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Evolution and nature

Thanks to an accidental discovery in the laboratory, researchers were able to improve plant growth and give them resistance to drought and salinity conditions, by exposing their seeds to a plant hormone in a simple and easy-to-apply process
A new study reveals that about half of Americans are afraid to vaccinate their dogs, thereby risking the spread of rabies and other diseases that can harm the animal - and humans. And what is the situation in Israel?
Research: A New Understanding of Animal Size Changes Over Time: Competition, Ecological Pressures, and Cope's Law
Weizmann Institute scientists are challenging a 200-year-old doctrine about the formation of the gland from the secretion of hormones. Their findings may lead to new approaches in the treatment of various medical problems
The research insights of Yulia Rivkin from the Faculty of Life Sciences in Bar-Ilan open up an opportunity for in-depth research into the effect of stress on the nervous system
An algorithm developed by the institute's scientists heralds a leap forward in the field of humanizing antibodies and may enable the rapid, efficient and cheaper development of new drugs. The key: stability
People aged 65 and older who were vaccinated had a 41% lower risk of being hospitalized with the flu in general and among the severe patients - a 45% lower risk of going to intensive care
The growth of wheat has become an Israeli symbol of hope and renewal after a disaster. So are Prof. Avraham Levy's field experiments in the Gaza Envelope, which continue a glorious Israeli legacy of researching the evolution and genetics of the world-famous grain
Research led by the University of Queensland has found that humans can tell if chickens are excited or disappointed, simply by the sound of their clucking
Great apes recognize pictures of group members they haven't seen in more than 25 years and respond more enthusiastically to pictures of their friends, new research suggests
Drug safety tests often focus on "physiological safety", meaning their possible effect on patients. Weizmann Institute of Science scientists propose a new type of test: evolutionary safety
Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
After an unusually jellyfish-free summer, a swarm of wandering filamentous jellyfish has been seen in recent days off the coast of Haifa
Their findings highlight the importance of understanding the needs of both plants and animals to ensure the health of local ecosystems. They also overturn a previously held belief about how mice store seeds
A tweet by Prof. Nir London from the Weizmann Institute of Science grew into an international partnership to find a cure for Corona based on the principles of open science and crowd wisdom. Now the scientists involved are laying the groundwork to deal with the next epidemic
Researchers have developed a catalytic antibiotic - which causes cutting and fission of targets in the bacteria - and as a result, its death
Satellites and drones can provide vital information that can contribute to the protection of nature's pollinators. New research is exploring new ways to utilize these technologies to track the availability of flowers, where this research may be combined with behavioral studies to see the world through the eyes of insects
It is definitely possible to train a dog with toys if you start very early," said the lead researcher from the University of Florida. "This is what we do with search and rescue dogs, we start very early with toys as reinforcers."
About two components that help COVID-19 make its proteins and multiply
An international group of scientists, including researchers from Ben Gurion University, suggest adding a natural molecule that will significantly reduce biological infections in the oral cavity.
On the way in which vocal expressions can convey emotional information, especially in powerful experiences, and on the importance of the visual context
32 plant and forest researchers from all over the world published an article in the journal Trends in Plant Science in which they examined all these claims
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