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A new study by Tel Aviv University reveals: in the areas of the Samaria Mountains, east of Jaljulia and Merat Kesem, special stone tools appeared for the first time in the world, which were used about 400 thousand years ago to hunt donkeys
The plague that destroyed the sea urchins in Eilat has spread to the Indian Ocean and threatens to destroy sea urchin populations all over the world
An international study with the participation of Tel Aviv University states: Global warming leads to lightning storms in the North Pole, which further accelerate the process of melting the ice - in a cycle of repeated feeding
A researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University investigates whether we will soon be able to eat what we want without guilt?
A new development may accelerate the use of graphene in the nanoelectronics industry and be used in many technological applications
The team of researchers explained that the uniqueness of the smart liquids is that, as a result of their chemical properties, the liquids maintain separation from each other, thus creating distinct droplets
The research team: "We must act quickly to continue to protect our coral reefs" * The article is dedicated to the memory of Tal Ilon, a man of the sea, commander of the Kfar Gaza alert squad who was murdered on the 7
Ever wondered how it is that Tarzan looks so young? Apparently there is a scientific reason behind the fresh look
New study: The combination of global warming and deforestation may lead to the mass extinction of animal species
Disputes and conflicts that seem insoluble are not strangers to us, certainly in a challenging time like the one we are experiencing during the Iron Swords War. But is there still a way that will allow us to see the light
Fish that change their distribution towards the poles due to climate change are declining in abundance
Why did the ancient man return again and again, over hundreds of thousands of years, to the same quarry sites? It turns out that the secret lies in the migration routes of the elephants
This is how the decision-making mechanism of viruses works
The new system makes it possible to observe the phenomena that occur inside special "topological" materials by photographing the movement of pendulums using a normal camera
Researchers have discovered a way to significantly optimize the rooting process in the natural genetic cloning process of plants
Researchers have discovered that the original way to speed up chemical processes is to reboot
The plastic products made of polypropylene, such as shampoo bottles, are the most dangerous for the marine environment
Prof. Udi Sommer and Idan Franco from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University investigated why African-Americans "score an own goal" and vote for Trump. Does racist self-loathing exist and what is it like?
Prof. Uriel Abolof from the School of Political Science, Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University, teaches a course on hope and the human condition, which was named the best online course in the world in political science and philosophy
The scientific breakthrough will help increase the yield of plants in drought conditions
Exposure to the sun's UV radiation may have a positive effect on the fertility of women aged 30-40
Deforestation in the Amazon may reduce the amount of thunderstorms and harm the rainforest that provides us with oxygen
Expression of opinion of the heads of the research universities in Israel regarding the statements of university presidents in the United States in Congress * The document was written before Penn State President Liz Magill announced her resignation
We all know the cliché: "Men are from Mars and women are from Manga", but are men and women also distinctly different in the way they conduct war and conflict? What does digital games have to do with this? and what
A new report reveals the donation and volunteering rates of the public in the third week of the "Iron Swords" war
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