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M.H.R 2013: The Association for the Promotion of Atheism in Israel was established, which was also accepted into the World Organization of Atheists

About 800 participants in the event "M.H.R. 2013:" which was the opening conference for the establishment of the association, and many hundreds more who were unable to get tickets. The honorary lecturer, Prof. Yaakov Malkin called for increasing humanistic education in state schools. Conference Chairman Harel Elam: We have let the status quo deteriorate too much. Meretz members who participated in the closing panel were criticized by the audience for preferring to sit with the Shas than to care for the individual rights of the secular. It's just a shame that other secular parties were not given a platform.

Jacob Malkin, painting by his wife Felice Pazner Malkin, 1992 from Wikipedia
Jacob Malkin, painting by his wife Felice Pazner Malkin, 1992 from Wikipedia

On Thursday evening, about 800 people crowded the Zionist House of America in Tel Aviv for the M.H.R. 2013 conference - Science, Freedom of Rationality. The conference was opened by the founder of the organization, Harel Elam "This is not only the largest conference of its kind in Israel ever, but one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world." The first conferences in New York, Ireland and Oslo were smaller than the ones here. Such conferences take a long time to reach the size and passion that is here in Israel."

At the beginning of his speech, Elam explained the difficulty that atheists in Israel suffer from: the anxiety of the government, the legal system, the education system and even the transportation system (separate positions for tickets for women on the light rail, Mahadrin lines) is oppressive.

"We are guilty, we let the status quo deteriorate too much. To make a real change, we must first come together as a community. We, the organizers of the conference, people from all the different atheist communities in Israel and anyone who is disturbed. Today we are launching a new association: "The Association for the Promotion of Atheism in Israel" whose goal is to promote democracy in Israel, to maintain freedom of religion and freedom of religion and to fight for our right to live in our country, to fight for our legitimacy. The dream of a liberal secular democratic state has been snatched from our hands by parties who want neither democracy nor liberalism nor freedom."

"The activists on the group pages know what we are talking about, they call us eccentrics, a crazy handful. We are neither a handful nor a minority. The non-religious are the second largest movement in the world and number 1.5 billion people. Even in Europe and the southern US there are more atheists than there were 10 years ago. Israel has been accepted into the AAI International Atheist Organization and we announce it today. The organization represents tens of millions of people from dozens of groups even from countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Indonesia. "

"The organization, despite its name, also includes agnostics, skeptics and humanists. An association like ours will not be satisfied with organizing conferences, but will also act. Recently we read personal stories of students from all over the country that show that science and evolution are regularly pushed out of the education system. We will recruit volunteers - students and academics of exact sciences - and turn to schools, community centers and community centers with the aim of offering lessons in science and evolution to anyone who wants, after school hours and for free. We will present the scientific explanation to the world and the really important questions. This will not be a simple project. Not only from a logistical or pedagogical point of view, but also from a communicative point of view. We will have to explain that we are not against religion and do not want to preach against religion. but to explain the science.”

"We will also need donations to promote this ambitious project because it is extremely important so that we can show the sanity of the country and one day we can really talk about the separation of religion from the state."

The evening's guest of honor was Prof. Yaakov Malkin, the founder of the Rothschild House in Haifa of the Film School at Tel Aviv University discussing the question of what the atheist truly believes.

"Both Christians and Jews were considered by the Greek clergy as infidels, as atheists, as unbelievers because they did not believe in their religion and their God. Such people forget that without faith it is impossible to live either in nature or in society, therefore the important thing is to recognize these beliefs and to know what these beliefs are. The central belief of every person freed from religion is belief in science, that is, belief in the correctness of the scientific image of the universe, an image that is new to the majority of the public, because until the 19th century most of humanity believed in other images - religious images of the universe and only in the last 200 years has it spread to a large extent of humanity, faith in man and faith in science. Because belief in science is belief in a world that is an independent nature, a nature that the Sages called the automaton of the world. The atheists of that time believed that the world is eternal and infinite and there is no place for the sovereign of the world, therefore man remains responsible for his life, free to choose his path in life, but freedom requires responsibility, responsibility for human life, for his future, therefore, aside from being free, man is also obligated, obligated to the rules of justice Only thanks to them can a society exist where people can live in freedom and enjoy human rights and realize their potential."

These two elements, faith in science and faith in man, were the property of thinkers already in the middle of the first millennium - in India, Greece, in Israel there were researchers who understood that automaton is the world and that man must be recognized as responsible. But they were lonely, both in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance, until the Enlightenment. The example of the Greek philosophers, or the authors of Ecclesiastes and Job, until democracy developed in the world of religion was the decisive force in all spiritual life and in every culture, in every regime of individual rulers. The religion was based on mitzvah because this religion is a set of mitzvahs that bind man because they were dictated by God and God was one of the bases of the religion

"A-theism is not a religion, not religiosity just as theism is religiosity. Atheism is liberation from religion. Theism is submission to religion. Theism - the belief in Theos, the God who is the supreme dictator, the leader of the leaders, the king of kings, our father and our king, is a belief of a culture of obedience, a belief in which you are not bound to the rules of justice but to religious beliefs, both just and also unjust, therefore Leibovitch claimed 'I am not Humanist', because he is obligated to the mitzvot, also to kill Amalek, but luckily there is no Amalek, but this is a narrow argument."

