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We at the "Hidan" site treat the privacy of the site's users with the utmost respect. The purpose of the following conditions is to clarify to the user the privacy policy used on the site, including a description of how the site operators use information, its collection and uses.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The operators of the website are entitled to edit and change the privacy policy on the website from time to time. When a substantial and fundamental change is made to the conditions concerning the use of personal information provided by the surfers, a notice will be published on the home page of the site.

Use of information

  • During the use of the website by the surfers, information may be collected about the user-surfer, his browsing habits on the website, services and products purchased by him on the website, offers and services, advertisements and subjects of his interest, products he asked to sell or purchase, information pages he visited, registration for special services that require registration, offers and services that interested you, the payment methods used by the surfer in a direct or indirect context with the site and more. The surfer is not obliged to provide any information and browse the site and allow the collection of data about him, but by browsing the site he agrees to collect the information subject to its use according to the provisions of any law. It is possible that with regard to certain services he will not be able to browse the site and enjoy these services without transferring information. The website system keeps some of the information in its databases and uses them subject to the terms of the privacy policy or according to the provisions of any law. This is for these and other purposes:
  • For the user's use of unique services such as responses to articles, forums, games, promotions and various activities offered on the site.
  • For the purpose of improving, operating and developing the website, including for the purpose of analyzing viewing and surfing habits that will allow the website operators to improve the plans and structure of the website for the convenience and usefulness of the surfer, and in order to offer him offers, information and services customized to his needs and preferences or adapted to interest groups that use the website. For the most part, the analysis of the information is statistical and does not identify the surfer personally.
  • For the purpose of publishing information, purchasing and selling services and products on the site, including publishing ads in areas dedicated to this purpose.
  • For the purpose of personalizing advertisements that will be presented to the surfer while browsing the site, adapted to the surfer's specific interests. This information, including details that you actively leave on the site, can and will be collected by the site's enterprises or by the site's advertisers in various ways
  • For the purpose of contacting the surfer personally for the purpose of publication or in cases of need or as required by any law or in the event that any of the provisions of the website usage agreement or the privacy policy or any other condition specified on the website regarding the information or service you used or in the event of a dispute with the surfer is violated.
  • For the purpose of collecting general or individual information or analyzing and providing statistical information to third parties, including advertisers, but in a way that does not identify the surfer personally.
  • For other purposes that will be detailed in this privacy policy or in other terms of use on the website that will be updated from time to time.
  • The site system undertakes to use the information collected about the surfers in accordance with and subject to the limitations of any law.


for the purpose of its activity, including for the purpose of collecting information regarding the surfer's use of the website, for the purpose of checking the identity of a user of the service or information on the website, in order to enable the surfer to use the website more conveniently and easily, in order to analyze and uniquely adapt the website to the surfer's needs and preferences and for information security activities, The site does and will use "cookies" (Cookies). The technological systems of the science site cause the browser software, according to a command, to create 'cookie' files on the surfer's computer, which can and will be saved on the surfer's computer drives. These unique files are stored in different directories according to the types of browsers and operating systems of the surfer, such as in the directory on the main drive called Temporary Internet Files or cookies directory or in any other directory. These files include information and data about your activity on the site in a wide variety of aspects. If the surfer wants to prevent the insertion of this kind of "cookie" from the site, and thus can and will prevent him from browsing the site, he must change the settings in the operating system or in the browser he uses. Furthermore, he will be able to delete these files that were implanted on his computer at any time.

Advertisements on the site

The website system operates an independent array of advertisements and content. In addition, the system allows and may allow other third parties to manage and operate the set of advertisements on the site or sets of content and services. In this framework, the surfer may view service offers, content, information or advertisements of the website or of any third parties - information or ads originating from external advertisers who collect information about the surfer, including by planting cookies on the surfer's computer. This is, among other things, for the purpose of analyzing information, adjusting advertisements and analyzing the surfer's needs. This use is made in accordance with the privacy policy and terms of use of these sites and does not concern the privacy policy of the knowledge site. If the surfer wishes to prevent this kind of activity, he must act individually in order to prevent the collection of such information by these third parties, including advertisers.

privacy protection law

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 - XNUMX, the surfer may review the information, when this information is held in a database as defined in the law. The information collected about you by the operators of the site as part of a targeted activity or incidentally, is subject to this law and therefore to all the rights and requirements of the surfer and any liability, in accordance with any law.

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