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The concept of security needs to change so that we can manage a political, legal, economic and media system at the same time as the battle

This is what Major in the Reserves, Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel, writes in an article entitled "Israel and the Palestinians - Basic Assumptions for Updating the Concept of Security in the wake of "Tzuk Eitan" and following which a conference was held as part of the Yuval Na'im Workshop for Science, Technology and Security with the participation of experts on terrorism and Arab affairs and champions in the reserves

An IDF soldier drives a Merkava tank, November 2008. Photo: shutterstock
An IDF soldier drives a Merkava tank, November 2008. Photo: shutterstock


The concept of security needs to change so that we can manage a political, legal, economic and media campaign at the same time as the battle. This is one of the conclusions put forward by Major General (res.) Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel, in a pamphlet he recently published entitled: "Israel and the Palestinians - basic assumptions for updating the concept of security following the "Solid Cliff". And at the conference that took place shortly before the Passover holiday as part of the Yuval Na'eman workshop for science, technology and security at Tel Aviv University, chaired by Ben Yisrael.

Ben Yisrael details the concepts of security that prevailed in the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel and later in the State of Israel: on the eve of the establishment of the state, the main enemy were the Arab neighbors who would occasionally launch attacks, killing several hundred Jews, and in the end several hundred Arabs were also killed as a result of the reaction, and the development of the Jewish defense.

Jabotinsky developed the "Iron Wall" theory which states that the Arabs will never agree to the existence of the State of Israel and will continue to fight unless they realize that they cannot eliminate the Jewish settlement and will be forced to agree to its existence. With the establishment of the state, the enemy changed and the conflict became a military conflict against regular armies in Arab countries.
Ben-Gurion then developed a concept of security that is quite similar to that of Jabotinsky, even if he did not admit it. According to Ben-Gurion, a large military force had to be built to compensate for the numerical inferiority of the Jews against the Arab armies, and because of this, the IDF was established with a relative size 20 times more than the size of the population, compared to the Western countries, and the technology was also mobilized. At that time, the understanding that there is no proportionality was also formed. "Our reaction has to be so hard to reduce their motivation to attack next time."
Starting in the nineties, the struggle once again became a struggle between us and the Palestinians over the same piece of land, except that now it is more difficult to apply the principle of disproportionality. Besides the usual problems of a war against terrorist organizations, Israel has another problem - international legitimacy, which the Palestinians use to their advantage.
"In the modern world, saturated with means of communication that instantly transmit every event all over the world, what is called legitimacy is of increasing importance. Israel, being a drop in the great Arabian Sea, must have the free world support it. This world supported us almost automatically when we fought for our existence, but parts of it struggle to support us today, when the war is against a threat that is not perceived as an existential risk. Proportionality and international legitimacy are related to each other: the more we adhere to proportionality, the easier it will be for us to win the support of the wider world. However, the process will not happen by itself and it is not enough to prepare, prepare and fight on the battlefield: at the same time it is necessary to prepare and manage a political, legal, economic and media campaign."

Prof. Boaz Ganor, dean of the Interdisciplinary School of Government in Herzliya and an expert on terrorism, referred to both the threat of Hamas as manifested in the rock wall, and that of Hezbollah and to a certain extent Daesh as well. "The classical symmetrical war was a war between two identical entities - state against state, army against army, air force against air force. You decided the war by being able to paralyze the enemy's firepower."


"In the middle of the twentieth century, the asymmetric war began. The battlefield of the consciousness dimension is the means of communication. If on the military battlefield the goal was to overwhelm the opponent's fighting ability on the mental battlefield, to overwhelm the opponent's motivation.
The third dimension that gained strength in the last decade is the legal dimension. Here we discover another battlefield: the tribunals, international courts, Chavez, Goldstone. In the legal battle field, each side not only wants to defeat the motivation or the strength of the opponent, the idea is to defeat the legitimacy in order to reduce Israel's ability to use its military power from round to round. "

In order to complicate Israel legally, Hamas used strategies of assimilation into the civilian population. Firing rockets from the population centers. In the face of this, Israel tries to maintain proportionality by means of notifying the adversary well in advance through announcements, telephone calls, text messages, and if that doesn't help, also 'tap on the roof' when the Palestinian television is forbidden not to listen to the IDF's messages."

