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The development of a system for the production of disinfectant from tap water has been completed

The system developed in the Bar Ilan Chemistry Department will produce an effective and safe disinfectant that is suitable for cleaning surfaces, the body and agriculture

Disinfection with tap water. Image:
Disinfection with tap water. Image:

These days, At the end of a process that lasted about two years, The development of a machine for the production of an effective and safe disinfectant for humans and the environment, based on tap water, has been completed. The project was led by Dr. Eran Avraham and Dr. Yitzhak Cohen from the electrochemistry laboratory of Prof. Doron Orbach at Bar Ilan University. 

According to the researchers, the disinfectant produced from the machine they developed was dermatologically tested and found to be safe to use without exposure to dangerous substances. Also, its antibacterial efficiency was tested and found to be extremely effective (over 99.999% efficiency).

"The need to create an environment free of pathogens (pathogens) such as bacteria and viruses of all kinds, in an efficient and safe manner, is a constant need," explains Dr. Avraham, "and especially today after the corona epidemic - in health institutions, food production lines and schools."

To date, disinfectant products such as alcohol-based products, bleach or quaternary ammonium have been used. These products do show effectiveness against pathogens (causing pathogens such as salmonella), but there is always a limit to the possibility of using them due to their relative toxicity, corrosiveness towards surfaces and sometimes also the price. The goal of the researchers was to produce an effective and safe disinfectant to be used on any surface, frequently, and not harm humans. During the development process, the researchers discovered that it is possible to produce such a material by properly using controlled electrochemical processes, with the source being tap water.

Another principle that was taken into account in the development process was the user interface. Indeed, the developed mechanism is simple to operate. "The consumer only has to choose the type of use: surface disinfection, body disinfection and even agricultural uses. The system will know how to adjust the concentration of the active substance accordingly."

The development, which began with the outbreak of the corona epidemic in the chemistry department, was also conducted with the help of a team of engineers from Kaufman Research and Development. The machine and other developments are to be marketed under the Purific brand. 

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