"The belief of theists is that there is God somewhere, they don't know where they don't try to define him and to the extent that they are smarter, they also understand that it is impossible to define him. As the American writer Menken says, a theist is like a blind man who enters a dark room, looks for a black cat that is not there, and finds it. This type of theism is not a joke, it is the property of the masses. It is one of the sources of great dangers to humanity and the humanity of humans. Only if you believe that the supreme leader obliges you because this is his commandment, only this brings people to become jihad soldiers, crusaders or soldiers of Jewish terror."

"I agree with all the liberals who say that religion should not be fought. There is no need to fight because she is dying along with the divinity. God is not dead, their divinity is dead. How are God created? Gods are created by men. These are heroes of literature, heroes of myth whose authors, editors and religious leaders ascribe divinity to them. Divinity is a temporary attribute. When religion is replaced by the religion of all Egyptian, Greek, Canaanite, and Phoenician literary heroes, they cease to be God."

"We read about Zeus, Jehovah, Asherah his wife and his son. Because the Jewish son of the God of the world became God but only for a while. As soon as the religion changes, the deity of the previous religion dies. When religion disappears, divinity is also taken from those new gods: Jehovah, Mary. Therefore, the atheistic belief is not a belief in the non-existence of God, but in the way in which God was created and in the way in which divinity disappears. Therefore, non-religious people today can fight with those precepts of injustice included in religion. Krishi Ali, Wapa Sultan, two atheists who grew up as Muslims and realized that the most terrible thing is tolerance against the intolerant, the most terrible thing is to give rights to every minority to impose this discrimination on people."

"They protested the multiculturalism in Europe which confirmed the terrible treatment of women. Discrimination against women is part of all religions. As long as society is not freed from the government or even from the influence of religious leaders, the discrimination against women will continue, it is harmful to all of us, causes social backwardness and causes anxiety and panic like in Israel. This is the reason that in order to understand the magnitude of the danger in the control of religion, a religion that is essentially dictatorial, what is meant by religion is a system of dictates - commandments that must be obeyed. As long as you don't move from the culture of obedience to the culture of choice. We must choose those mitzvahs that can benefit a person. Justice, rules of justice are useful rules, rules that reason can test. Reason is the line that distinguishes the culture of obedience from the culture of choice. Jonathan Israel, in his book on the radicalism of the Enlightenment, explains how the concept of reason, which originates from Greek thought, the same ethics of reason, the humanistic ethics that chooses those rules that can be good for people not because they are written in a holy book but because we can understand the benefit they bring to all of us and cause minimization The suffering, to minimize the pain, to minimize the damage."

"In the USA, they realized already at the end of the 18th century that religion had to be separated from the state. Because if the state's ruling religion ceases to be democratic."

In conclusion (and actually in the closing panel) Prof. Malkin said: "There is something to be done. Secular education needs to be changed. It is not for nothing that the studies do not include the studies of atheism, humanistic ethics, the history of atheism which is 2000 years old and predates monotheism. The education system emphasizes heritage and religious tradition. Of course it has masterpieces but it does not represent Judaism or the Jewish people just as God does not represent Judaism and the Jewish people. I propose to the same association to offer to schools for shelters for any group that is interested in volunteer classes from among the large crowd of secular, atheist academics, who can teach humanism, and by doing so we may be able to come closer to formulating explicit demands from our party leaders and they will be told: if you do not include it For the platform, we will not vote for you."

In the evening, a panel was held with the participation of Prof. Malkin as well as various representatives, including former Meretz member Dedi Zucker, and current candidate for the party, Tami Zandberg. The two answered the evening's host, Gadi Soknik, and questions from the audience as to why they thought the situation had deteriorated, and they did not do anything. Zucker blamed demographics, when the majority wants a greater presence of religion in public life, and the parties also do not think that the public wants to be freed from this, otherwise they would act, 'there may be an underground current that we are not aware of'. said Daddy Zucker. Whereas Tami Zandberg claimed that there are sometimes conflicts between the need to act against religious coercion and other things, and that this should be part of a complete worldview. The crowd didn't like it.

Extensive coverage of the conference will take place after all the lectures, and the closing panel will be uploaded online.