"The modern war requires us to win in all three dimensions. The systemic victory requires a victory in the three fields or at least not losing in one of them."
Gonen presented the two-axis model - the series versus the speed of combat. "The less restrained you are and the stronger and faster you act, the more likely you will convey your message clearly. You'll get less deterrence when you're slow and restrained. The axis of legitimacy is exactly the opposite axis, you will achieve less legitimacy when you use more restrained means"
Gonen later presented a video of Hezbollah in which they describe their plan to occupy the Western Galilee including the cities of Nahariya and Shlomi and cut it off from the rest of the country, in what is known as the 'Third Lebanon War'. "We are talking about an Iranian branch. And part of the same mechanism that Khomeini created to export the Iranian revolution - the Hezbollah symbol has a symbol of the globe, not of Lebanon. Hezbollah operates in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain. Hezbollah has the order of magnitude of a hundred thousand rockets and missiles with a longer range, a larger warhead, greater accuracy.

"The war will begin with a massive firing of missiles at strategic installations and towards the center of the country. Electricity, water and especially military facilities, air force bases and other facilities. The goal is to paralyze the IDF's ability to organize. At the same time - to send ground forces to carry out the abduction of not an individual, not a group - of entire settlements within the State of Israel and for this purpose they set up special intervention forces and create great demoralization."

The glass is half full is that Hamas will leave at the bottom of the ladder when it is in conflict with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran. Suffering from an economic crisis and damage to its infrastructure in Judea and Samaria. The leadership was in exile, Iran reduced aid and Egypt destroyed the smuggling tunnels to Sinai. Hezbollah is also complicated in Syria. On the other hand, Israel for the first time has an internal identity with the pragmatic Sunni Arab countries - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. All these countries are afraid of ISIS and the Iranian papacy."
"The threat of an all-out military war against the State of Israel does not exist today. There is no Syrian army, no Iraqi army, no Libyan army, the Jordanians are not an army that threatens Israel, the Saudis and the Egyptians as above. A window of opportunity has been created that will not last long. We can panic ourselves all the time, panic is right, but we don't have the authority to ignore the half-full glass and take advantage of this window to change the nature of things for better places."

Major General in the Reserves Eitan Ben Eliyahu, former commander of the Air Force spoke about the military cost of each alternative: with the establishment of the state, the main approach (Ben Gurion) was whether the borders were set after the liberation war and what was a security border, while the opposite approach - that of a servant who would complete the arrangements with the states neighbors and that peace will ensure the existence of the State of Israel. The first approach was reflected in the Six Day War and the decision to transfer the blow to the enemy's territory. We also had legitimacy as those who have the rope around their necks.

In 1973, we lost all legitimacy in terms of global public opinion and in the key positions and the feeling that there was no need for a preemptive blow and as a result we suffered the preemptive blow of the Egyptians and Syrians in the Yom Kippur War. After that, the perception was that it was necessary to prepare for wars against regular armies in the Sinai or the Golan Heights. At today's prices, NIS 40 billion per year could be allocated to the defense budget. When we go up a step, there are three fronts in front of us: Syria (through Lebanon), Lebanon (Hezbollah, Iranian involvement from afar) and an internal uprising. The idea was that it was necessary to decide as quickly as possible in at least one arena, suppress any attempt by the Palestinians to revolt and punish those who attacked from afar. This scenario brought us to the current security budget of NIS 60-65 billion.
"A scenario of action against the Iranian nuke, followed by war, will already cost us NIS 80 billion a year. He calls to help the Americans and not to confront them on this issue. It is also necessary to prepare the army for the new medium - the tunnels."

