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Successful test of Arrow 3 missile intercepting a target outside the atmosphere

The 'Wall' Directorate at the Ministry of Defense, and the American MDA successfully completed the first interception test of the Arrow 3 interceptor designed to intercept ballistic missiles outside the atmosphere. The experiment was carried out from the center of the country under the leadership of the aviation industry and with the participation of the Air Force

A successful test of the Arrow system February 3, 2013. Courtesy of the aviation industry and spokesmen of the Ministry of Defense
A successful trial of the Arrow system February 3, 2013. Courtesy of the Air Industry and Ministry of Defense spokespersons. Archive image


The 'Wall' directorate at the Ministry of Defense, together with the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) this morning carried out the first successful interception test of the 'Hats 3' interceptor, an innovative missile designed to intercept ballistic missiles. outside the atmosphere. The experiment was carried out from the experimental field in the center of the country, under the leadership of the Aerospace Industry and with the participation of the Air Force.

After the target was launched, the Arrow system's radar array detected it, transmitted its data to the firing management center, which analyzed it and carried out a full planning for the interception. Upon completion of the planning, an interceptor 'Arrow 3' is launched towards the target.
The 'Arrow 3' interceptor carried out all the stages of the flight according to the plan, and destroyed the target. The interception itself took place in space.
Due to safety considerations arising from intercepting a missile at high altitude, a low-fragment target was used in this experiment, which was carried on top of a target missile from the Anchor family.

Representatives of the American MDA and the industries involved in the development of the weapon system participated in the experiment. The main contractor for the development of the "Arrow" weapon system and interceptors is the MLM plant of the Aerospace Industry, which operates in cooperation with Elta Division and a subsidiary of the Aerospace Industry, which is responsible for the radar detection system. Elishra Company from Elbit Systems developed the fire management system and Rafael Company developed the target missile. The Boeing Company (a partner of the TEA/MLM in the development and production of Arrow 3.


The Arrow system is a central component of the multi-layered defense system, the development of which is led by the Ministry of Defense through the "Wall" agency/directorate. The multi-layered defense system is based on 4 layers of defense: the "Iron Dome" system (operational), the "Magic Wand" system (in final stages before operational deployment), the "Arrow 2" system (operational) and the "Arrow 3" interceptor (under development). The success of the experiment is an important milestone in the operational ability of the State of Israel to defend itself against existing and future threats in the arena. It should be emphasized that this is another experiment and is planned in the development process.
In the future, additional interception experiments are expected with the "Hats 3" interceptor, which is the top layer of defense for the State of Israel, until it becomes operational.




A successful launch intended to test the interception systems of the Arrow 3 missile - January 2014


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  1. Response to "M" - this is exactly what they said about an iron fist
    Meanwhile, the lives of hundreds of Israelis were saved thanks to the Iron Dome. As above, a system for neutralizing Net missiles
    Lucky that the defense industry has a little more vision than you.

  2. Nostradamus,

    I understood what you meant, but what can we do that we are still not a power like the countries you mentioned, and they also invest in defense systems.

  3. Nostradamus,

    How did you get to Russia, USA, China, France and Great Britain?

    I thought it was clear that I was talking about our enemies, Arab countries that are accumulating huge amounts of surface-to-surface missiles and rockets of all kinds. I hear complaints here that there is no need to develop defense systems against these missiles and that it is just a waste of money.

    So maybe we should stop this development and allow the Arab countries to turn us into islands of ruins during a war?

    Our large investment in the development of such defense systems shows anything but complacency. Of course, in addition to this development, we must also invest in attack systems, but this must be at the same time, the fighter planes will not be able to go out to attack if their base is targeted and destroyed by missiles, we will not have patience if during war thousands of missiles fall on Israeli cities.

    Developing defense systems is not a waste of money, it is a must and I don't understand how anyone can think otherwise.

  4. "There is no trust in this system. Sometimes she succeeds, and twenty times she misses the mark, just a big waste of money."

    I remember that the same things were said about the Iron Dome system. Lately I don't remember people complaining about her like that anymore.

  5. A reader on the site, which country would dare to attack Russia militarily? Or the USA, China, France, Great Britain... think carefully about the answer to why...
    In what other country do such treacherous hate organizations exist? In what other country does the president openly attack its government in front of the world and the collaborators of those organizations?
    And I didn't say not to do but not to be complacent like with Ko Bar Lev.

  6. Nostradamus,

    Everything can be bypassed, and attacking planes and missiles can also be neutralized, so maybe we will just sit back and not open anything, wait for the war and whatever will happen.

  7. M, you are right, there is no problem to bypass a perfect system with the help of quantity... and against a knife and a stone and the new Israel Fund has no similar solution. And every city with a wall and fortifications has always been conquered (Qu Bar Lev). In short, without deterrence, attack, and a crazy and disproportionate response (Putin style). The country will be eliminated with the help of terrorist attrition and the tying of Israel's hands by traitor organizations and the High Court. This is Khamenei's plan in his book and in practice in recent months.

  8. There is no trust in this system. Sometimes she succeeds, and twenty times she misses the target, just a big waste of money.

  9. Regarding the "space" thing. The main thing is to hit the target before it disintegrates upon entering the atmosphere. The Arrow 3 drives with the help of vector thrust (you don't see the wings in the photo), so it is clear that it can drive in space or at altitudes that have a thin atmosphere.

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