezekiel, if Ezekiel experienced an encounter then the description is in chapter XNUMX. corresponds to the scientific understanding of that time.

    You also mentioned the Drake equation but "forgot" the Fermi paradox that completes it. According to the Fermi paradox, one culture (and the pessimistic estimates of the Drake equation point to at least 5) is enough to predate humanity by less than 5 million years, so that they will populate the entire galaxy without exceeding the speed of light.

    Although all this does not prove that aliens did come here - but the article is very one-sided, and a good scientist should also present what does not correspond to his theory - if only in case it turns out that he was wrong...

  73. Lachna Sabat
    From the Association for the Study of Abami

    I wonder how you are not ashamed to present the association's website
    which has not been updated in the last three years...

  74. Why didn't intelligent life develop for me in 5 million years?

    It seems to me that the barrier was only the climate conditions on Earth, which did not allow this.

  75. It seems to me that somewhere in Galaxy there exists a culture like the Borg
    And they are just waiting for a radio signal. Because every culture develops
    A radio signal transmission begins.
    And if you take into account that such an advanced culture
    There could be listening points scattered throughout the galaxy
    We won't have long left

  76. Let's assume for a moment that there is a certain culture among alien masses where every inhabited spaceship is protected by a protective shell, and when a spaceship from another culture approaches that shell it presents its arguments to get permission to enter otherwise it will be intercepted immediately. That's a reasonable assumption for a race that knows how to defend itself against asteroids, isn't it?!
    But as far as we are concerned, any foreign culture that approaches here and wants to arrive in a friendly manner will be received from the beginning in a hostile manner because we did not allow it to be tested and arrive in a controlled manner. So if a foreign culture wants to be accepted here in an open and friendly way but sees from afar that we are not developed enough to accept it in a controlled way and treat it gently, it will understand that it will be received with hostility and will be ignored, if that is possible by anyone who is afraid that aliens will marry him or enslave his mind or any Anxiety he has from the unknown.

  77. Here are some questions:
    1. Have fish ever seen an elephant?
    2. Can an ant determine the height of an elephant?
    3. Can a person, without a magnifying glass, see a virus?
    In short, before writing with such confidence about whether there is or isn't, you should consider the universe in the right way, and take into account that we have no idea about what is happening beyond our understanding and vision.
    Happy holiday!

  78. If aliens were to land on Earth sometime, it would be possible to find an infection of germs or something similar, which has a different genetic signature than the rest of the creatures on Earth.
    This is provided that basic life began on Earth, and not the entire galaxy is contaminated with DNA with a uniform stamp
    Because then the origin of life on earth is from contamination of DNA

  79. As the chairman of the Israeli UFO Research Association, I must state that I have never heard a description so far removed from reality and so scientifically unfounded as the description in the above article.

    Unfortunately, instead of examining the scientific information and research that exists, the good doctor is content to study the nonsense from the late Zvi Yanai's seminary and the nonsense he picked up from the Hebrew Wikipedia and press articles.

    It is a pity and unfortunate that scientists, when they come to write about subjects they are not well versed in and have never tried to do their minimal research (or read serious research), hide behind their academic status and promote their arguments with statements that lack any scientific-factual basis and rely on their private beliefs and gut feelings …

    Hanan Sabat
    The Israeli Association for UFO Research

  80. the expanses of the universe and time. are not captured in the consciousness of the great apes. Certainly if they have pairs of limbs then their origin is imaginary. Hello

  81. Abby, I agree with most things. Regarding the pseudo-science, the phenomenon is studied at a very limited level of resources and the material about it has increased greatly over the years. Lots of observations and testimonies. Mainstream science does not bother with UFOs. It is hard to say what would have been discovered or refuted if Avmology had had more successful PR. I was wondering why you wrote the article this week. Did something special happen? Descriptions of UFOs appeared in press articles long before 1947. A guy named Charles Fort collected them from large libraries in the US.

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