The former head of the National Security Staff and Major General in the Reserves, Yaakov Amidror, said in reference to Ben Israel's brochure: "The biggest innovation in Ben Israel's brochure is the assertion that the State of Israel can enter a process of exhaustion, which until now we have done everything to avoid. Against an organization like Hamas, and if we work properly against Hezbollah, we can hold out against its infrastructure because we have better capabilities than the enemy. In addition, in the face of terrorist organizations, it is necessary to control the territory and isolate the areas of operation.
Amidror referred to Ben Eliyahu's definition of the tunnels as a new medium, and said that unlike the cyber dimension, in the field of tunnels there is military experience in the world and this is a problem mostly at the techno-tactical level. "The fact that the enemy emerged from the shafts of tunnels was not accidental either, after all we went to look for the tunnels. We knew where the tunnels were but not where all the openings were. "

In conclusion, Amidror called for internalizing the significance of the State of Israel's ability to manage attrition over time against an enemy that has a very large amount of rockets and missiles, everything must be done to prepare the home front, build the formation to protect the home front and the military infrastructure against missiles, as well as reduce their number. "With a quick ground move, many cities in Israel can be taken out of the range of the missiles."

Avi Issacharoff, Walla's Arab affairs commentator, said that it is clear that Hamas did not want mutual escalation following the kidnapping and murder of the three boys, but they went to battle to get out of their economic isolation. "They have failed miserably. They crashed. Everything they declared during the war did not go their way, but one thing will be said to their credit. They continued. This was one of the largest systems in the history of the State of Israel for 51 days, and thus they succeeded in damaging Israel's image among the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular."
"Israel's political view says that at least in the Palestinian issue there is no solution but management. The conflict can be managed but it cannot be resolved. This attitude can last a year, two years, in the end it will blow up in our faces, and we especially this year, everyone feels that something in the Palestinian issue is brewing. I'm not saying there will be a third intifada, but there will be an explosion."

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  1. Juggler
    Although Sun Tzu lived 2500 years ago, he still has a lot of wisdom and is very much worth studying. This is the basis, although a very long time has passed since it was written. In China there was a military ideology and in Israel there is none. The only one who wrote about this is Israel Tal in his book "National Security" and it's a shame that he's the only one. Although the forms of war have changed, it is wise to devote some thought to this and build new models for this type of war, not only in the technical sense, but also in the essence of war as such. In the philosophy of war, you learn why and how to fight and what weapons to fight. How many planes or how many infantry forces for every war of any kind is an economic question. What there is is too little. I'm also not sure that many of the senior political and military echelons have studied Clausewitz to the extent necessary. Regarding the policy sorry we won what is important who started it. What is important is that they did not try to change her at all. And this should have been done a long time ago. How much can we justify that we protect ourselves. We pay for it in blood.

  2. We are losing the combined diplomatic and economic battle.
    Not that the other side is right, but we are not smart enough.

  3. Zengler, Israel's main problem is Netanyahu. Even Danny Danon, Gila Gamliel or Sylvan Shalom can be good prime ministers. There is no love or hate for Netanyahu here (what do I have to love him), we will sit over champagne and pistachio ice cream, and exchange tips about make-up"). Netanyahu is undermining the foundations of the state! No Jew would want to come to a country whose prime minister says it is "in existential danger", Bibi ignores fundamental problems of housing and health.

  4. I actually agree with Ben Gurion. We need to return to his concept of security that without me we would not have recaptured the country... Personally, I am really not interested in the Arab refugees in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. I would be happy if another million or two were added to them ;)

  5. Life
    I read The Art of War (not all of it though). And in part it is primitive. It is less suited to modern warfare. Today there is a guerilla war going on and not army against army or man against man. Today it is a small group of citizens against the army, state and citizens.

    Regarding the policy of forgiveness that we won - you, as one who studied political science, must understand that the policy comes from the direction of the opposition and not the coalition (political considerations).