The author's note, the claim of all the participants in the panel was that there is no black party that stands for the separation of religion from the state. Unfortunately, no right of expression was given to the only party that does propose this - the Or party, which calls precisely for the separation of religion from the state and the unification of education systems. Full disclosure, I am a member of the party and a candidate on its behalf for the Knesset, in sixth place, and I am personally in light, because Meretz failed in her role. The ultra-Orthodox often disguise themselves as the underprivileged and are protected by the people of Meretz, while under the auspices of this protection, religious coercion increases and neighborhoods are occupied, not to mention that whenever Meretz had an opportunity to correct the situation, she missed it and it suffices to mention the dismissal of Shulamit Aloni from the Ministry of Education, when she is replaced by Yossi Sharid Natan millions for the conversion enterprises, and the deterioration during the joint meeting of Meretz and Shas in the Barak government.

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  1. hahahah atheists, is this what you managed to organize? 800 people will be rounded up to 1000 so it will be fine.
    You have one serious problem: Is your birth something wrong?
    Get something from the Central Bureau of Statistics about how the Arabs say "to the front":
    "...the change is expected to be particularly noticeable among the ultra-Orthodox children: according to the forecasts, in 2065 every second child (49%) will be ultra-Orthodox, less than a sixth will be Arab (15%) and the remainder - about a third - non-Orthodox Jews and members of other religions"
    Every second child is ultra-Orthodox!!!
    I offer you one of two:
    1. Take a plane right now, why wait? and migrated to the land of your ape ancestors (Africa) why suffer in a land to which you have no substantial connection, since all connection to this land originates in the Bible of the God of Israel (the one that in the decay of your dry and meager reasoning is not found and does not exist, you are funny, it reminds me of The term "discovery of America" ​​as before Columbus arrived there was nothing there...)
    2. Repent because in every scenario you have planned, Jewish history moves towards its fulfillment as stated in the Bible, only a blind, stupid and "atheist" does not see this.
    Repentance is not a return to the Middle Ages, you will tell the Christians, not the people of Israel.
    If you don't do this, you're going to suffer from the reality that will be plastered on your face, and in the end you'll leave the country, or the worst for you is that your grandson or great-grandson will repent (ask Didi Manousi, Uri Zohar, Nira Adi, Ariel Zilber, Naomi Shemer, and more) It's not possible that everyone is stupid and only You are smart... (refer to postmo-darna entry)
    Be a little serious and don't start a new religion that in Europe has already been thrown into the trash can a long time ago.

  2. Where is the association?
    Who heard of her?
    Since 2013 (3 years) she has no publications?
    How does the association intend to bring its word to the public in Israel and spread its teachings widely?
    Who are the people who manage the association and what is its action plan?
    I will be happy to answer

  3. In enlightened countries people are not ashamed to declare that they are atheists. Then it is easy to segment the population on this issue. In Israel most people are ashamed to declare themselves as such. These people do not observe any mitzvah (except for not putting on tefillin on Shabbat)... they behave as secular in every way. If they are required to define themselves they will say they are agnostic. There is some ancient Jewish fear of the existence of God. Therefore, in Israel, all the statistics on this subject are lacking.

  4. An atheist does not have to be anti-religious. Every person in his faith (or lack of faith) will live. I feel myself as an atheist Jew. I feel very, very connected to my people and my homeland. Related to our history, tradition and holidays. To the wisdom of Sages, to Jewish fiction and Jewish art. All of these do not have to come with faith in God for any variety of mitzvot with all that is involved in them, such as: prayers and supplications, fasts, always fearing drunkenness and punishment, heaven and/or hell, the resurrection of the dead, etc. For me these are two completely separate entities.

  5. As long as religious people of all kinds allow themselves to interfere in the lives of others, there is no reason not to interfere in their lives - as long as they continue to pray instead of work, to ask for a salary directly from God, everything, and I guess this is a very small problem for him to send sacks every month and that they can continue to swing in the synagogues at the expense of God, everything Can - not at the expense of other working people - and in no way at the expense of secular or faithless people but with common sense - let others live in peace Live from your work as normal people and then no secular will be interested in your existence

  6. But Rabbi Nachman
    I found out that your grandfather's grandfather was not just a monkey, he was an atheist monkey!!!!!

  7. Why only until the seventh? Because on the seventh day of Shabbat, we will live?
    By the way, does this include the seventh or not?
    I ask because people must want to know if it pays to be an atheist, because if it includes the seventh...
    I personally don't think it's worth it.

  8. The Almighty will strike all the "Atheists" in their children and their children's children up to the seventh generation with the word, sword, and shell and their bodies will be food for the birds of the sky and the animals of the field

  9. She didn't know about the conference. Absence of transport on weekends – ИДИОТИЗМ Отзутствие цибаних браков - полный бред. Требования к женщинам быть "modest" according to the orthodox opinion - a medieval nightmare

    Translation using Google Translate. If someone can help translate I would appreciate it
    Lubov Rosenfeld
    Published on 24/01/2013 at 11:47
    I didn't know about the conference. Lack of transportation on the weekend - stupidity. The lack of civil marriage - this is complete nonsense. requirements for women to be "Humble" in the opinion of the ultra-Orthodox nightmare of the Middle Ages

  10. A. Because outside of politics, no one hears your cry.
    B. What delusional party? After all, this should have been the consensus. Those who do not understand this do harm to the non-Orthodox public.

