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Researchers have developed methods that mask data in databases to maintain privacy and help them be statistically accurate
We all know the cliché: "Men are from Mars and women are from Manga", but are men and women also distinctly different in the way they conduct war and conflict? What does digital games have to do with this? and what
An advanced algorithm makes it possible to quickly retrieve information from the memory of systems such as phones and computers and correct errors
Dr. Sandrin Bodna, Head of the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University, gives tips on how to behave on social networks and in the media against fake news
The interaction between man and computer grew out of the activities of hackers in the 50s and the books and films that influenced them
To attract traders, crypto exchanges artificially inflate their activity volume. does it work?
A virtual environment that simulates public spaces will make it possible to discover spatial geometric principles that improve the ability to navigate, especially in the elderly
The virtual twin experiences support sustainable steel production by companies seeking to optimize work processes and reduce their carbon footprint
Researchers at the Technion have developed algorithms that detect errors in databases
Engineers from the University of Arizona have developed a system that allows autonomous vehicles to scan underground habitats for astronauts
Moore became especially famous thanks to the law he coined - Moore's law describing the rate of development of chip technology which today is everywhere
Researchers were able to minimize distortion created in geometric bodies due to their flattening or stretching
This is a joint study by researchers at Bar Ilan University, the Technion and the University of Calabria in Italy that dealt with EDAM type memories
Prof. Lampel was a partner in the development of the Lampel-Ziv algorithm, an algorithm that changed the world of compression and is considered one of the most significant technological breakthroughs achieved in the State of Israel and in the history of the Technion by its researchers
Ukraine was prepared not only for the physical war being waged there, but also for cyber war. This explains, among other things, the request of the Ukrainian government from Elon Musk for modems for the Starlink space internet systems
Until now as too elusive, but researchers from Stanford University claim that they have succeeded in bringing about a breakthrough in this field
The new technology has recently allowed a new market for Internet art to skyrocket, with sales in the millions of dollars, but even though none of the artworks sold as NFTs are in the physical space, the "real"
Most likely, this article will be read on the screen of your phone, whose color and sharpness are only possible thanks to the rare metals inside it. Inside every smartphone on earth are 16
AMLAK: Do not provide your account details or personal details and block the credit card from reuse on the site/game
According to a new study published in the journal Computers & Security, the ability to launch cyberattacks (DDoS) through a botnet is growing at an increased rate and is a real risk to anyone with a smart device and
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