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Researchers created a composition of nanoparticles that was able to destroy lymphoma cells in mice
Researchers have used a variety of methods in order to reveal the different polymorphs that can be prepared from a common crystalline material and the paths of conversion of one configuration to another depending on the temperature and the method of preparation
This is a system that allows research organizations to leverage the Patient Centricity by Design process to plan clinical trials, among other things to be able to follow the patients who participated in the clinical trials after the trial
Sanofi will build a factory in virtual space that will operate during an epidemic and produce vaccines to accelerate the development of vaccines
As part of the collaboration, IBM will provide modern scientists with access to quantum computing systems, and they will learn how quantum computing technologies can be applied to problems that were previously intractable for classical computers.
First, the molecule anchors itself to the surface of the membrane, before it penetrates the membrane in a direction perpendicular to it. In the next step it changes its 3D structure as it passes through the membrane, rotating once
DenovAI will combine machine learning and computational biophysics to discover antibodies with a wider scope, faster and cheaper, and to improve the probability of success of drug candidates. This is the second company established on
An innovative macroring material can trap a variety of drugs in overdose cases, including opioids, hallucinogens and stimulants, thanks to its hydrophobic niche
The Technion recently launched Tech.AI, a center that consolidates the Technion's biomed activity in the field of AI and makes research and application at the forefront of AI accessible to researchers from all units at the Technion
The researchers estimate that the development will advance the construction of systems for storing biomolecules and drugs and their efficient and controlled release when needed by external stimulation, using light
The component was developed based on the research of Prof. Yosef Shaul
Medidata opens access to its Patient Insights Program, enabling research organizations to leverage the Patient Centricity by Design process to plan clinical trials
AION Labs, the Israeli innovation laboratory of AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer, Teva, Israel Biotech Fund and Amazon Web Services (AWS), is launching a first procedure to create a new venture based on the innovation model of
AION Labs unites the pharma companies, technology and foundations including IBF to invest in the start-up companies to integrate the developments in the field of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to improve the ability to develop medicines
A uniform digital solution for all endpoints of clinical trials, integrated with the Medidata Clinical Cloud
Horizon will access a wide range of clinical trial solutions through the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud platform, to accelerate clinical research through a suite of applications that includes data collection and management, trial design and management
The goal of the research is to lead to the development of antifungal drugs and combined treatments that will be effective against life-threatening invasive fungal infections
Follow-up using a new imaging method, changes were discovered that lead to the eradication of the tumor in a selective manner and without damage to the adjacent tissues
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