  11. Why does everything always have to come to politics and why vote for a party that is considered delusional and extreme even before it was founded

  12. not a scientist
    If you think religion is nonsense, then why do you need to refute the claims of believers who accept science? why do you care What does it even matter what all these delusional people believe? If they accept the accepted scientific concepts, you shouldn't care about them, and certainly you shouldn't try and refute their words (I'm not sure how).

  13. I don't think it only concerns people who accept the scientific method. It is enough to look at reality, with non-scientific eyes - to rule out any distorted religious claim.

    There are also some believers who accept science and yet claim that their religion pertains to a completely different field of knowledge and that is the "status of man vis-a-vis God".
    Their nonsense can also be refuted with their concepts, also with emotional and rational concepts, also according to scientific research and so on.
    This is about religion itself, of course.

    There is no need to disprove God, just as there is no need to disprove fields and fairies.

  14. Bini = Chinese. ugh =)

    And RL: "Science does not belong to atheists." - Yes, I completely agree. There are very unscientific atheists including conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine preachers, and in contrast there are prominent brilliant scientists who are religious conservatives. Maybe there is a high correlation, but it is far from perfect, so it is impossible to treat these groups as identical.

  15. Israel: I was born here, I speak Hebrew, I am third generation of the Holocaust, I have every right to feel Israeli and even Jewish if you insist and twist my arm, but I have no religion and I have no faith in metaphysics. Just as a Frenchman can be an atheist and remain French, and just as a Chinese can be Chinese even if he is an atheist. I don't understand why it should be different?

  16. Avi,
    I'm not saying you shouldn't cover, I'm saying this site is defined as a scientific site. I think a scientific website should appeal to the entire population and not just to atheists. That's why I think it's appropriate for such an article to appear in a separate rubric, as Shmulik said.
    And again, ignoring evolution is not a matter for atheists only, it is a matter for everyone who cares about education in the State of Israel. I don't have a problem with the fact that articles appear here that resent the ignoring of evolution, but there is a difference between an article about the ignoring of evolution and an article about a conference of atheists. Science does not belong to atheists.

  17. R.H., isn't it enough that all the media in the country should be ashamed that they didn't cover a conference that blew up participants for reasons of not upsetting the ultra-Orthodox, so I can't cover it either? Even though I was present? Especially after its operators said they would try to correct an injustice about which I have been warning for years - the disappearance of evolution from schools?

    Israel, the problem is that in every country in the world there are people like you, who don't want the atheists, and who think it's out of place, so where exactly will one and a half billion people go?

  18. Avi Blizovsky
    I don't think atheists need a spaceship to get to the moon. Because they never step on the earth.
    A little common sense and reference to the facts won't hurt. If you are an atheist how can you see yourself as belonging to the Land of Israel and the people of Israel. If the forefathers of the nation were atheists, they would not have bothered to come to the Land of Israel and call themselves the People of Israel.
    But if the atheists refer to their faith as a religion then it fits. The Land of Israel has always attracted religions from all over the world and therefore your place is here. But if this is not a religion then you really live on the moon.

  19. Ira,
    Change definitely advocated the separation of religion from the state, read here:
    Remember, she also opposed religious legislation and religious coercion of any kind. It seems to me that the late Tommy Lapid was the last person on earth who could be said to have opposed the separation of religion from the state in order to preserve the state's Judaism. After all, he was more anti-religious than any MK of Meretz ever (and yet I liked this man very much, but that's not related...).

    And I also join in the bewilderment that this article is published on a scientific website, which is supposed to be intended for the entire population. Why not publish it in a permanent opinion column or in a blog attached to the site? At least not to create the impression that the site's operators target it exclusively for atheists.

  20. Now Curiosity is science, when it was launched it was technology.
    As for separation, it can only be done when you manually intervene on the home page. As long as the system is automated, because I don't have personnel to handle it, everything is done in order and the sorting is done so that anyway most of these articles are under company and history after they drop from the opening five.

  21. Avi,
    Personally, I also recommend separating the articles on the site that are news articles from the articles of scientific news. This will help the marketing of the site to wider audiences.
    The example of launching a spaceship as non-scientific information is irrelevant and not to the point. (Speaking of this, it is advisable to put a direct link on the website to Curiosity's website... there is no major scientific research that is so exposed to the public than this project and that is conducted online)
    In the simplest way, it is desirable that opinion articles and/or sociology/philosophy of science be completely differentiated from all other subjects and appear separately in a different area.

  22. By chance, there was an accumulation of such articles, and they are usually written as a response to something, and not from the air, so I have no control over the frequency, but I assure you that these requests came up when there was news like this every six months or so. For some reason no one complains that there is an article about space - even if it is not scientific (for example, a launch) every other day.

