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Of the 25 skeletons studied, 23 showed signs consistent with a violent death. By studying the proportions of the bones, she realized that among the warriors was a woman.
In the excavation of the site, conducted by the Antiquities Authority with funding from the municipality of Lod, the remains of an ancient Jewish public building that was destroyed were discovered. A cache of 94 coins was hidden on the floor of the building, but no one returned to its collection until it was discovered now
Researchers from Ariel University, the Antiquities Authority, the University of Exeter in England, and the Weizmann Institute conducted a series of scientific tests on ancient tefillin houses from the Judean Desert, and discovered that - contrary to the accepted law, according to which the houses must be painted
These findings can explain why the pyramids are concentrated in what is now a narrow and hostile strip of desert
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists overcame a cosmic phenomenon that makes it difficult for archaeologists around the world and presented for the first time an absolute dating of Jerusalem in the Iron Age
Fourth-year students in the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev decided to produce an up-to-date answer to the ancient writings and under the guidance of Prof. Mark Lest, developed an artificial intelligence system that completes the missing sections in the texts
The world-important prehistoric site, the Ovadia National Park in Emek Yardam, which is the oldest in Israel (about 1.6 million years ago) and one of the oldest in the world outside of Africa, was inaugurated. * There was a meeting between
Why did the ancient man return again and again, over hundreds of thousands of years, to the same quarry sites? It turns out that the secret lies in the migration routes of the elephants
The amulet may testify to the presence of an Assyrian (or perhaps Babylonian) official in the place almost 2,800 years ago * The rare find was transferred to the state treasures and the traveler received a certificate of appreciation from the Antiquities Authority
The coin, which is one of the earliest evidences in Israel of the transition to the use of coins, was discovered in an excavation by the Antiquities Authority funded by Israel Routes.
Objects that appear to have been used by folk sorcerers were discovered along the ancient road that led from Egypt to Mecca about 400 years ago
Annette Landes Nagar is an archaeologist-digger and Bar Ilan President Fellow, whose research has yielded important discoveries in the Jerusalem area
In an excavation by the Antiquities Authority prior to the construction of a Mekorot company water line in the Kiryat Gat area, an ancient gate was discovered, approximately 5,500 years old * This gate was part of the fortification system of one of the hills
She handed it over to the State Treasury and received a certificate of appreciation from the Antiquities Authority for demonstrating good citizenship
A new study published today (Fri) in the prestigious scientific magazine Nature Scientific Report suggests that tiny flutes made from the wing bones of waterfowl were used to produce sounds imitating the sounds of birds of prey
The inscription was written on a small, folded lead tablet, and it was found last year during soil screening works for the excavation of the late Prof. Adam Zartal from the University of Haifa on Mount Ibal
The compass, as well as Bren type machine gun pods, were uncovered in an archaeological study by Dr. Rafi Lewis from Ashkelon Academic College and Haifa University and Il Marco from the Antiquities Authority * According to the researchers, the compass belonged to the commander of the department
A Shebaite inscription was deciphered on a clay urn that contained incense and was discovered less than 300 meters from the site of the temple as part of the Ofel excavations in Jerusalem. The inscription on the urn indicates a connection between King Solomon's Israel
This year's winners' projects include a virtual reality tour of the medieval city of Angkor Wat, a digital archive of disappearing architecture in Kenya, studies of interfaith divisions after the Holocaust, gender and politics in colonial Nigeria, and engagement
The new parts of the defense system on the walls of Old Jerusalem against Crusader attacks were discovered during archaeological excavations by the Antiquities Authority on Sultan Suleiman Street, prior to the laying of infrastructure at the initiative of the Jerusalem Municipality through the Moriah company
Cotton fabrics and silk fabrics originating in India and China from about 1,300 years ago found in the Arabah testify to ancient trade from the Far East, through the Land of Israel and Europe
This is the first evidence that there was a continuous and long-term trade of metals from the Levant region to Anatolia already in the 17th century BC, about 500 years before the Iron Age when the use of silver coins became
The remains of the opium were found in pottery excavated at Tel Yehud, in an excavation conducted by Ariola Yakoel on behalf of the Antiquities Authority. The pots that contained the opium date back to the 14th century BC, and they were found in the graves of Canaanites and were used as
Prof. Erez Ben Yosef from the Department of Archeology at Tel Aviv University in a fascinating description of the elite's fashion in the tenth century BC, during the reigns of David and Solomon * from the Tel Aviv 360 podcast series of
Prof. Oded Lifshitz, head of the Nadler Institute of Archeology in the Lester and Sally Antin Faculty of Humanities, was announced as the recipient of the A.M.T. (art, science, culture) for 2022. The award will be presented to him in a ceremony held during
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