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Research and development in Israel

This is according to a survey of knowledge commercialization companies in Israel for the year 2021 by the CBS in collaboration with the Molomaf. Prof. Peretz Lavi, chairman of the MoLMOP: "The increase in the license agreements that were signed is significant for the state, since these will bear their fruits in the future to come"
The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology established a national knowledge center for research infrastructures that will connect all researchers with research equipment and relevant experts throughout the country. The aim of the center is to strengthen the cooperation between them and to make the best use of the infrastructures, and to respond to the findings of the State Comptroller
The reasons: making these areas strategic and the fear of brain drain. About 20 joint quantum projects with the European Union are operating in Israel. The scientific community fears damage to European science. The official authorities in Israel did not respond to the request of the website
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