  6. Stunning,
    Altlana was indeed a massacre because in the attempted coup by Begin's phalanxes, 3 IDF soldiers were murdered. Contempt for the attempt to write history that the right-wing sage tried to make here.
    For those who want to read some facts, here it is:אלטלנה

    The state was established, and in the state there is only one organization that is allowed to carry offensive weapons and it is called the IDF. Not the IDF, the IDF. I know the letters are close and many on the right get confused. They get confused, until they ask the IDF to destroy southern Lebanon. So they remember the correct letters.

    The first Lebanon war was a terrible war in which the right tried to interfere in the government of another country and caused hundreds of deaths until we left Lebanon.

    The reason we have fast internet and western life today is Oslo. Go learn the facts, smart man: all the international investments that made Israel what it is, happened after Oslo. It is clear to me that the wise men from the right will not read the following article, but for those who want some facts, please:

    The second right-wing scholar wrote that Gaza and South Lebanon should be destroyed and without communication. what a smart Our insane firepower really did the trick on poor pathetic Ethan Cliff. We were unable to do anything and ended the failed operation with zero achievements, military or political. What we did succeed in is getting the Americans to stop the shipment of Hellfire missiles and here is what Ofer Shelah has to say about this despicable operation:

    "No communication" - how smart. The sage here proposed to destroy Gaza and Lebanon, meaning to kill every woman, child, old man, disabled person and more on the day of the Holocaust.
    "Without communication", as if Israel has a monopoly on communication. As if there are no cell phones in the world. As if there are no other broadcasting networks. As if there are no intelligence agencies. As if the world would be silent after such a massacre. As if the Union ministers do not want to mark all the products. As if the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not warn against the heavy price that Israel may pay due to the crisis with the USA. To mention, the director general of the ministry warned "that without an urgent restoration of relations, Israel will have a hard time dealing with the arming of Hezbollah and stopping the Palestinian movement at the UN." As if the US had not announced in every imaginable forum that following Netanyahu's racist statements and because of his announcement that the political negotiations were over, it would not re-evaluate the situation and begin to avoid a veto in the Security Council.

    The right has been in power for decades and all the right manages to do is turn us into an Arab country. Nothing works for you, there is nothing that has improved in our lives in the last 10 years, in the meantime you do not even manage to establish an illusory right-wing government, even though it is apparently in your pocket. Suddenly all the ideals disappear and everyone is arguing about how to rob the public purse and how to allow the ultra-Orthodox to avoid being drafted into the IDF (which is supposed to destroy southern Lebanon and Gaza) by canceling the criminal sanction. You are zero, you will not succeed, on the one hand you are trapped in your illusory nationalist messianic rhetoric, which was well demonstrated here, and on the other hand, on the horizon, the Arab state you are establishing here glimmers and you also understand that it is not good. Here, your emperor said this recently:
    Well, he is known for his fickle opinions, after all he spoke out against the release of terrorists and he is the number one releaser of terrorists and he is also known for being inaccurate. He said you didn't evacuate, you didn't, but the one who evacuated Hebron was Netanyahu.

    Take popcorn to the movie where you live. The right is a tiger of Nir and absolute zero.

  7. "Juggler" If you like power, then put on beautiful make-up like Bibi and mate with a rhinoceros.

  8. Juggler
    The problem stems from two much more fundamental reasons than left or right. Israeli governments for generations since 1967 have followed a policy of "sorry we won". We apologize for the fact that we shoot first and foremost to protect ourselves. To wait until we have casualties and the meaning is one. After Auschwitz it is allowed to kill Jews. The second reason is that the Jewish people throughout their history did not have political thought like in Greece, the very discussion of the essence of the state as such. The only experience regarding the administration of the state is Shmuel's book "The Royal Book" which has been lost. Anyone interested in this type of thought is recommended to read the books of two Chinese sages from 2500 years ago. Sun Tzu's book "The Wisdom of War" and Khan Pi-Tse's book "The Five Parasites".

  9. the censored
    How right you are.

    The leftists suffer from the "cap boys" syndrome.
    These people were born to suffer.
    Their whole life is suffering and they are looking for someone to blame for their suffering.
    They blame the whole world but themselves.

