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Haunted country MH: The caller who admits that her profession is nothing

"They have no evidence, they come to ask you are calling, do you understand how absurd this is?" The caller asks Shula Zaken, who was Ehud Olmert's secretary, and became a state witness against him.

Mexican "ghost". Halloween costume. Photo: shutterstock
Mexican "ghost". Halloween costume. Photo: shutterstock

Note: The columns in this series are opinion pieces.
It is said that there is no signature indicating its pulp. Surely he should not have done this when the dough spoiled during baking, but this is what happened to the caller Ofira whose conversation was with the person who was the director of Ehud Olmert's office throughout his political career as minister, mayor of Jerusalem and prime minister of Israel.

I read this sentence several times to believe that someone admits that his profession is not something "They don't have enough evidence, they come to ask a caller. You understand how absurd this is," the caller is quoted on the tape (See for example in Vala).

So that no one has a claim that I am taking the sentence out of context (besides cutting it short), here is the full sentence, in which Ofira refers to the attorneys working at the State Attorney's Office: "I know all the attorneys, they come to me for communications. If someone came to ask about you, I told him like this - "Amina, she didn't do anything". As I was told in heaven, the same. Some lawyer whose name I can't say, they come and ask, do you understand? They don't have... they come for evidence because they don't have enough evidence, you understand? They come to ask you call, do you understand how absurd this is?"

There are indeed some absurdities here, the readers of this website do not need to exaggerate the absurdity of the channeling itself (see links at the bottom of the article), since there is no logical reason to think that there is anyone to communicate with, spirits and demons only exist in folktales and they are always attributed infinite knowledge, which may not be They had in their lives, but it is nothing more than a guess, sometimes informed, sometimes not. For example, the first half of the sentence makes sense, there is no question of ghosts here, one of the lawyers asked about the reliability of an old man and the caller replied that she is reliable, but this could be due to the friendship/work relationship between them, but in the second half the caller also admits that there is nothing in her profession, because if it were possible to communicate with spirits or with dead souls (for the first time I hear of a difference between these two titles, which until now had the same meaning), then from their seat they had the opportunity to examine evidence that was not in the hands of the researchers.

The "Dictionary of Skeptics" website Explains that those engaged in cold reading (and gave as an example the mediums - the callers), he explains that the callers use several tricks from the marketing world to appear credible. They say a lot of things, including many general sentences, and hope that something will be found between them that the client will associate with something in his world. "Selective memory is also involved in subjective validity because it does not make sense that every client will be able to find meaning in every expression that comes out of the medium's mouth. Fortunately for these readers, customers usually forget the misses and only remember the right hits. Therefore, the listener will remember that she managed to find meaning and forget all the things that were meaningless to her. Also, it is rare that someone will independently examine the correctness of the reader's ratings by the client. Therefore, if a client is satisfied with the reader, he will usually tell his friends and see this as evidence of the success of the medium, and the validity of his reading. The greater the desire to make contact, the more the client will tend to work harder to find meaning and connection in the medium's words."

Beyond the fact that the caller admits the weakness of her profession, there is another point that needs to be taken into account: that our fate is determined not by people we have chosen but by professions that have no basis in logic, even if they believe in it themselves (unlike in the current case). I am sure that most readers will not want to place their trust in callers (who knows if callers were not consulted at the beginning of the Second Lebanon War and therefore the Israeli response was delayed?), and perhaps the callers, who want to take care of other generations of people with a low level of education, who are a good target audience for them recommended For prime ministers to cut higher education budgets?

Thanks to Gilad Diamant, the owner of the blog (and the book) "sharp thinking" who drew my attention to the caller's punch line.

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  1. human intelligence
    Without the science that you condemn so much, you would not be able to use the Internet for the reason that this device did not exist, and there was no telephone, including the cell phone, and the refrigerator would not have been invented. I advised you to read several books on the philosophy of science, maybe you'll wait a bit

  2. Calling is the best we have.. What's better, politicians? Brokers? "Doctors" (until a few years ago the whole subject of nutrition was not included in their curriculum) or worst of all, scientists? Enough with the big lie.. Today's psychologist is the soothsayer of the past, only with a lot of scientific fluff that is not really there. In general, the whole of science is a political institution that pretends to take on the concept of objectivity, something that is fundamentally denied due to the fact that humans created science and it cannot exist without humans.

  3. A delusional idea... What if everywhere it says or mentions a female contact, it says business / conceptual / political / financial / family / mental consultant, etc.?

  4. Father, I did not intend to bombard (I only gave 2 links) the things that are said there are simply so ridiculous that I brought it up as an example of the absurdity of the matter, so that people here will see to what ridiculous level these things reach, and what nonsense people believe.

  5. Being a weather forecaster is also nonsense
    In autumn and spring the predictions are disconnected from reality
    And in the summer the forecast is correct as long as there are no changes
    Despite this, there is no respectable newspaper without a forecast
    They also discovered that brokers do not give returns above the market even though this is their profession
    So why isn't the science site looking to eat them a little too

  6. Yuval, there is no doubt that you are not very wise. Not a smart little one either. "And we were like nothing." The witness on your own behalf. You can't do more than that anyway.

  7. For a commenter with the films, bombarding them with films, even with a sarcastic comment to give a platform to the delusional is not relevant. You don't need to detail what they say, there are plenty of websites for that and it doesn't have any meaning anyway. You want to bring an example of a delusional sentence, quote it.
    Therefore, I am deleting the link to the video in which a blatant advertisement is made for the caller, leaving the other one to see that the link is an absurd thing.

  8. There is no doubt that Israeli society is spinning towards the southeast. In the not too distant future, a foreigner will not be able to distinguish between us and our neighbors/cousins ​​- the trend is led by members from the religious sector with the backing of the extreme nationalist right wing. There are no barriers that the education system should have placed, but it - how to say - got involved in a whirlwind.
    And the elites? Really where are they?
    And the future is known!! Iran, Russia, Arab countries = poverty, ignorance, suffering and the prospect of death,

    and we were like dreamers (like nothing)

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