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The higher education crisis

"At this time, when the State of Israel is facing unprecedented security and economic challenges, this bill is not only a dangerous distraction but also a direct threat to one of
Recently, the National Library, the Council for Higher Education, the Israel Awards, the Life Institute, and the Volcanic Institute, which is an institution of national importance and important for food security, suffered attempts at government intervention and damage to the budgets, in addition to all
Chairman of AIMS Overseas, Tomer Savchinsky, for the position of head of the division of Israeli medical students abroad Next week there will be a meeting where the effects of the legislation will be presented
Forty male and female researchers, the entire staff of the Multidisciplinary Center for Hebrew Brain Research express their fear of limitations that will be imposed on freedom of thought and the politicization of higher education, which will result in limitations on research that may upset
This is according to a survey published by the Start-up Nation Central association. Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-up Nation Central: "Companies and investors are taking active steps to move operations away from Israel and this behavior has increased significantly in the last three months. trends
In a statement published tonight, the heads of the universities stated that this was done "against the continuation of the legislative process that undermines the foundations of Israeli democracy and endangers its continued existence."
This is according to a new survey conducted by the Israeli Young Academy during the month of March. In the segmentation of the results by age, it can be seen that there is an increase in the chances of leaving at all ages, but it is more pronounced for faculty members
Among the signatories: Israel Prize laureates, scientists from the fields of exact sciences, medicine, humanities and social sciences and doctoral students * Earlier, members of the management of the National Academy of Sciences published a petition on the subject
"As those entrusted with the research and education of the future generations of the State of Israel, we warn you that the proposed reform of the legal system could result in fatal damage to the Israeli academy," said a statement issued by the presidents of all
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