    We can only pity them. They are dangerous.

    Therefore it is not surprising that they will join their enemies (because they cannot defeat them).
    The problem starts when they try to impose their defeatism on the rest of the environment.
    The same environment that protects them.

    These traitors should be dealt with harshly. As it is necessary to act with a heavy hand against our enemies.
    Blitzkrieg on Lebanon - this is the solution. (You don't need to go too deep into Lebanon).
    Bombs all over Gaza (if a few Arab children die - no big deal. Fewer potential terrorists. What's more, we are accused of killing children anyway).
    There is no need to introduce ground forces just so that there will be no innocent Arab citizens who will be harmed.
    Even so, 93% of Gazans are anti-Semitic.
    You have to bomb them once properly. with tanks and planes. And only then bring in infantry.
    We need to destroy Gaza and South Lebanon to the ground with all the Nasrallahs and their children.

    And most important of all - not to introduce any means of communication into a combat zone in the next war.

    Of course, now you will be able to see the shmoliks pop out of their holes and start crying how horrible and what racism... wait and see.. they are very predictable

  10. For Shmulik, the retreats of the right always came without a choice after tremendous pressure from the world that the post-Jewish cancerous, treacherous, narcissistic left pushed on him. And you are slandering yourself here with poor demagoguery. I know you closely, a cult of delusions, liars, manipulators. You are the ones mainly responsible for calling and working for the increasing pressure and boycott on Israel.
    -Altalana massacre, non-deportation of the rest of the Arabs, opposition to the declaration of independence, handing over the Temple Mount to the Waqf, opposition to a Jewish state.
    The Yom Kippur War - there was no pre-emptive strike because the left listened to the US which forbade it.
    The First Lebanon War - the leftist heir to the Judenright used in his wickedness the massacre of Sabra and Shetila and blamed Israel to the world and caused pressure on it to withdraw and not take advantage of the gains of the war and to establish Hezbollah.
    Oslo - The left brought to the heart of the country the greatest murderer of the Jews in the 20th century since Hitler. and approved "family reunification" that brought more Arabs into Israel than those who fled in 48. In every negotiation the left gives up more and more and the Arabs use this as the starting point in the next negotiation.
    After Oslo, her political and security situation continued to deteriorate. And from war to war, the left, with the help of its governmental arms, the High Court, the Attorney General's Office, and the media, and its preaching and lectures in the world, tie the hands of the IDF more and more in every war
    Until it is no longer possible to fight the Arabs and then they blame their wickedness and hypocrisy for losing us.
    Hamas won? How exactly is a little Robotrol demagogue?
    Go brainwash your friends.

  11. Sometimes the most chewed proverbs are actually the most correct. For example, "I don't know whether to laugh or cry." You declare that the left sees Israel and declares it a Nazi state, and then pours out your anger on the left. And me? I don't know whether to cry because of how stupid you are, or to laugh at the irony that it is precisely on the "Hidan" website that you are trying to sell the cheapest logical failures.

    But who do I work for? You will not only reject my words, you probably won't understand them either. So come on, an exercise in role reversal: the right-wing and its metastases claim that anyone who disagrees should be executed and anyone who does not swear allegiance to the State of Israel should be raped, therefore the right-wing is the real enemy.

    And now we slowly explain: if you demonize a certain group, invent all kinds of lies and distort reality in order to blame all the evil in the world on it, then it is not surprising that you come to the conclusion that it is the enemy... the trick is to listen to what you are told. Do you think you are capable of this? And the answer in 3, 2, 1...

  12. to be censored,
    Your ability to whine is amazing. Even your name is crying because you are not censored.

    The right returned more terrorists than the left. The last one to return terrorists was Netanyahu, the most ever returned! why? Because it is zero.
    The right is returning territories in order: once it's Sinai (by Begin), once it's Hebron (by Netanyahu the Zero) and once it's Gaza (by Sharon and the Likud. No, not by Kadima because it hasn't been established yet, but by J. Likud. Netanyahu, by the way, voted for disengagement, why? Because he is zero). It's always the right.

