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Udi Sharir Co-Founder & CTO, Save A Train. Photo Credit Anthony Upton

Here Comes the Train

Israeli startup company SAVE A TRAIN is one of the eight finalists in the recent Visa’s Everywhere Initiative innovation contest
Allon Gladstone, founder & COO, HereO, Photo Credid: Anthony Upton

From a Children’s Geolocation Device to a Transport Solution for Renting Smart Bikes

The Israeli startup company hereO has developed a platform that adds smart capabilities to a wide range of consumer products, from wearables to vehicles and everything in between
Rav-Kav card

Pay for Public Transport with Credit

Israeli startup PCENTRA has developed a system enabling loading smart cards with cedit and operates the Rav-Kav (transport card) online service

You board – You Pay

Israeli startup company HopOn has developed a system that automatically detects passengers boarding a transit vehicle and charges them through an application
falafel. IllustrationL PIXABAY.COM

C’mon, let’s eat!

BiteMojo has made the culinary travel experience accessible to the individual traveler, and won an award at the Visa’s Everywhere Initiative, which was held recently. The company was awarded a €25,000 prize for the Local Community challenge 

“Visa realized it has to work with the innovative companies and therefore it has opened its APIs, enabling access for technology companies”

Bill Gajda, Executive Vice President Innovation and Strategic Partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Visa. Photo: Avi Blizovsky So says Bill Gajda, Executive Vice President Innovation and Strategic Partners in Europe, the Middle...
India Rupees. Illustration: PIXABAY.COM

Show me the money

Israeli Startup FlyMoney, develops an innovative platform for foreign currency trading between different suppliers prior to international travel, and won an award at the Visa’s Everywhere initiative, which was held recently.  The company...
Azrrieli buildings in Tel Aviv. Photo: PIXABAY.COM

Israeli high-tech companies raise $1.3 billion in Q2/2017

IVC and ZAG startups report reveal that the average financing round grew significantly in Q2/2017, reaching $8 million, compared with the $6.8 million average of the previous quarter, second only to the exceptional $8.8 million average in Q2/2016
UK SCIENCE. Illustration:

Israel-UK Fund BIRAX Completes £7M Investment

The multi-million-pound program BIRAX (Britain-Israel Research Academic Exchange) selebrate 5 years

Earliest Evidence of Using Flower Beds for Burial Found in Raqefet Cave in Mt. Carmel

a) Field photograph of skeletons Homo 25 (adult, left) and Homo 28 (adolescent, right) during excavation; note the almost vertical slab behind the skull of Homo 25 and the missing skull of H28 (scale 20 cm). b) A reconstruction of the double...