  23. my father.
    Content that "defends science" like Dawkins is also fine, and absolute politics is also fine.
    I am in favor of discussing important topics that are not related to science, but the frequency with which these topics appear seems to me and probably to some other commenters on the site to be excessive relative to a scientific site.
    I'm not urging you to transfer these articles to YNET, I just said that the site deserves to offer much more "proper science" than "indirect science", or simply less "indirect science".

  24. Ira,
    I completely agree with you, you put it perfectly.

    I suggest opening another rubric on the website called "personal opinion" or "the blog" or something like that, in which it will be clear that the writer is not objective and the content of the article is not scientific but a personal opinion and thus anyone who wants to can follow your political views or those of other writers without offending the visiting science enthusiasts the site.

    After all, the love of science does not separate religion, race and gender and I am sure that all sectors visit the site of science.

    I think it is the exposure to science and education in general that leads to understanding and tolerance and if the site is even more inviting we will all benefit. Furthermore, I suggest uploading articles by scientists trying to settle disputes between religion and science. I know there are many professors in all fields of science dealing with this subject.

  25. It doesn't matter, even if there is one article a year, my readers (probably kippah wearers, who want me to suffer not only from the censorship of others but also from self-censorship) will ask me to turn down the flames.
    Nobody likes criticism and he thinks that every other opinion is legitimate but criticism of him is illegitimate. Even if he's not quite as sane as the lady inYNET who doesn't understand why people who step on them, slap them, spit on them, make them illegitimate, don't like them.
    When was there such an attack on neighborhoods with the aim of not leaving a single secular neighborhood, when were there exclusions of women in public transportation and on the streets of Jerusalem as there are today? And after all that, we should love them and not criticize them. Always the religious ones, the first words they say when they learn to speak is 'don't hurt my feelings'. Do others have no feelings?

  26. Father, we had the same discussions in the community of skeptics. In any case, most of us are atheists (although there are some who define themselves as agnostics or wearers of kippah), but we decided to leave this political side out because we want to include as many people as possible in the circle. It is a fact that today dozens of kippah wearers come to the "skeptics in the pub" in Jerusalem, and if we had declared ourselves as atheist activists this would not have happened.

    A similar problem happened in the USA in the eighties and nineties. The PSICOP leadership decided to wear a militant atheist hat and lost many members of the organization as a result.

    In conclusion, I think it is possible to agree that scientific skepticism, activist atheism and several other areas can be considered as several fronts of that "war". For various reasons it is better that these remain separate fronts and not be united in order to attract more people to our side instead of alienating them. Be a skeptic in your home and an atheist in your other home, if you will. Now that there is an association to promote atheism, I'm sure there will be a website and a place to write more politically about these issues there. If your readers ask you to lower the intensity of these opinions here on the site, it does not mean that they want to silence you, it means that they feel that it is not relevant, and that it does not suit them that you treat it as a subjective personal blog when you like, and as an objective news site at other times. Legit to me, and it has business implications for your site. I think there is room to find a solution to this.

  27. What do you mean this is not the place, nowhere else do I get it and you are looking for excuses to silence a legitimate opinion, this is never the time for opinions that want to shake up the system. The current situation is too convenient for politicians.
    It is a fact that no one but me has written (not even a review) about the 2013 M.H.R conference. You will understand for yourself in what environment I operate. So I myself have to censor my opinions just because someone thinks they are illegitimate, although in my opinion not only are they legitimate, they should have been the consensus.

  28. to my father,
    I agree with you in every word, and probably even with your political views.

    Haredi society has many patients, however this is not the place.

  29. Obviously, this has its place in the opinion section, but the editors of the section did not think so because they took into account the feelings of the ultra-Orthodox.
    By the way, you are confusing what is good for the ultra-Orthodox as individuals and what is good for their leaders. The whole story begins and ends with the rabbis not wanting to lose control over their flock in a modern world. There is no heresy here. The separation of religion from the state will give each individual Haredi the power in his hands both to fulfill the mitzvot of his religion and to learn a useful profession according to his skills and earn a living.
    What are they doing in the US?

  30. "Why the separation of religion from the state is good for the ultra-Orthodox".
    It is clear to anyone with an understanding that an article with such a name is about politics.
    I don't think you are seen as a writer or a political commentator, probably because of this your political articles do not enter the sites you mentioned.
    The proof of this is when every time there is a major scientific event (meteor shower for example) the first interviewee is you.

    And besides, the separation of religion from the state is bad for them, a fact that they fight it with all their might. And besides, if the election committee did not disqualify my candidacy (and that of anyone else in the Or party), I am allowed to be a political commentator.

  31. Maybe yes maybe not, but for sure maybe, why did you write space every day is fine but once a month you wrote a defense of science (and the fact that you don't understand that it is a defense of science does not mean that it is not such an article) of the type that characterized Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins this Wrong?
    Shouldn't it be allowed on a website for chess enthusiasts to revolt about not allocating enough budgets to chess, and send them to transfer these articles to YNET (who doesn't want them?)

