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Millions of tons of food are thrown away in Israel every year, which affects food security - especially in times of crisis such as war. So how do you create nutritional resilience? Stop wasting food
The global water crisis is getting worse, and over 2 billion people are expected to suffer from a lack of water by 2050. Meanwhile, Israel is accumulating enormous knowledge and expertise on water management, alongside a thriving ecosystem of companies
Studies have long shown that nature has many benefits that affect our physical and mental health. Now a new Israeli study has found that high exposure to a green environment may reduce the chance of contracting different types of cancer
A new study reveals that about half of Americans are afraid to vaccinate their dogs, thereby risking the spread of rabies and other diseases that can harm the animal - and humans. And what is the situation in Israel?
A new survey reveals that the statements of Greta and climate activists around the world against Israel had a negative impact on the position of about a quarter of the Israeli public on the issue of the climate crisis
Opinion: The way to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the war is through Israeli environmental high-tech. Our climate innovation, and the response it offers to the decisions taken at the United Nations Global Climate Conference, can strengthen the economy
Beyond the security and economic implications, the Houthi threat to the Red Sea may also have significant environmental consequences, which will further increase the polluting footprint of the maritime transport industry
It is high-tech companies from the surrounding area that will represent Israel at the UN's global climate conference, which opened this week in the United Arab Emirates. Their managers talk about the professional and personal difficulties of the companies and their employees these days - and also about
The claims that fast fashion chains like SHEIN are pro-Palestinian join the findings of investigations into the terrible working conditions in their factories and the enormous environmental damage they cause. So where should you buy clothes during the "shopping month"
In times of war it is not always easy to be strong or to imagine the day after, but various animals and plants teach us that it is possible to survive and show resilience even in hostile and challenging conditions. Many examples are offered
Experts warn that the severe attack of October 7 and the firing of rockets on Israel filled the surrounding area and other areas with toxic infections, exposure to which could significantly harm health. Therefore, the planned restoration is underway
I read the identification you expressed with Gaza and Hamas, and I feel deep sorrow and pity for your painful blindness. We both live out of an environmental ideology, but while you were in a safe place - life
How did your trip help the environment you were in? Get to know restorative tourism, which is not only harmless - but also helps nature and local communities during the trip. Food for thought for sand trips
The etrog is currently at risk due to the rise in global temperatures as part of the climate crisis, and it is possible that the day will come when we will no longer be able to grow etrogs in Israel - for the first time in 2,500 years
A new Israeli study examined the siksak, a common species of bird - and found that urban siksaks are braver than their rural brethren. Although we usually all appreciate this nice feature, it is possible
In the Gaza Strip there is no law or supervision against fishing for protected species - therefore, sharks and bats that are in danger of extinction are hunted there freely. A new Israeli study presents a method for collecting data from social networks that enables
Google recently published its environmental report, which reveals significant energy savings in its operation, helping its users to act more environmentally and investments in sustainable ventures. Is the picture really so optimistic?
A new Israeli study presents a solution to the many accidents between aircraft and winged creatures, and for the first time succeeds in identifying with the help of radar flocks of large birds, which until now were considered "invisible"
They are the children of the summer of 2023: a new Israeli study examined who are the Israeli youth who choose to take part in environmental movements - and found caring alongside high level climate anxiety, and also a clear demand
Opinion: Despite the objections of experts and residents, these days the Prime Minister's Office is examining the expansion of the transportation of the oil of Ketsa'a; In light of the dangers involved in a course of this kind - it seems that our government has it simple
At the graduate exhibition of the Bezalel Academy, the graduation theses dealing with environmental issues stood out for their presence. These testified to students full of ambition and innovative ideas, through which they hope to lead a change in thought and practice around the issue
Not keeping up: a new Israeli study indicates that our country has fallen behind in meeting the UN's sustainable development goals. So what do we do? According to the author of the study, we cannot wait for a legislative change -
The animal that breaks the laws of nature: a new Israeli study reveals that the colonies of the flower botryll, a unique marine creature, age in their entirety - and then return to being young again. The phenomenon was named "Orshina Rhythm"
These days, Ukraine is working on a surprising reconstruction plan for the moment after the end of the fighting: the country is not content only with the reconstruction of the ruins, but also seeks to rebuild itself in a more ecological and sustainable way
Opinion: Despite popular belief, ultra-Orthodox society has many more environmental characteristics than we would think. In these days of severe division in Israeli society, looking at the environmental aspect may lead to a rapprochement between
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