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Water from the air during travel

Watergen and Mullen Automotive, an electric car manufacturer from California, signed an agreement under which Israeli technology will be provided to passengers in the brand's vehicles

The mobility division of Watergen Israel, which provides innovative technology for the production of atmospheric water, signed a new agreement with the Mullen automotive company from California. As part of the cooperation, systems will be installed in the vehicles that will provide drinking water to passengers in a capacity of 5 liters straight from the air and while driving. The system will be implemented first in the EV Cargo Van vehicles and later in the other models from the production line.

It should be noted that in the last decade California has been suffering from a drought, but the establishment of desalination facilities is not encouraged. Separately, it was announced this week that the House of Representatives of California is considering completely banning the sale of cars powered by polluting fuel and switching exclusively to electric cars.

"Watergen's technology makes it possible to get clean water everywhere, can be easily implemented, eliminates dependence on pipes and helps to reduce the use of plastic bottles. The company's mobility division was established to provide an ecological and convenient solution and provide drivers and passengers with high-quality drinking water from the air during their journey. The service is installed on cars, buses, trailers, trains and even boats where long trips are possible without the need to equip yourself." said in the company's announcement.

The technology implementation process began with a POC test, with the new service expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023 at a world premiere in California where the Watergen INSIDE system will be presented.

The company manufactures vehicles that provide ecological and environmental solutions for end users and is the first in the American market to come out with this product. The systems will be installed in all vehicles that have left the production line and will be marketed in the US, Latin America and Canada.

Steve Elbaz, VP of Mobility at Watergen: "The collaboration with Mullen forged in the last three months advances us another step towards a cleaner environment and uncompromising ride quality. We are working and will continue to work for a clean future not only for us, but for the people of the whole world."

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  1. This is not air conditioner water but a completely different atmospheric water
    Drinking water is not water for pots or drains

  2. "Israeli technology"…… in total connect the air conditioner drain pipe to a 5 liter bottle……. (Secret! You can also connect to a 6 liter bottle!!!!)

  3. I have had this technology for a few years, I connect my drain water to a pot and it waters it automatically! I hope I'm not infringing on some registered patent or something like that.

  4. The students at our Deat school (a school for the gifted and outstanding), tried and started to develop something similar last year. I would love to show them your article. Happy New Year, Yosef

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