    The right is the one that degrades us from rejection to rejection. Under Netanyahu, Iran almost reached nuclear weapons and instead of trying to form a coalition with the West against Iran, he did everything to sabotage the process and managed to destroy relations with the US in the process.

    Under Netanyahu, tunnels were dug into the Gaza Strip without him doing anything. Under Netanyahu, only two weeks into the fighting at Etan Cliff, he decided to take care of the tunnels, even though he had known about them for years. Under Netanyahu we were defeated against Hamas, a war in which half of the country was silent and 71 soldiers died for us on Paresh. why? Because Netanyahu zero.

    There is almost no left in Israel, but because the amount of achievements of the right tends to zero, you are inventing an enemy that does not exist because otherwise, you will be forced to do a deep and poignant soul-searching and come to the conclusion that all the right has done is to establish one Arab state here between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Contempt for your nothingness. contempt.

    The right-wing is the greatest danger to the State of Israel.

  13. To Jungler, Israel began to lose politically after it began to back down and beg for peace and release terrorists instead of executing them. That is, Israel buys peace and the Arabs are the sellers at the buzzer and use all the tricks of the merchants. This shows weakness, and the weak are covered by all the eagles. The Arabs understand that there is no territorial price for their aggression, and Israel, in its withdrawal or talk about it, is actually admitting that this is not its land, and therefore the Arabs are basically right that they are freedom fighters and not terrorists.
    And the righteous side always wins and wins the sympathy of the world. Israel has stopped claiming that the land is its own (which is the truth) and is only claiming a security problem, and the world will never accept that. From his point of view: here even the Jews admit that they conquered. If Israel claims that it is liberated land, its situation will improve.
    The left and its metastases have destroyed the explanation of Israel and deliberately tattoo it as a cruel Nazi occupying state and give an explanatory weapon to the world: here even the Israeli Jews say this themselves. Therefore the real war is against the left.

  14. To Shmulik, the left itself pushes with all its might to boycott Israel and gives the most cruel ideas.
    My father, when was the last time there was an article calling for a strong hand against terrorism and not to continue giving up, retreating, giving up...
    Your arrogance is pathetic.

  15. Talkback is like graffiti, no one puts a name on it...
    And all this, in order for the (permanent) Knesset committees to function, it must be increased to 190 Knesset members. The prime minister must not be given more power in order not to become a dictatorship, what with the prime minister, who does not know how to manage, then there is negative stagnation (fixation). The activities of companies must be expanded Small and medium-sized food, to reduce the dominance of Tnuva. And maybe instead of buying another submarine (it was on discount sale). You have to buy new flexible ones, so as not to end up with more flexible ones - which was in the cliff war with them.

  16. Israel needs to build new nuclear infrastructures, and integrate them into the electricity system. And the old reactors must be closed. Israel needs to expand the oil reserves, in the second Lebanon there was a shortage due to the closed ports. We must equip ourselves with durable flexible ones, they are all hiding behind the censorship! But transparency is essential, in order to correct and to be successful. And emphasis must be given to strategic companies, i.e. yield as an example! Was it wise to sell to the Chinese?!

  17. Fraxelles,
    I think Israel is strong as long as our relationship with the West in general and the USA in particular is strong.
    Bibi is systematically destroying this relationship and deteriorating Israel and slowly turning it into an Arab state.
    The ink has not yet dried from what the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, and here are 16 foreign ministers of the European Union calling for marking products from the settlements (most of our exports are there, by the way). this is only the beginning.

  18. For Shmulik, the smart and expensive bombs have run out because of illusory tweezers. There are plenty of shells and cluster bombs and air fuel bombs, so the Arabs will be in trouble.

  19. It is indeed interesting to read the learned opinion of all the "commentators" - what is missing is the essence. What is the Israeli core? How does it guarantee us a sustainable and improving future?
    The champions of onions and garlic (with the exception of Prof. Ben Israel) know how to grind once more numbers and facts that have already fooled us and automatically, hundreds if not thousands of times and whose main meaning is blah blah blah blah....