  32. I do not express how articles that do not come in place of other articles destroy the pearl of the Internet.
    The opinions I express are the legitimate demand for the protection of science against ignorant people who want to suppress it under the auspices of the government. And if these are not legitimate opinions on a science website, then I don't understand which opinions are legitimate. Maybe I'll open a corner for Amnon Yitzchak, so that will please you? Is it allowed to publish an opinion, but only if it matches your view (and not necessarily the facts as I am strict)?

    If you don't believe, try to contact all the media and find one place for the article I wrote "Why the separation of religion from the state is good for the ultra-Orthodox". For some reason in the opinion section and in the Judaism section of YNET' NRG, Mako and Co., for some reason there is no place for it. Their server will crash if this is posted there.

  33. to my father,
    Thank you for commenting and listening to the commenters on the site (including me).

    I think that a sentence like "opinions that were supposed to be the opinion of the majority" is a very problematic sentence and contradicts the values ​​of democracy. The one who asserts such a sentence does not respect the existence of other opinions.

    No offense, who is silencing your opinions? Maybe not interested in hearing them.
    Most members of the public have proper and acceptable platforms where they can publish their opinions and whoever their heart desires reads and listens. Although I share your feeling, I have a lot of words of wisdom and reason that are sure to bring peace and prosperity to the world and no one listens to me.

    I repeat and ask not to destroy this internet gem and leave it as a tool to add knowledge.

  34. I just want to say a few words if I may, both to the content publishers on the site and to the commenters..
    To my father and/or the content writers:
    Indeed, lately there have been many more contents that are indirectly related - if at all - to science (except that the words "science"/"academic world" appear there)
    It is appropriate for a site that considers itself a scientific site that the R-B-E presents more scientific content than non-scientific content.

    For those who are indignant and indignant against the publications/political content and personal opinions of the website owner/writers:
    Although I agree that the site has recently begun to neglect scientific content compared to political/social content
    But I don't understand what the uproar is about, after all we live in a society that has a lot of elements that are just as important as science and it's worth debating all of them.
    Again, it is true that the relativity of the amount of content goes against the main point that the website claims to offer, but the content is not about the "Derby" or the "Final Four" or a review of movies/restaurants, it is about life and the most influential and significant things in our lives.
    Moreover, are there any sites that offer and facilitate discussions in the world of opinion and knowledge like on the Hidan site?
    Of course there is, how many can be counted? with one hand? with two hands?

    After all this, I will say and mention again that I am in favor of more content related to science (as the website claims to be) and still think that it is appropriate to discuss the things that our lives are greatly affected by.

    And how is it possible without proper disclosure?
    Full Disclosure:
    I am not close to the owner of the website in his views and moreover, if there was the possibility to vote against, I would vote against the Or party.

  35. Father, as they said before, proofreading is not a bad word 🙂

    Regarding activities for the separation of religion from the state - Meretz always led in initiatives and all restraints in the committees. I don't know where you get your stats from.

    Regarding change - don't be funny. They never wrote in any platform that they were in favor of separating religion from the state, they simply didn't like the inequality in the law in terms of national service and taxes, but Tommy was explicitly against separation, in order to preserve the "Judaism of the state". People who put the state's Judaism before its democracy will never get my vote, so I think Meretz does stand the test.

    On the other hand, Yaron Yadan is militant and one-dimensional in his views, so I don't see him succeeding in promoting anything in the parliament. It's just not practical to be so rough. I also don't know what his other views are on economic and social matters, but people tell me they don't squint in the direction of humanism. So as much as I'm against multiculturalism like you, I don't think it's the solution (not even Hadash by the way. Fake communists who advocate multiculturalism according to their platform).

  36. Israel
    Atheists are everywhere, this is, as already said, the second largest faith group, but it is a faith group only because there is no other definition. After all, atheism in simple translation is oh there is no god, so the term god of the atheists is an oxymoron.
    Probably in the end only if we all become atheists will there be peace.
    And by the way, your comment about the position of the atheists is true for the whole world, are you going to build a spaceship and send them all to the moon?

  37. How does atheism work out for you with Israel and the State of Israel?
    What relevance does atheism have to the inhabitants of the country in general? Not to the Jews, not to the Arabs, not to the Christians, and not to anyone who lives here except for a few who are on the fringes and who are looking for attention.
    Unless your atheism is a religion then you will build a church for atheists who prayed to the god of the atheists.

  38. Shmulik, is your claim about a decline in quality substantiated, or is it once again an attempt to silence the only media outlet in Israel that gives an opening here to opinions that were supposed to be the opinion of the majority but are silenced by force. As someone who reads what is written on other sites about science, I tell you with a quiet heart that this is the second option.
    What will the scientific news from the Weizmann Institute be reduced to, if next to it there is a post defending the science under attack - whether it is evolution, global warming or anything else. And also, the fact that the ultra-Orthodox do not study mathematics is also an important issue, because it is a burden on those who do study, who have to hold the Israeli science, engineering and economy on their shoulders.
    In the end, the silencing and the illegitimacy of expressing the opinion and running with it to the Knesset will bring people to a desperate situation, and already today we see many people from the middle class who leave the country because they are not given the right to challenge even their outrage.

