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The Russian invasion of Orcaina

Last Saturday, Ukraine showed Russia - and the whole world - how the wars of the future will be conducted: between robots and humans
However, no official announcement has yet been made, and even then, the Russians are obliged to give a year's notice in advance
Each of them will receive an award of $300,000 for achievements in researching the past and as support for their future work.
Director of Roscosmos Dimitri Rogozin referred to the DMS-R facility used to navigate the station, although it was designed by the European Space Agency and integrated into the Russian component of the Zavezda space station * as well as the Progress cargo spacecraft
The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Orit Parkash HaCohen, Israeli Ambassador to the USA Michael Herzog, NASA head Senator William (Bill) Nelson and Director of the Israel Space Agency Brigadier General (Ret.) Uri Oron.
Ariel Karlinski of the Hebrew University, one of the initiators of a research work on the global mortality data from the virus, clarifies: "In Iran we know that the difference is due to deliberate concealment. Also, 54 of the 105 countries studied in the research work I carried out
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