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In the spectacular karst landscapes of southern China, giant apes, known as Gigantopithecus blacki, once roamed. They were three meters tall and weighed about 250 kilograms. They became extinct about 300 thousand years ago. The reasons for the extinction of
Research: A New Understanding of Animal Size Changes Over Time: Competition, Ecological Pressures, and Cope's Law
Drug safety tests often focus on "physiological safety", meaning their possible effect on patients. Weizmann Institute of Science scientists propose a new type of test: evolutionary safety
It is definitely possible to train a dog with toys if you start very early," said the lead researcher from the University of Florida. "This is what we do with search and rescue dogs, we start very early with toys as reinforcers."
The need to hunt small animals caused prehistoric man to improve his mental abilities in order to perfect his hunting tools
Geneticists have discovered a whole genome duplication event that occurred in the past in the common ancestor of sturgeons and paddlefish that may have helped them during the mass extinction 200 million years ago
Tracking social mammals has allowed scientists to understand how they choose a way of behavior that promotes their ability to reproduce
The biomass of cows, pigs, sheep and other farm animals is currently 30 times greater than that of all elephants, elk and other wild land mammals combined
Why do we think our nature is so bad? Why do we believe that constant warfare is a basic human drive?
In this chapter we will examine whether social morality is a product of religions, or a universal biological trait that preceded cultures and religions? And how humanity can unite in times of emergency
In a symbiotic reorganization, the organism functions much better than its individual cells or parts.
The debate on whether human nature is good or bad from youth is an ancient one, Ehud Amir believes that although it may seem the other way around, human nature is good from youth and the bad are the exceptions. Chapter One
Researchers have discovered that corals also glow at depth to lure their prey
According to the researchers, the claims according to which the corona outbreak originates from bats are not scientifically based and are misleading to the public. According to the researchers, in most cases bats do not store viruses in their bodies and in any case they have a system
About a fifth of the world's reptile species are in danger of extinction
How did evolution overcome the lack of order in the storage of genetic information in the transition from bacteria to more developed creatures?
This is according to an article published by researchers who examined the mass extinction of humans over the past tens of thousands of years. The researchers found that the brains of large extinct species were smaller on average than that of
Korbus asks: In human culture there is a taboo on sexual relations between family members, but not in animals. For example, it is not uncommon for a cat to fertilize its biological mother. Is incest
Researchers have found changes in the body structure of birds, which are probably due to adaptation to global warming
An angry question is sent by a reader frustrated by counting calories and chewing celery: How is it that cows that eat straw, grass and other leaves and foliage that are so recommended for diets are so fat?
Is the routine good for us or maybe we are better off without it? And could it be that a new one that we haven't met yet is about to devour all the cards?
"Nutza" asks: It is known that animals feel earthquakes. Why don't humans feel earthquakes coming?
At the beginning of the year 2022, three astrobiologists ran a fascinating thought experiment: they claimed that the entire Earth was about to become an intelligent organism. The meaning, as you can understand, is not that there is a mind at the core of the planet that makes decisions for
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