    And another question, is Prof. Shechtman, a Nobel laureate, also allowed to demand that the ultra-Orthodox learn core studies and I am not allowed? (see separate article today)

  39. to my father,
    It's a shame that you are destroying the amazing platform you built and even won an award for.
    You are turning the site into a cheap platform for shallow politics.

    They don't even listen to my goodbyes, so what?

    You should open a Twitter or Facebook account where you can post all your political agenda, I'm sure you will have many followers who are interested in hearing your personal opinions.

    The site is full of highly trending articles against religion and the religious.

    I have been following your site for the past few years, recently there has been a decrease in the quality and quantity of the scientific news on the site. I no longer know how much he deserves the name "the scientist" as he was in the past.

  40. point
    I don't know if you are more of a liar or more of a fool. Where is there secular coercion in Israel????

  41. There is such a party - a green leaf! And she is also a partner of the Or party in the liberal agenda, so it's a shame to run separately!

  42. There are a few differences, first the green leaf is not only a cannabis leaf but also a fig leaf, behind which is hidden the liberal party that wants to abolish taxes for the rich, privatize everything that moves and kill every achievement of the workers. We, on the other hand, are in favor of a free and liberal economy, but which also includes a protection system for the weak against the tycoons' ability to work, provided that aid is given to those who cannot work, not to those who do not want to work. That is, we are more moderate, what's more, I will not give my hand to the denial of science as done by the green leaf liberals (aka the green blog) who deny global warming and the human factor behind it.

    As for the issue of separating religion from the state, they copied our platform in retrospect, this does not give them any points.
    The fact that they break the blocking percentage, unfortunately Amnon Yitzhak also breaks the blocking percentage. Maybe we will reunite with him? (By the way, his number one is secular, personally very nice, and we even became friends when we met in the election committee)

  43. Why doesn't the Or party unite together with the liberal list-Green Leaf which shares with it the same liberal values ​​as the separation of religion from the state and has a clear liberal ideology? In addition to that, unlike the Or party, it breaks the percentage of blocking in the polls.

  44. USA-World Science Hegemony Is Science Blind

    Since the early 2000s I have been posting many articles on scientific items surveyed and analyzed by me, without religious background-concepts. I have been doing this because I was deeply disturbed by the religiosity of the 1848-founded AAAS trade-union and by the consequent religious background-tint of its extensive "scientific" publications and activities.

    On my next birthday I'll be 88 years old. I know that I'm deeply engaged in a Don Quixotic mission-war to extricate-free the USA and world Science from the clutches and consequences of the religious-trade-union-church AAAS, adopted strangely by the majority of scientifically ignorant religious god -trusting Americans and by their most other humanity following flocks…

    But I am sincerely confident that only thus it is feasible and possible to embark on a new, rational, human culture (scientism) and on new more beneficial and effective technology courses for humanity...

    Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

  45. My father, you are undoubtedly mixing sacred work (making academic science accessible to the general public) with political business.
    Even though I identify with most of the values ​​you represent, this reminds me in a very puzzling way of Bytown Shas and "Yeded Neman". I sincerely hope that you will differentiate yourself and your website from these websites.

  46. I was at the conference and had a lot of fun even though I was not able to "get pushed" to one of the lectures I wanted on the one hand, on the other hand a lecture I did manage to get pushed to turned out to be a hash of academic concepts without a beginning, middle and end.

    - I'm sorry, father, that I didn't recognize you in the crowd, otherwise I would have gone over to shake your hand for the sake of the wonderful site.

  47. And one more thing for Richard Dawkins wannabe, the organizers of the conference actually made a good point about the demographic matter, the conversion, which is supported by deliberate ignorance on the part of the government, needs to be curbed. Therefore, first of all, we need to take care of the state education system.
    I personally would add to it an active activity in taking out the question.
    And one more thing - one of the painful conclusions I heard was that we did not have an Israeli Richard Dawkins.

  48. Shmulik, what would you do if you were censored everywhere and you had your own media.
    The site does not spread any hatred against religious people unless the desire for them to be educated and productive and not impose their limitations on others is hatred. I do not interfere in what a man believes in his home.
    The Or party does not play in the left-right arena. It is open to anyone who thinks there should be a better country here.
    This does not explain anything, on the contrary, it explains that I am frustrated that my warnings about the deterioration of the State of Israel are not heard after all the articles on the website and after all my attempts to convince the media that science should be the standard and not religion, so I run to the only place where there will be no choice but Listen to me - the Knesset.
    And in addition, an important difference between us and Meretz is that Meretz will not like meddling in the contents of the Arab-Israeli education system.