  20. Shmulik, indeed it is not easy. But it is not a disaster on the level of the "destruction" of Israel. Like Netanyahu scares us! Netanyahu's relationship with the administration is problematic. It seems that Bibi is an American Republican and not an Israeli! And this is more disturbing than the Iranian threat.

  21. On the one hand, it's a shame that a scientific website is also swept up in political news, on the other hand, this is our reality, so it would be stupid to ignore it. And in practice, if a political discussion has already been resolved, then one must also express my opinion, which is the saner one (similar to any personal political opinion 🙂 ). Security is good, and information is also nice. But these 2 do not solve the problem itself, the demographic problem. It is clear to anyone who has eyes in his head that if tomorrow we rise to a country where there are 10 percent Arabs, the chance that there would be peace in the country is reasonable, but if we rise to a country where 80 percent are Arabs, no one will be safe, neither Arabs nor Jews. The left says, we'll run away from all the Arab territories, and that's how we'll solve the problem, but fantasies on one side and reality on the other, we ran away from Gaza and got Qassam. In my opinion, however, the solution is simple and easy, encouraging immigration! , just as we encouraged Jews all over the world to successfully immigrate to Israel through government help and generous absorption baskets, this is how we can encourage Arab immigration from the country to the world. Any Arab citizen who wants anything can get government help for immigration, think if the citizens of Gaza had a real possibility to escape from the wretched existence they live in and build a new life in Sweden or Canada or any other country that encourages immigration, I think at least 50 percent of them would jump at the bargain. You think my opinion is racist, please, but it is no more racist than the law of return, or alternatively the right of return.

  22. By the way, Israel is strong, here is what the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Israel may pay a heavy price due to the crisis with the USA. The director general of the ministry warns that without an urgent restoration of relations, Israel will have difficulty dealing with the arming of Hezbollah and stopping the Palestinian movement at the UN

    Who said we could deal with Hezbollah and the Palestinians easily?
    You should go back to the articles published in Tsuk Eitan. One of them described an urgent request by the IDF for ammunition from the USA. What will happen if the US refuses?

  23. Nostradamus
    Although your words are true, the article is neither left-wing nor right-wing. I think she describes the reality quite correctly. Israel's big problem is globalization and mass media that help anti-Semites.
    As soon as Israel takes the right step, all the uglies will come out of their holes and start feverishly delegitimizing Israel from all directions in order to isolate it from the world (what is happening today is nothing).
    What happened to the Jews in the Holocaust - happened to them because of laxity and because of their self-denial of being Jews. A typical phenomenon for European Jews.
    And this sloppiness is instilled through the sloppy education that you receive today from school to television programs controlled by Jews.

    Instead of teaching the children about the Holocaust every day, especially in the Arab schools, and remembering the dead and celebrating the victory on Holocaust Day, they do the opposite. The Arabs in the Jewish state are allowed to educate their children in anti-Semitism and on the day of the holocaust - to rant like the last of the dead about how poor the Jewish people are.

  24. Fraxelles
    If you didn't understand - the article is against creatures like you and not the other way around. The amount of nonsense and lies you have written simply does not deserve a response.

  25. Nostradamus, why don't you meet a psychologist. Contrary to what Bibi says, Israel is a strong country. And it is not in danger.

