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We welcome the many surfers of the site to enjoy the varied materials offered there. However, the use of the website is subject to several conditions:

The materials on the site are protected by copyright of the site operators and third parties.

Apart from perusing the information as part of reading on the website, you may not make any use of the content directly or indirectly, without express written permission in advance, from the website operators.

The material presented on the website is information for personal reference only. The user must refrain from using the information, distributing it, duplicating it, etc., and is responsible for any damage caused by harmful use of the information.

The material on the site is for information only and does not constitute a recommendation, opinion, treatment or substitute for medical advice. Reliance on the information on the website is at the user's sole responsibility. The website operators do not guarantee the correctness, truthfulness and accuracy of the information and are not responsible for any damage caused to the surfer as a result of using the website or its contents.

However, you can use the site's RSS feed, which allows you to display articles from the site, their subtitle and a paragraph from the article. In such a case, the person making use of this mechanism of the website must direct the users to the source of the news through a deep link to the news itself on the website.

In addition, of course, you can link to articles on the website, while maintaining a credit score for the author of the article and a deep link to the article on the website.

The use of talkbacks

The use of the site's talkback system is free and it is desirable that you feel at home, but as in any home we are forced to impose restrictions that will allow shared living.

The limitations are:

  • Do not upload content or links to talkbacks, which contain threatening, blatant, racist, or insulting nature, such that harms others, their privacy, is defamatory, contains pornographic material or is of a blatant sexual nature or may harm the public's feelings;
  • Do not upload copyrighted materials, unless the uploader is the copyright owner; A violation of this section will result in the transfer of the claim for this violation to the surfer and a demand for compensation from him;
  • Do not upload materials that cause or support causing an offense against the criminal law;
  • Do not flood the talkback system and forums with idle messages and/or repeated messages, in a way that harms the use of that service;
  • Do not publish spam messages and do not use the publication of email addresses and cell phones to send spam to them;
  • Do not impersonate another commenter in order to mislead the surfers, or insult the commenter;
  • messages will be deleted or edited in which blunt or rude language is used, which may offend or harm other surfers on the site;
  • Do not harass other surfers and writers on the site in the talkback and forums or by e-mail, cell phone or any other means. Do not harm other surfers and do not break the law in any other way;
  • Do not use the talkback system and forums for the purpose of commercial advertising or conducting surveys without written permission from the website management;
  • not to include any material that could mislead a consumer, within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981;

A surfer who behaves contrary to any of his obligations and as specified above will be blocked, the content he uploaded will be removed, and the Hidan site will be entitled to block him and prevent him from surfing the site and consuming services through it. A surfer who has been removed by the knowledge site and/or denied entry will not be allowed to come back and surf even under a different username.

The knowledge site system reserves the right to edit, change or remove content in accordance with the above.

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