  49. Father, what a waste of time and effort.
    The demographics of the religious (Muslims on the outside and ultra-Orthodox Jews on the inside) will close the entire debate in another 15-20 years.
    A possible prospect for atheists and humanists is the occurrence of a singularity that is roughly along the lines Kurzweil talks about, which would put tremendous power in the hands of the forces of progress and enlightenment.
    Another possibility is the creation of the new culture of direct connectivity between people (in the style of "Facebook directly to the brain").
    The two options are likely to deal the cards in completely different ways. (maybe also for the worse)
    The main question is what will come first: the darkness of anti-humanist religious extremism, or the above.
    In the meantime, personally, I recommend to anyone with a sense of humor to move to Australia in order to avoid living in the extreme Halacha state that is expected to arise here in 20 years.

  50. to my father,
    It's a shame you're mixing politics on this site. This is a cynical exploitation of the "Hidan" platform to promote your political agenda.

    It also explains all the hatred that the site spreads towards religion and the religious.

    Full disclosure - I am a right-wing atheist.

  51. You have been hugely disappointed.
    The fact that you let the Meretz activists in constitutes a red sheet;
    We went from religious coercion to communist leftist coercion.
    Stalin's dirt is exultant.

  52. There is no need for a conspiracy, the media mostly prefer heavy advertisers. Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid advertise a lot, we have no money. And this answer is answered in different ways, such as 'You are not interesting' (Attila Shumpelvi) or that the owner of the house is religious and therefore it is not worth covering you (Maariv) or any excuse that all the reporters have, or "that the symbols will cover the graph (the developers of the application of the Israel Democracy Institute), "There are too many similar parties" (Mako) and these are just the answers I received. Sarit Yehezkel, the party's spokeswoman, received more terrible answers.

    It is a fact that the only place that accepted Yaron Yadan for airing is the first channel where there are no commercials, so it does not have this consideration and the only exception in the media that lives off of advertising is Gabi Gazit.

  53. My father as one who reads about the media conspiracy in Israel, now it turns out that you have first hand testimony.
    Can you elaborate more on "There is not much because the media hides us"

  54. To the point - where does secular coercion exist?
    When there is a conflict between the ultra-Orthodox and the secular, the police are always in favor of the ultra-Orthodox. Even in the Ramat Aviv mall it ended in a shameful surrender of the mall management to the delusional-Messianic cult. The status quo has long since disappeared and we are three quarters of the way into the Halacha state.
    The courts also judge according to religion and not according to justice - take the example of the judge who did not allow two gay men to bring in their children who were born to a surrogate mother in India, for two months until the Supreme Court changed the decision.

  55. Yaron - as for rewriting. Now I hope the situation is better. As for my performance, I don't work with stylists, I would appreciate help and comments when it can still be fixed not two days later.

    Yair as for Meretz - she is not the only one who betrayed her secular voters, Shinio also did this and she received her punishment, in the case of Meretz they still have few voters because of other agendas, which is why, by the way, at the time the change had 15 mandates and Meretz only 3 - the damage that the fall of Shinio The reason is that people no longer believe in politicians who come with an agenda of ending religious coercion. At most they will believe that they will take care of a specific problem such as recruitment.
    But the conscription, the exclusion of women, ultra-Orthodox violence, etc. are only legs, tail and trunk. No one is ready to see the big picture - the elephant in the room is the emerging state of Halacha.
    Meretz became another politician who would compromise, and for some reason always when they had the opportunity they gave up the secular flag ("For the sake of peace I am ready to wear Streimel" - Yossi Beilin). It was not for nothing that I reminded Tami Zandberg of the 1999 elections (Barak) and she sarcastically said that in 48 they sat with the Shas. There is no room for sarcasm. I promise you that if today they came and told them come back with Shas for peace they would repeat this error. They thought they could tame the tiger but the tiger devoured them.
    And as for the blocking percentage, instead of complaining, take care by all means (there isn't much because the media hides us) - especially on Facebook to reach 70 thousand voters.

  56. Point: "I don't vote in the elections." – You got 12 points. And you are denied the right to drive for 4 years. )

  57. Abby, you must proofread your articles. More than 3 spelling errors is irrelevant.
    This is not the first or second time I have come across this.

    As for your performance at the conference itself, it was appropriate that you should not appear so neglected in front of people. Sorry, but it just bores me.

  58. With all the agreement to the general content of the article, the comment about the March failure is denied, the anxiety of the State of Israel is not the result of the March operation but the operation of militarism and nationalism, and what will the Or party do? Take some of the votes that may be given to the Martz parties and their relatives, and Or will not cross the barrier and valuable leftist votes will be lost.

  59. Full disclosure, I do not vote in elections.

    The only coercion in the country is secular coercion. The government is secular. The police are secular. The court is secular. So what kind of Haredi coercion is this Abu Debi talking about?

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