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The space forum announced today will bring together those involved in the field from the government, industry and academia

The Rakei mission and the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology announced today for the first time the establishment of the Israel Space Forum

Photo: Oz Schechter, L.A.M
Photo: Oz Schechter, L.A.M

The Rakei mission and the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology in collaboration with the Innovation Authority, the Association of Manufacturers, the Export Institute, the Israel Aerospace Industries and the Earth And Beyond incubator announced for the first time as part of the 19th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, the establishment of the Israeli Space Forum which will consist of space companies , startups, entrepreneurs and investors in the field.

The Israeli Space Forum was established with the aim of strengthening and developing the Israeli space industry, supporting entrepreneurial activity in the field of space, and reducing knowledge gaps and barriers to what is happening in the world's space markets. The forum offers a platform where companies, startups and entrepreneurs can interface with investors, government bodies, academies and representatives from the local and global space industry.

Precisely in these complex days, and with the aim of strengthening the Israeli space industry, the presence of all the bodies leading the forum, each according to its uniqueness, creates unprecedented opportunities for all those involved in the Israeli space industry and will march the space industry forward. 

The launch of the forum will be held on April 2 And invite space companies, startups, entrepreneurs in the field and investors to join as members of the forum.

Director of the Israel Space Agency, Uri Oron: "Today more than ever, the importance of the space sector and its ability to be an engine of economic and social growth is clear. The establishment of the forum brings to light the partnership required between the various bodies in Israel in order to promote the space industry and move it forward.

Astronaut Eitan Stiva: "Raqi Mission, which was an innovative platform for Israeli entrepreneurs, scientists and companies, is today establishing the Israel Space Forum. An innovative and groundbreaking initiative designed to be a bridge for the Israeli space industry, to promote international cooperation and strength even in these complex days.'

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