  26. A typical delusional leftist article. Israel will not survive 5 years with the approach in the article. This attitude is to blame for 54 days of war. Israel will never face a similar campaign with Hezbollah (which is part of the government of Lebanon which is a sovereign state) neither economically, nor militarily, nor morally. Gaza would never have survived even 5 days with 2000 tanks running through its streets. Another piece of land and another piece and then a rain of mortar bombs will overwhelm Israel. Only an iron fist, a credible threat of using unconventional weapons against Lebanon in response to the shelling of Israeli cities. Forcing Israel to conduct a war with tweezers is a way for the left and the world to weaken Israel and eventually destroy it. They also tried to appease Hitler with the help of fictional agreements and laxities. Islam and Nazism are similar in the ideology of expansion and destruction.
    There is not even a need for a ground entry, millions of shells on Lebanese settlements (initially the Shiites only) will bring about a very quick ceasefire. Only the crazy homeowner approach works. the world? Are Jewish lives less important than what the world would say?
    No country would tolerate the shelling of its city. Only real and reliable deterrence has held Israel until now.
    Israel must shake off the suicidal cancerous leftist slime or it's the end.

  27. There is an oxymoron, Daesh is a Sunni creation of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there can be an identity of interests between the moderate countries i.e. Jordan, Egypt and Iran. "The Iranian bomb" is not a threat, because Jordan, Egypt are working on modern nuclear programs (perhaps in contrast to Israel). What do we have left? The super corrupt and fascist government of Saudi Arabia (if friends are like that, who needs enemies!). Iran has a business dispute with Israel (since it knows us). It must be remembered that in Iran there is freedom of religion for Zoroastrian Christian Jews, in contrast to the extreme lifestyle in Saudi Arabia.

  28. A very good article, but I would add that one of the reasons we were able to prevent a war between regular armies
    is Israel's military strength that has developed over many years,
    This is also the reason we are attacked in the international / legal arena where we are weak, this is also the reason for terrorism,
    Because those countries that appoint those organizations do not want to run into us directly,
    Reduce this intensity by reducing the army's deterrence and diverting more resources to asymmetric warfare
    And the chance that we will encounter a regular army that is hostile to us on our borders will increase, the temptation to send an army and fight against Israel will increase,
    Even in the current situation, there is a certain chance that a hostile regular army will be found on our borders. The army could be from a country in the periphery,
    Since our region is changing and unstable, the time when we might find such an army is a short time,
    But an army takes years to build, so it's not a scenario of intimidation, it's a scenario anchored in reality,
    The connection for the example of the USA to Israel was not immediate, only after we proved that we are a significant power
    The US began to see us as a strategic asset, this is also the danger of the weakening of the military component,
    You are weak, you are of no interest to anyone, as weak as we are in the international political arena today, we will become even more so
    Weak if our army weakens, minorities without an army in the MAZ are being wiped out today without an international tweet,
    It can be added that some of those abilities we obtain and develop
    In asymmetric combat they also have meanings in regular combat in part they have a strategic meaning.

  29. Why would the future with Iran be positive? Because Iran is a liberal country, compared to Saudi Arabia or Egypt. Because the Iranians are interested in trade with Israel, because Iran is a stable country: most of them Shiites speak Persian. Israel needs to get along with every geo-political change and not adhere to axioms.

  30. Since Iran is getting stronger and aspires to be a legitimate power, they are restraining Hezbollah. (Nasrallah is less threatening and less arrogant, although they didn't notice it). As for the Palestinians, we should cooperate with them, Gaza as a city-state (perhaps like Singapore) on its trade and gas. And the leadership in Ramallah, which is an autonomy on the weight of Scotland, must work together with the Palestinians. And make it clear to them that it is more profitable than fighting with Israel. In my opinion, in the future the ties with Iran will improve. And I do not trust the Saudis, in my opinion Netanyahu is making a mistake here!

  31. great article,
    Finally starting to think in the right directions. For years I have been saying that the State of Israel needs to invest much more in outreach to the world. Until now, the only ones who have done this have been individuals and a few organizations recently in a more organized way, or rather from Israel, and I am also among them from time to time. The problem is that an ordinary citizen does not have the means to do this for a long time. Also because the subject requires a lot of time, a lot of knowledge in history, politics, religion, marketing and psychology, and a good command of another language, and also mental and psychological strength, because the hatred and propaganda can permeate the individual person in the campaign.
    Still, if anyone has the time and ability, go to international news sites, talkbacks, forums, or YouTube, and join the effort.

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