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Nervous System

The institute's scientists have developed a method for detecting the neurological effects of psychedelic drugs. Middle: Zebrafish on hallucinogenic mushrooms. The goal: to pave the way for more effective treatments for depression and other mood disorders
Researchers discovered which genes are required for each stage of cell differentiation into neural stem cells and neurons, i.e. for brain development, and which of them are involved in diseases of the nervous system
One of the diseases resulting from such mutations in the PHOX2B gene is the disease CCHS. This is a rare and life-threatening syndrome in which babies, children and adults stop breathing as soon as they fall asleep. Patients must be connected to ventilators to
A multidisciplinary study conducted by researchers from the Technion, Tel Aviv University and Haifa University refuted the notion that people with autism spectrum disorder do not experience pain
The molecule that carries with it a message of regeneration
Producing heart cells from skin cells made it possible to discover defects that lead to heart failure
After the accelerated development, a rapid deterioration of the neurons was noted, which was manifested, among other things, in low connectivity. The study found the recurrence of the phenomenon in children with autism originating from four different types of genetic mutations
The brain's control of subtle movements is based on complex mechanisms that challenge many researchers from different fields. Research conducted at the Technion sheds light on this issue and may lead to the development of innovative, personalized rehabilitation strategies
The research findings illustrate how changing the synapse map may lead to a change in behavior
A new material developed by researchers at the Technion and the University of Chicago is expected to optimize medical treatments and accelerate the use of renewable energies
The researchers found that weak stimulation of the cognitive region in the brains of the elderly improves performance in a combined activity of walking/standing stable with a cognitive task. The researchers: "This is a very safe treatment, and we hope that in the future
Dr. Shai Sabah from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, one of the leaders of the research published in Neuron: "The popular opinion was that each nerve cell functions as an independent entity. On the other hand, we now understand that each of the synapses (junctions through
A new study, conducted by researchers at the Hebrew University, examined for the first time whether a deep learning network consisting of layers of point-like artificial cells can accurately simulate the complex structure of a neuron
Four universities from around the world are cooperating with the goal of researching the nervous system: from Japan, the USA and Italy. Prof. Orit Shafi from the Faculty of Engineering in Bar Ilan: "It's a great privilege to be chosen out of 700 candidates"
Analysis of millions of Israelis' blood tests reveals hormonal fluctuations affected by the calendar
Proof that drugs already approved for other purposes can be used to treat chronic pain sufferers. Since the safety of these compounds has been proven in humans, clinical trials for the new use are already possible in the near future.
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